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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    Cripps Tasmanian Roar vs Alcohol. Think Again Fury - Match 35

    December 22, 2013, 10:00AM AET Kingston Twin Ovals, Kingston

    Match Status: Completed
    No result

  • Alcohol. Think Again Fury 0/ 52 (7.4)
  • Cripps Tasmanian Roar won the toss and elected to bowl
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  • Current Run Rate: 6.78
SW Bates*16192084.21
JCL Wallace362750133.33
This Partnership:52 Runs From 46 Balls (R/R: 6.78)

E Thompson*1.401408.40
M Phillips1.00505.00

Last 5 overs: . 4 . 1 4 1 | 4 4 . . . 1 | 4 1 . . 1 2 | . 1 1 1 1 1 | 1 1 4 .
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8th Over
Just come back to a lot of players shaking each other's hands so the game is off. It was called off at 12.05. Shame for everyone here but you can't control the weather. Have a good Christmas everyone. I'm off to buy some cherries.
The umpires have walked out, got about halfway out to the covers and then turned on their heels and marched back into the pavilion. Doesn't look good for the game. I'd imagine they'll be working on their scenarios for loss of overs right now
Not sure if this will pass anytime soon but if it does the Western Fury players will look to capitalise on this excellent start from Wallace (36*) and Bates (16*).
Unfortunately this mizzle has been persistent enough for the umpires to call the covers on. A couple of the players slipped as they were fielding and the rain was starting to sit on the grass.
Over 7.4: Thompson to Bates, no run, clips to midwicket
Over 7.3: Thompson to Bates, FOUR, cracking shot from Bates, creamed through the covers
Over 7.2: Thompson to Wallace, one run, full outside off, drives out to long off
Over 7.1: Thompson to Bates, one run, dabs to gully and that's a tight single
7th Over
Western Fury are ticking along nicely right now. The Roar need a wicket
Over 6.6: Phillips to Bates, one run, full, drives up to long on. WA 0/46 (Wallace 35, Bates 11)
Over 6.5: Phillips to Wallace, one run, dabs to short third man for the single
Over 6.4: Phillips to Bates, one run, full again and driven past the bowler to long off
Over 6.3: Phillips to Wallace, one run, full and chipped in the air but safely down to long on
Over 6.2: Phillips to Bates, one run, mistimes the cut into the off side but they get one
Over 6.1: Phillips to Bates, no run, swings across the line and pulls to midwicket
6th Over
Meg Phillips on to bowl
Over 5.6: Thompson to Wallace, two runs, full, wide and square drives. Well fielded by Brooke Hepburn on the boundary. WA 0/41 (Wallace 33, Bates 8)
Over 5.5: Thompson to Bates, one run, comes down the track and drives through the covers
Over 5.4: Thompson to Bates, no run, outside off, looks to late cut and dabs to gully
Over 5.3: Thompson to Bates, no run, good line and length, turns to midwicket
Over 5.2: Thompson to Wallace, one run, low full toss outside off, drives to deep cover
Over 5.1: Thompson to Wallace, FOUR, full on leg and clipped up and over midwicket to the rope

Cripps Tasmanian Roar: Linsey Da Costa, Carly Ryan, Corinne Hall, Emma Thompson, Hannah Short, Lauren Hepburn, Veronica Pyke (c), Emily Divin, Meg Phillips, Brooke Hepburn, Katelyn Fryett, Emily Smith (wk), Anita Silva

Alcohol. Think Again Fury: Jenny Wallace (wk), Suzie Bates, Katherine Blackwell, Emma Biss, Bhavi Devchand, Heather Graham, Emma King, Chloe Piparo, Nicky Shaw, Gemma Triscari, Amanda Williams, Nicole Bolton (c)

Umpires: Quinlan, G (AUS), Stewart, W (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Widows, R (AUS)

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