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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit vs Konica Minolta Queensland Fire - 2nd Semi Final

    February 5, 2014, 2:30PM AET Blacktown International Sportspark No. 1, Sydney

    Match Status: Completed
    Queensland Fire won by 8 wickets

  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire 2/ 121 (15.3)
  • Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit 6/ 118 (20.0)
  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire won the toss and elected to bowl
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  • Current Run Rate: 7.81
BL Mooney*464260109.52
JL Jonassen490044.44
This Partnership:13 Runs From 14 Balls (R/R: 5.57)

KM Hempenstall*2.302118.40
E McIntyre2.00804.00

Last Wicket:Harris, 23 (BWD:Hempenstall, Over: 13.1)
Last 5 overs:1 4 . 1wd 1 1 1 | 6 1 . . . . | W . 2 2 . . | . 1 . . . . | . 4 4
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16th Over
The final will now be played between the Queensland Fire and the ACT Meteors, as a curtain raiser for the Big Bash Final. Tune in later for the Big Bash live from the Sydney Cricket Ground. Sixers hosting the Scorchers, the winner will host the final.
The Queensland Fire have defeated the Victoria Spirit by 8 wickets, reaching the total in 15.3 Overs. Beth Mooney hitting the winning runs 46* off 42 balls. Well supported by Kimmince scoring 39 runs off 26 balls.
Over 15.3: Hempenstall to Mooney, FOUR, flicked off the pads and races to the boundary , Mooney hits the winning runs!
Over 15.2: Hempenstall to Mooney, FOUR, lifts the ball over the head of mid on and races over the boundary
Over 15.1: Hempenstall to Mooney, no run, Yorker which is well kept out
15th Over
Over 14.6: McIntyre to Jonassen, no run, driven straight to the fielder at mid off. QLD 2/113 (Mooney 38, Jonassen 4)
Over 14.5: McIntyre to Jonassen, no run, played and missed outside off stump
Over 14.4: McIntyre to Jonassen, no run, defends on the leg side
Over 14.3: McIntyre to Jonassen, no run, defends into the covers
Over 14.2: McIntyre to Mooney, one run, hit in the air, dropped by mid on!
Over 14.1: McIntyre to Mooney, no run, driven straight to point
14th Over
Over 13.6: Hempenstall to Jonassen, no run, pushes the ball back to the bowler. QLD 2/112 (Mooney 37, Jonassen 4)
Over 13.5: Hempenstall to Jonassen, no run, defends into the covers
Over 13.4: Hempenstall to Jonassen, two runs, flicked down to fine leg for two runs
Over 13.3: Hempenstall to Jonassen, two runs, thick outside edge down to third man
Over 13.2: Hempenstall to Jonassen, no run
Over 13.1: Hempenstall to Harris, no run, OUT, Yorker on the stumps and clean bowled!

Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit: Kristen Beams, Meg Lanning, Jess Cameron, Emma Inglis (c/wk), Sarah Elliott, Kelly Applebee, Briana Binch, Molly Strano, Julie Hunter, Emily McIntyre, Elyse Villani, Kathleen Hempenstall (12th)

Konica Minolta Queensland Fire: Beth Mooney (c/wk), Delissa Kimmince, Grace Harris, Jess Jonassen, Melissa Bulow, Danielle Hollis, Kirby Short, Jemma Barsby, Haidee Birkett, Kirsten Pike, Courtney Hill, Holly Ferling (12th)

Umpires: Barrow, AJ (AUS), Wilds, T (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Reed, GE (AUS)

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