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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    Lend Lease Breakers vs SA Scorpions - Match 34

    December 22, 2013, 10:00AM AET Drummoyne Oval, Sydney

    Match Status: Completed
    NSW Breakers won by 42 runs

  • SA Scorpions 8/ 105 (20.0)
  • Lend Lease Breakers 6/ 147 (20.0)
  • Lend Lease Breakers won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 5.25
TM McGrath*282610107.69
H Perry9710128.57
This Partnership:14 Runs From 11 Balls (R/R: 7.64)

SJ Coyte*3.002107.00
EA Osborne3.001113.67

Last Wicket:Price, 13 (ST Healy, Over: 18.1)
Last 5 overs:1lb 1 1b 1 1 4 | 1 1 1wd 1 2 1 . | 1 . 2 4 . 1 | W 1 1 1 1 1 | . 4 1 1 1 2
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20th Over
Sharon Millanta has been named Player of the Match with the excellent figures of 2/12 from her four overs. She certainly made the most of the pitch with a very economical spell. That's all we have for you here at Drummoyne Oval. Bye for now.
So it's three for three this weekend for the Breakers and they move two points clear of the Spirit at the top of the WT20 standings. They are leading the WNCL standings too and are looking good for home finals in both competitions.
The fielding from the Lend Lease Breakers was well below their high standards, Reakes dropped a couple of chances and there was a missed stumping with some sloppy ground fielding. But the bowling was good enough and got the job done for the Breakers.
A lot more convincing a final margin for the NSW Breakers compared to yesterday. Their total of 6/147 wasn't too daunting but it proved to be too much for the Scorpions who struggled to adapt to the wicket which was slow and had variable bounce.
Over 19.6: Coyte to McGrath, two runs, full and straight and she plays the ramp shot, fielded just inside the fine leg rope, Breakers win comfortably! SA 8/105 (McGrath 28, Perry 9)
Over 19.5: Coyte to Perry, one run, overpitched and she lofts this one out to deep mid wicket, in to the gap
Over 19.4: Coyte to McGrath, one run, sliding down leg and she turns it to deep backward square
Over 19.3: Coyte to Perry, one run, back to a short one again and pulls it straight to deep mid wicket this time
Over 19.2: Coyte to Perry, FOUR, drops short and she rocks back, pulls over mid wicket for a boundary and the 100 (74m 116b)
Over 19.1: Coyte to Perry, no run, fired in outside off and she jams the bat down on it
19th Over
Over 18.6: Osborne to Perry, one run, short and she goes back to pull through square leg to the deep fielder. SA 8/96 (McGrath 25, Perry 3)
Over 18.5: Osborne to McGrath, one run, back and looking to pull, loses the bat as it lobs up behind point
Over 18.4: Osborne to Perry, one run, down again and sweeps to deep square once more
Over 18.3: Osborne to McGrath, one run, down on one knee and sweeps out to deep square
Over 18.2: Osborne to Perry, one run, tossed up and swept off the top edge to mid wicket
Price st Healy b Osborne 13 (18m 19b 1x4). FOW 8/91. Hannah Perry in.
Over 18.1: Osborne to Price, no run, OUT, down the track and beaten in flight, nowhere in the frame as Healy completes the easiest of stumpings!

Lend Lease Breakers: Leah Poulton, Alyssa Healy (wk), Alex Blackwell (c), Rachel Haynes, Erin Osborne, Sarah Coyte, Nicola Carey, Claire Koski, Sarah Aley, Angela Reakes, Kara Sutherland, Sharon Millanta (12th)

SA Scorpions: Rhianna Peate, Bridget Patterson, Lauren Ebsary (c), Tegan McPharlin (wk), Beth Morgan, Tahlia McGrath, Amanda Wellington, Megan Schutt, Alex Price, Hannah Perry, Samantha Betts, Neisha Iles (12th)

Umpires: Crombie, G (AUS), Hughes, M (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Reed, GE (AUS)

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