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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    Cripps Tasmanian Roar vs Lend Lease Breakers - Match 09

    October 25, 2013, 4:00PM AET NTCA Ground, Launceston

    Match Status: Completed
    NSW Breakers won by 76 runs

  • Cripps Tasmanian Roar 6/ 105 (20.0)
  • Lend Lease Breakers 3/ 181 (20.0)
  • Lend Lease Breakers won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 5.25
L Hepburn*5110045.45
V Pyke29312193.55
This Partnership:10 Runs From 17 Balls (R/R: 3.53)

SE Aley*4.002235.50
RL Haynes2.00603.00

Last Wicket:Hepburn, 5 (ST Healy, Over: 19.6)
Last 5 overs:1 . . 1 1 1 | . 1 1 . 1 1 | W . 1 . 1 1 | . 1 1 . . . | 1 1 1 1 1 W
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20th Over
Join us tomorrow at 10:00 AM local time for the one day match between the Tasmanian Roar and the Lend Lease Breakers.
After scoring over 100 against the strong Lend Lease Breakers attack the Tasmanian Roar will enter tomorrow's one day fixture with a bit of momentum. But the all round dominance of the Lend Lease Breakers today is likely to be apparent tomorrow as well.
Page and Pyke both batted well and added 43, the wickets being shared around.
An easy 76 run win for the Lend Lease Breakers. The Roar tried hard but were never able to pressure the NSW bowlers.
Over 19.6: Aley to L Hepburn, no run, OUT, swing and a miss outside off, Healey whips off the bails with Hepburn out of her ground. TAS 6/105 (L Hepburn 5, Pyke 29)
Over 19.5: Aley to Pyke, one run, full toss angling down the legside, flicked to deep backward square
Over 19.4: Aley to L Hepburn, one run, thick edge to third man
Over 19.3: Aley to Pyke, one run, big swing and a this edge through the vacant slip position
Over 19.2: Aley to L Hepburn, one run, pushes through mid on
Over 19.1: Aley to Pyke, one run, full toss on the pads, whipped to deep backward square, poor running though and they only get the single
19th Over
Over 18.6: Haynes to L Hepburn, no run, short of a length, only gets up to half stump height!. TAS 5/100 (L Hepburn 3, Pyke 26)
Over 18.5: Haynes to L Hepburn, no run, drives straight to point
Over 18.4: Haynes to L Hepburn, no run, full and wide of off
Over 18.3: Haynes to Pyke, one run, opens the face and glides to third man
Over 18.2: Haynes to L Hepburn, one run, ball kicks, glided to third man
Over 18.1: Haynes to L Hepburn, no run, pushes back to the bowler

Cripps Tasmanian Roar: Linsey Da Costa, Emma Thompson, Erin Burns, Corinne Hall, Lauren Hepburn, Veronica Pyke (c), Anita Silva, Belinda Page, Meg Phillips, Brooke Hepburn, Katelyn Fryett, Emily Smith (wk)

Lend Lease Breakers: Leah Poulton, Alyssa Healy (wk), Alex Blackwell (c), Rachel Haynes, Erin Osborne, Ellyse Perry, Claire Koski, Angela Reakes, Nicola Carey, Naomi Stalenberg, Sarah Aley, Sharon Millanta (12th)

Umpires: Matthews, D (AUS), Jones, B (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Widows, R (AUS)

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