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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    The Tradies Meteors vs Cripps Tasmanian Roar - Match 16

    November 10, 2013, 9:30AM AET Chisholm Oval, Canberra

    Match Status: Completed
    ACT Meteors won by 12 runs (D/L Method)

  • Cripps Tasmanian Roar 2/ 50 (9.0)
  • The Tradies Meteors 5/ 114 (16.0)
  • The Tradies Meteors won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 5.56
CL Hall*2200100.00
C Ryan22251088.00
This Partnership:3 Runs From 3 Balls (R/R: 6.00)

NJ Browne*2.001216.00
K Owen1.00808.00

Last 5 overs:
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9th Over
Ryan remained unbeaten with the bat and Browne picked up the wicket and the run out. And so three wins from three matches this weekend for the Meteors. They've had a successful weekend indeed! Thanks for your company. See you next time.
The target was revised to 63 from 9 overs, leaving the Roar 33 to get from three overs. They never really looked likely to achieve that despite swinging the bat. The bowling was tight and the fielding was good, despite two dropped catches.
And so in a rain affected match, the Tradies Meteors have won by 12 runs under the Duckworth/Lewis system. The match was reduced to 16 overs a side, but the rain came 6 overs in to the chase.
Over 8.6: Browne to Hall, two runs, short and wide and she hammers it through backward point, out to the deep for a couple, the Roar fall 13 runs short of the target. TAS 2/50 (Hall 2, Ryan 22)
Over 8.5: Browne to Hall, no run, full and down leg side, no signal of wide again, that did look wide
Over 8.4: Browne to Ryan, one run, pulls a short ball through backward square for a single
Over 8.3: Browne to Thompson, no run, OUT, pitched up outside off, gets an outside edge, Pulford running in from backward point takes it comfortably - out for 9 (7b). FOW 2/47. Corinne Hall in
Over 8.2: Browne to Thompson, two runs, DROPPED, pitched up and hits in the air, Bates running back at mid off drops a reasonably simple chance and they get a couple, more good running - 16 from 4 required
Over 8.1: Browne to Thompson, no run, full and wide and she can't reach it, made room for herself, good bowling - 18 from 5
8th Over
Over 7.6: Owen to Thompson, three runs, fired in full, gets an edge on it past the keeper, Ryan charges back for a third, beats the throw with a dive - 18 needed off the last over. TAS 1/45 (Ryan 21, Thompson 7)
Over 7.5: Owen to Ryan, one run, full and wide, opens the face, guides to deep backward point, just the single - 21 from 7
Over 7.4: Owen to Thompson, one run, in the slot again and she hits this in the air, one bounce to deep mid wicket - 22 from 8
Over 7.3: Owen to Thompson, two runs, in the slot and she cracks it out to deep mid wicket, Ryan charges back for the second, excellent running - 23 from 9
Over 7.2: Owen to Ryan, one run, glances a full toss to backward square - 25 needed from 10
Over 7.1: Owen to Ryan, no run, down leg side, swings and misses, no signal of wide, must have struck the pad
7th Over
Owen to bowl the penultimate over from the Northern End.
Over 6.6: Browne to Ryan, one run, short and opens the face, guides it to third man - 26 needed from 12 deliveries. TAS 1/37 (Ryan 19, Thompson 1)
Over 6.5: Browne to Ryan, two runs, short and she hits this one over the bowler for a couple
Over 6.4: Browne to Thompson, one run, low full toss, punches to mid wicket for a single
Over 6.3: Browne to Ryan, one run, DROPPED, pitched up outside off, finds the edge, Wright drops a fairly simple chance, they scamper a single
Over 6.2: Browne to Ryan, no run, short ball bouncer, very close to being called wide as she swings and misses
Over 6.1: Browne to Da Costa, no run, OUT, back to a length ball, pushes to the leg side, they run through, Browne gathers and underarms, direct hit! Da Costa out for 13 (20b 1x4). FOW 1/32. Emma Thompson in.
Over 6.1: Browne to Ryan, two wides, wide of off, beats the keeper and they run an extra wide
6th Over
12:05 AET: Right, here we go. The target is 63 and there's three overs to be bowled. The Roar girls will swing the bat, chasing a further 33 runs to win from 18 deliveries. Browne at the Southern End bowling to Ryan.
12:00 AET: Seven overs have been lost here and it appears we'll have three more overs in this match. A revised target of 63 at this stage, which means the Roar require 33 to win from the final three overs of the match.
11:55 AET: The umpires have requested that the covers be removed and it looks like we'll resume shortly, with a further revised target.
11:50 AET: Easing off here but rain is still falling, only lightly but it continues to keep the players in the sheds. The umpires stroll out for an inspection and the Roar girls head on to the field for some warm-ups.
11:45 AET: Still raining lightly here but the radar shows heavier rain approaching so it's not looking good. We do have a result though, with the Meteors having bowled 6 overs. The par score is 36 so the Meteors are in a winning position.
Rain stops play at 11:35 AET: The rain has returned with the Roar 0/30 off 6 overs, requiring a further 85 from 10 overs. More time will be lost and the target adjusted accordingly. Not heavy rain but heavy enough.
Over 5.6: Bates to Ryan, one run, forward and dabs it to the off side, quick single taken, good running. TAS 0/30 (Ryan 15, Da Costa 13)
Over 5.5: Bates to Ryan, no run, APPEAL, looking to pull, strikes the pad, loud appeal given not out
Over 5.4: Bates to Ryan, no run, defends to the off side
Over 5.3: Bates to Da Costa, one run, pushes gently to the off side for a single
Over 5.2: Bates to Ryan, one run, turns it around the corner for a single
Over 5.1: Bates to Ryan, no run, pull across her body, straight to short mid wicket
5th Over
Over 4.6: Farrell to Ryan, one run, back and works it to cover for a single. TAS 0/27 (Ryan 13, Da Costa 12)
Over 4.5: Farrell to Ryan, two runs, opens the face and finds the gap at third man
Over 4.4: Farrell to Ryan, no run, wide of off, guides this one straight to short third man, struck too well
Over 4.3: Farrell to Ryan, no run, quicker ball in the channel outside off, beats the outside edge
Over 4.2: Farrell to Da Costa, one run, short outside off, opens the face and guides it to short third man
Over 4.1: Farrell to Ryan, two wides, wide ball down leg side, escapes the keeper and they run an extra wide
Over 4.1: Farrell to Ryan, no run, back to a quicker one, defends it back towards the bowler
4th Over
Over 3.6: Bates to Da Costa, no run, tossed up wide of off, lets it go, no signal of wide comes from the umpire. TAS 0/21 (Ryan 10, Da Costa 11)
Over 3.5: Bates to Ryan, one run, waits now and opens the face to guide it backward of point
Over 3.4: Bates to Da Costa, one run, gets back and turns it around the corner for a single
Over 3.3: Bates to Da Costa, FOUR, tossed up and she pulls it nicely through square, her first boundary
Over 3.2: Bates to Ryan, one run, flighted, forward and pushes gently to point for a quick single
Over 3.1: Bates to Ryan, two runs, back and works it off her pads through backward square, a misfield and they get a second run
3rd Over
Over 2.6: Farrell to Ryan, one run, straight ball, forward and works it to square leg. TAS 0/12 (Ryan 6, Da Costa 6)
Over 2.5: Farrell to Ryan, no run, keeps low as she gets back, defends towards cover
Over 2.4: Farrell to Ryan, FOUR, pitched up outside off, a lovely drive through the covers finds the rope
Over 2.3: Farrell to Da Costa, one run, wide of off now, cuts it straight to backward point, good running
Over 2.2: Farrell to Da Costa, no run, in the slot and she cracks it to mid wicket, no run
Over 2.1: Farrell to Da Costa, two runs, short ball down leg side, gets back on it and nearly finds the rope at fine leg
2nd Over
The Roar already falling behind here. 111 needed from 14 overs.
Over 1.6: Bates to Da Costa, one run, plays a late glide towards gully for a single. TAS 0/4 (Ryan 1, Da Costa 3)
Over 1.5: Bates to Da Costa, no run, goes back and punches it but straight to backward point
Over 1.4: Bates to Da Costa, no run, beaten by the flight this time as she tries to pull it
Over 1.3: Bates to Ryan, one run, tossed up down leg side, gets bat on this, picks up a single to short fine leg
Over 1.2: Bates to Da Costa, one run, gets back and cuts it to backward point, through her legs and they pick up a single
Over 1.1: Bates to Da Costa, no run, around the wicket, slides in, off the inside edge and drops down in front of her
1st Over
Bates to start from the Northern End.
Over 0.6: Farrell to Da Costa, one run, opens the face now, runs it to short third man, quick single taken. TAS 0/1 (Ryan 0, Da Costa 1)
Over 0.5: Farrell to Da Costa, no run, pitched up outside off, getting frustrated as she swings hard but misses
Over 0.4: Farrell to Da Costa, no run, back to one that follows her, defends it out on the leg side, can't get a run
Over 0.3: Farrell to Da Costa, no run, wide of off, cuts this one well but straight to point
Over 0.2: Farrell to Da Costa, no run, slower ball pitched up outside off, beats the bat
Over 0.1: Farrell to Da Costa, no run, starts with a good short ball, she didn't know much about that, fends it down on the leg side
11:15 115 to win. Da Costa is on strike. Ryan is her partner. Farrell will start from the Southern End.

The Tradies Meteors: Kris Britt (c), Sara Hungerford, Rene Farrell, Nicola Browne, Samantha Bates, Sally Moylan, Kate Owen, Laura Wright (wk), Katie Mack, Kate Waetford, Jenny Taffs, Katherine Pulford (12th)

Cripps Tasmanian Roar: Veronica Pyke (c), Corinne Hall, Carly Ryan, Linsey Da Costa, Emma Thompson, Anita Silva, Meg Phillips, Lauren Hepburn, Hannah Short, Brooke Hepburn, Katelyn Fryett, Emily Smith (wk)

Umpires: Ferris, MS (AUS), Grocock, SI (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Ruse, WF (AUS)

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