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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    Konica Minolta Queensland Fire vs Alcohol. Think Again Fury - Match 07

    October 25, 2013, 3:00PM AET Heritage Oval, Toowoomba

    Match Status: Completed
    Queensland Fire won by 30 runs

  • Alcohol. Think Again Fury All Out 104 (19.5)
  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire 7/ 134 (20.0)
  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire won the toss and elected to bat
  • Current Run Rate: 5.24
  • Required Run Rate: 186.00
  • Graph
EL King*460066.67
S Fragomeni450080.00
This Partnership:8 Runs From 10 Balls (R/R: 4.80)

JL Jonassen*3.502526.52
DM Kimmince 2.00412.00

Last Wicket:King, 4 (c:Fields b:Jonassen, Over: 19.5)
Last 5 overs: . . 1wd 1 . 1 1wd W | 1 . . 1 1 . | 2 4 . 1wd 1 W . | W . . 1 . . | 3 2 . 2 W
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20th Over
The Konica Minolta Queensland Fire defeated the Alcohol. Think Again Western Fury by 30 runs at Heritage Oval in Toowoomba. Thanks for reading today and we'll be back for a WNCL 50-over match tomorrow, from 10am local time.
Queensland Fire 7/134 - Bulow 33* (30), King 3/18, Cleary 2/19 defeated Western Fury 104 - Pike 4/14, Jonassen 2/25, Kimmince 1/4, Barsby 1/17. Points - QLD 2, WA 0
Queensland on the other hand will be delighted with that win. They fought hard to post a decent score and then the bowling partnership of Pike and Barsby in the middle to change the match. Earlier Melissa Bulow helped post the competitive total.
Western Australia lost their way after a strong start. The middle order collapsed as they lost 5 wickets for just 6 runs to lose their way. They couldn't really recover in the end and didn't threaten to chase the target. Their work in the field was good.
E.King - c:Fields b:Jonassen 4 (6). FOW 10/104 (19.5), 10th wicket partnership (Fragomeni/King) of 8 runs. S.Fragomeni - 4* (5).
Over 19.5: Jonassen to King, no run, OUT, pushes forward to defend and gets a little edge. Fields gets a touch, juggles three or four times before taking the catch. Queensland win by 30 runs!
Over 19.4: Jonassen to King, two runs, swings the drive high over mid off for more runs down the ground.
Over 19.3: Jonassen to King, no run, misses the cut shot to a ball bouncing high outside off stump.
Over 19.2: Jonassen to King, two runs, cuts late through the gully for a couple more.
Over 19.1: Jonassen to Fragomeni, three runs, pulls the ball safely in the air to deep midwicket. After a fumble they run hard to complete three runs.
19th Over
Over 18.6: Kimmince to King, no run, defends with a firm drive but can't beat the bowler. Last over coming up. WA 9/97 (King 0, Fragomeni 1)
Over 18.5: Kimmince to King, no run, misses a drive outside the off stump.
Over 18.4: Kimmince to Fragomeni, one run, swings in the air but it's short of Hollindale at long on.
Over 18.3: Kimmince to Fragomeni, no run, gets forward and plays straight back to the bowler again.
Over 18.2: Kimmince to Fragomeni, no run, mis-times a drive straight back to the bowler.
H.Graham - c:Harris b:Kimmince 18 (22). FOW 9/96 (18.1), 9th wicket partnership (Graham/Fragomeni) of 0 runs. The last batter is Emma King.
Over 18.1: Kimmince to Graham, no run, OUT, swings a drive hard and long but it's straight to Harris at long on. She takes a great catch on the run, and has hurt a finger in the process.
18th Over
Over 17.6: Jonassen to Fragomeni, no run, defends down around her feet - 39 to win off 12 balls here. WA 8/96 (Graham 18, Fragomeni 0)
G.Triscari - st:Fields b:Jonassen 1 (5). FOW 8/96 (17.5), 8th wicket partnership (Graham/Triscari) of 11 runs. The new batter is Sarah Fragomeni.
Over 17.5: Jonassen to Triscari, no run, OUT, over the wicket as Triscari runs straight past it! She tried to push it into the covers but beaten for pace, as Fields removes the bails.
Over 17.4: Jonassen to Graham, one run, plays the ball out to deep square leg for a single.
Over 17.3: Jonassen to Graham, wide, misses a ball fired in wide of the leg stump.
Over 17.3: Jonassen to Graham, no run, whips a drive straight to Bulow at midwicket.
Over 17.2: Jonassen to Graham, FOUR, walks across the crease and flicks the ball very fine through about a leg slip area.
Over 17.1: Jonassen to Graham, two runs, slog sweeps in the air safely to deep midwicket for a couple.

Konica Minolta Queensland Fire: Beth Mooney, Delissa Kimmince, Grace Harris, Jodie Fields (c/wk), Melissa Bulow, Jess Jonassen, Kirby Short, Danielle Hollis, Jemma Barsby, Rebecca Hollindale, Kirsten Pike, Holly Ferling (12th)

Alcohol. Think Again Fury: Nicole Bolton (c), Jenny Wallace (wk), Chloe Piparo, Sarah Tsukigawa, Bhavi Devchand, Nicky Shaw, Heather Graham, Taneale Peschel, Emma King, Sarah Fragomeni, Gemma Triscari, Piepa Cleary (12th)

Umpires: Branch, M (AUS), Farrell, B (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Johnson, MW (AUS)

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