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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    SA Scorpions vs Konica Minolta Queensland Fire - Match 20

    November 17, 2013, 10:30AM AET Campbelltown Memorial Oval, Adelaide

    Match Status: Completed
    SA Scorpions won by 6 wickets

  • SA Scorpions 4/ 68 (10.1)
  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire All Out 67 (14.2)
  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire won the toss and elected to bat
  • Graph
  • Current Run Rate: 6.69
LK Ebsary*413570117.14
BL Morgan00000.00
This Partnership:1 Runs From 1 Balls (R/R: 6.00)

DM Kimmince *2.101908.77
KE Pike2.00824.00

Last Wicket:McGrath, 1 (BWD:Pike, Over: 9.6)
Last 5 overs:4 . 1 4 1 . | W . 4 1 . . | . . 1 . . . | . 1 . 1 1 W | 1
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11th Over
Hope you enjoyed the coverage, well done to the home side for a comprehensive win today. Catch you soon for more WNCL coverage.
Over 10.1: Kimmince to Ebsary, one run, chips to the right of mid wicket and it is all over, the Scorpions home by 6 wickets
10th Over
Over 9.6: Pike to McGrath, no run, OUT, short, cuts it back onto the stumps - scores level. SA 4/67 (Ebsary 40, McGrath 1)
Over 9.5: Pike to Ebsary, one run, goes for a leg side swat, gets an edge onto her pad
Over 9.4: Pike to McGrath, one run, goes forward and pushes away to square leg
Over 9.3: Pike to McGrath, no run, drives to cover
Over 9.2: Pike to Ebsary, one run, goes for the big hit to the leg side, mis-times it over the bowlers head, hence it falls safely
Over 9.1: Pike to Ebsary, no run, pushes to mid wicket
9th Over
Over 8.6: Kimmince to McGrath, no run, Yorker, digs it out to mid off. SA 3/64 (Ebsary 38, McGrath 0)
Over 8.5: Kimmince to McGrath, no run, aims a drive and gets a thick inside edge to mid wicket
Over 8.4: Kimmince to McGrath, no run, Yorker, just manages to dig it out
Over 8.3: Kimmince to Ebsary, one run, drives back past the bowler
Over 8.2: Kimmince to Ebsary, no run, full, drives with power to cover
Over 8.1: Kimmince to Ebsary, no run, full, drives up to mid on

SA Scorpions: Rhianna Peate, Bridget Patterson, Lauren Ebsary (c), Tegan McPharlin (wk), Tahlia McGrath, Beth Morgan, Hannah Perry, Megan Schutt, Neisha Iles, Samantha Betts, Jakarra Hill, Amanda Wellington (12th), Alex Price

Konica Minolta Queensland Fire: Beth Mooney (c/wk), Delissa Kimmince, Grace Harris, Melissa Bulow, Jess Jonassen, Danielle Hollis, Kirby Short, Jemma Barsby, Rebecca Hollindale, Kirsten Pike, Courtney Hill, Holly Ferling (12th)

Umpires: Biddiss, JP (AUS), Kumar, C (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Perren, KD (AUS)

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