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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    Lend Lease Breakers vs The Tradies Meteors - 1st Semi Final

    February 5, 2014, 10:00AM AET Blacktown International Sportspark No. 1, Sydney

    Match Status: Completed
    ACT Meteors won by 12 runs

  • Lend Lease Breakers All Out 134 (19.5)
  • The Tradies Meteors 8/ 146 (20.0)
  • The Tradies Meteors won the toss and elected to bat
  • Current Run Rate: 6.76
  • Required Run Rate: 78.00
  • Graph
K Sutherland*00000.00
AR Reakes1100100.00
This Partnership:1 Runs From 0 Balls (R/R: 0.00)

RS Dick*2.501464.94
RM Farrell4.002526.25

Last Wicket:Sutherland, 0 (ST Wright, Over: 19.5)
Last 5 overs:1 1 W . W . | 2 . 1 . 1 1 | 1 W . 1 4 1 | 2 1 2wd W 1 2 2 | 1 W . 1 1 W W
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20th Over
Join us back at 2.30pm AEDT for the second semi final between Victoria and Queensland. The winner of that match to face the ACT Meteors.
Rhiannon Dick finishes with amazing figures of 6/14 off 2.5 Overs.
ACT Meteors win the match by 12 runs, crazy finish with NSW losing two wickets off wide balls. ACT set 147 runs to win and were good enough to defend their score and are on the way to the final, either at the SCG or the WACA on Friday.
Over 19.5: Dick to Sutherland, wide, OUT, another wide but another stumping! One ball left in the innings but there are no batsman left! Amazing game here at Blacktown, ACT Meteors win by 12 runs.
Over 19.5: Dick to Koski, wide, OUT, wide down the leg side and stumped! One more ball left in the innings.
Over 19.5: Dick to Reakes, one run, pushes the ball into the covers
Over 19.4: Dick to Koski, one run, driven down to deep mid off
Over 19.3: Dick to Koski, no run, inside edge onto the pads
Over 19.2: Dick to Aley, no run, OUT, hit hard to deep mid wicket, looks to be going for a six but Britt takes the ball above her head and holds on to dismiss Aley.
Over 19.1: Dick to Koski, one run, pulls the ball hard to the fielder at deep mid off
19th Over
18 runs needed off the final over to win.
Over 18.6: Farrell to Aley, two runs. NSW 7/129 (Aley 4, Koski 2)
Over 18.5: Farrell to Aley, two runs
Over 18.4: Farrell to Koski, one run
Over 18.3: Farrell to Carey, no run, OUT, flicked high in the air and Moylan takes a simple catch at square leg.
Over 18.2: Farrell to Koski, two wides, running of the wide, game now gets even tighter.
Over 18.2: Farrell to Carey, one run, DROPPED, hit straight to the cover fielder and dropped!
Over 18.1: Farrell to Carey, two runs, flicked in the air on the leg side, well stopped on the fence!
18th Over
NSW need 28 runs needed off 12 balls to win.
Over 17.6: Dick to Carey, one run, flicked in the air on the leg side, just wide of the fielder. NSW 6/119 (Carey 10, Koski 1)
Over 17.5: Dick to Carey, FOUR, smashes the ball down the ground for a much needed boundary!
Over 17.4: Dick to Koski, one run, defends and takes the risky single
Over 17.3: Dick to Koski, no run, full toss, driven to mid off
Over 17.2: Dick to Osborne, no run, OUT, walks down the pitch, looking to whip the ball down the leg side and misses!
Over 17.1: Dick to Carey, one run, lifts the ball down the ground

Lend Lease Breakers: Alyssa Healy (wk), Leah Poulton, Alex Blackwell (c), Ellyse Perry, Rachel Haynes, Erin Osborne, Sarah Aley, Nicola Carey, Claire Koski, Sharon Millanta, Angela Reakes, Kara Sutherland (12th)

The Tradies Meteors: Katie Mack, Sara Hungerford, Kris Britt (c), Rene Farrell, Nicola Browne, Samantha Bates, Kira Churchland, Rhiannon Dick, Sally Moylan, Kate Owen, Katherine Pulford, Laura Wright (wk)

Umpires: Mealey, DB (AUS), Davidson, GL (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Marshall, PL (AUS)

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