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  • 2013/14 Women's National Cricket League

    SA Scorpions vs Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit - Match 03

    October 19, 2013, 10:30AM AET Park 25 No. 1, Adelaide

    Match Status: Completed
    Vic Spirit won by 182 runs

  • SA Scorpions All Out 93 (39.1)
  • Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit 8/ 275 (50.0)
  • Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit won the toss and elected to bat
  • Current Run Rate: 2.37
  • Required Run Rate: 16.89
  • Graph
JL Hill*10131076.92
ML Schutt14320043.75
This Partnership:21 Runs From 31 Balls (R/R: 4.06)

JL Hunter*6.121712.76
M Strano4.001303.25

Last Wicket:Hill, 10 (BWD:Hunter, Over: 39.1)
Last 5 overs: . . 1wd 3 . . 1wd 2 | . 1 . . 4 . | 1wd 1 3 . 1 . . | . 1 . . . . | W
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40th Over
So well done to Victoria, too strong for the second day in a row. The teams back up for a second Twenty 20 game tomorrow from 10am local time. Hope you can join us then.
Over 39.1: Hunter to Hill, no run, OUT, drives and is beaten and bowled all ends up - SA all out for 93, Vic Spirit home by 182 runs
39th Over
Over 38.6: Strano to Schutt, no run, short, cuts to cover. SA 9/93 (Schutt 14, Hill 10)
Over 38.5: Strano to Schutt, no run, plays back and is beaten outside off
Over 38.4: Strano to Schutt, no run, drives to mid off
Over 38.3: Strano to Schutt, no run, pushes to point
Over 38.2: Strano to Hill, one run, sweeps away behind square leg
Hill wasn't meant to be facing there, not picked up by the Umpires, a little slack even though the game is all but over
Over 38.1: Strano to Hill, no run, drives and misses
38th Over
Over 37.6: Hunter to Hill, no run, leaves outside off. SA 9/92 (Schutt 14, Hill 9)
Over 37.5: Hunter to Hill, no run, pushes to short mid wicket
Over 37.4: Hunter to Schutt, one run, goes back and looks to force away through the off-side, gets an inside edge past leg stump
Over 37.3: Hunter to Schutt, no run, slower ball, pushes to cover point
Over 37.2: Hunter to Hill, three runs, short, cuts it away past point, saves it just inside the rope
Over 37.1: Hunter to Schutt, one run, comes forward and works it behind square leg
Over 37.1: Hunter to Schutt, wide, down leg side, misses the glance

SA Scorpions: Alicia Dean, Tahlia McGrath, Lauren Ebsary (c), Beth Morgan, Tegan McPharlin (wk), Rhianna Peate, Bridget Patterson, Alex Price, Hannah Perry, Megan Schutt, Neisha Iles, Jakarra Hill (12th)

Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit: Meg Lanning, Elyse Villani, Jess Cameron, Sarah Elliott, Emma Inglis (wk), Kelly Applebee (c), Briana Binch, Julie Hunter, Emily McIntyre, Kristen Beams, Emma Kearney, Molly Strano (12th), Kathleen Hempenstall

Umpires: Chandrakumar, K (AUS), Biddiss, JP (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Perren, KD (AUS)

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