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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    Alcohol. Think Again Fury vs The Tradies Meteors - Match 04

    October 13, 2013, 1:00PM AET WACA Ground, Perth

    Match Status: Completed
    Western Fury won by 9 wickets

  • Alcohol. Think Again Fury 1/ 153 (18.4)
  • The Tradies Meteors 5/ 150 (20.0)
  • The Tradies Meteors won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 8.20
SJ Tsukigawa*17811212.50
NE Bolton9766100146.97
This Partnership:22 Runs From 11 Balls (R/R: 12.00)

KJ Waetford*1.4020112.00
K Owen4.002706.75

Last Wicket:Wallace, 35 (c:Britt b:Waetford, Over: 16.5)
Last 5 overs:2 1 2 1 1 2 | 1 4 1 1 1 . | 1 1 1 2 W 2 | 1wd 1 1wd . . 1 1 2 | 1 2 6 4
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19th Over
Western Fury won by 9 wickets with 10 balls to spare. Match Points: WA 2, ACT 0. Thanks for joining us, bye for now.
Victory for the Fury team here today, led by player of the match and skipper Nicole Bolton who finished with a career best and team high 97 not out.
Over 18.4: Waetford to Tsukigawa, FOUR, cut through point for the winning runs.
Over 18.3: Waetford to Tsukigawa, SIX, pulled up to deep mid wicket, catch taken but the fielder fell over the rope.
Over 18.2: Waetford to Tsukigawa, two runs, forward with a push through cover.
Over 18.1: Waetford to Bolton, one run, cut away to deep backward point.
18th Over
Over 17.6: Owen to Tsukigawa, two runs, cut away to deep cover point. WA 1/140 (Bolton 96, Tsukigawa 5)
Over 17.5: Owen to Bolton, one run, driven down to long on.
Over 17.4: Owen to Tsukigawa, one run, driven through cover.
Over 17.3: Owen to Tsukigawa, no run, pushed away to backward point.
Over 17.2: Owen to Tsukigawa, no run, glided to backward point.
Over 17.1: Owen to Tsukigawa, wide, down the leg side.
Over 17.1: Owen to Bolton, one run, played back to the bowler, deflected on the onside.
Over 17.1: Owen to Bolton, wide, moved away outside off.
17th Over
Over 16.6: Waetford to Tsukigawa, two runs, glided to deep third man, gathered in just inside the rope. WA 1/133 (Bolton 94, Tsukigawa 2)
Over 16.5: Waetford to Wallace, no run, OUT, clipped to Britt at mid wicket.
Over 16.4: Waetford to Wallace, two runs, top edged over square leg, safe though for two.
Over 16.3: Waetford to Bolton, one run, forward and clipped to deep backward square leg.
Over 16.2: Waetford to Wallace, one run, swept through square leg.
Over 16.1: Waetford to Bolton, one run, driven to long off.

Alcohol. Think Again Fury: Nicole Bolton (c), Jenny Wallace (wk), Sarah Tsukigawa, Chloe Piparo, Taneale Peschel, Katherine Blackwell, Nicky Shaw, Sarah Fragomeni, Emma King, Emma Biss, Gemma Triscari, Piepa Cleary (12th)

The Tradies Meteors: Laura Wright (wk), Sara Hungerford, Kris Britt (c), Rene Farrell, Rhiannon Dick, Kate Owen, Katie Mack, Kate Waetford, Kira Churchland, Sally Moylan, Samantha Bates, Nina Westenraad (12th)

Umpires: McCann, CJ (AUS), Steenholdt, T (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Prue, TA (AUS)

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