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  • 2013/14 Women's Twenty20

    Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit vs The Tradies Meteors - Match 10

    October 27, 2013, 10:00AM AET Russell Lucas Oval, Ringwood

    Match Status: Completed
    Vic Spirit won by 8 wickets

  • Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit 2/ 115 (16.3)
  • The Tradies Meteors 6/ 114 (20.0)
  • The Tradies Meteors won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 6.97
EJ Villani*44452197.78
EJ Inglis231930121.05
This Partnership:45 Runs From 33 Balls (R/R: 8.18)

KL Pulford*2.3025110.00
KJ Waetford1.00909.00

Last Wicket:Cameron, 28 (ST Wright, Over: 10.6)
Last 5 overs:3 2 4 . 1 1 | 2 2 . 1 3 1 | . 2 1 1 1 1b | 2 . 4 1wd . 1 1 | 1nb 4 1wd 1 1lb
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17th Over
So three wins this weekend for the Vic Spirit girls and they've won all four of their Twenty20 matches to start this season, off to a great start. The Meteors have won one from three and will need to lift their game. Thanks for your company. See ya.
Lanning fell cheaply but the other three batters made the runs, Villani top scoring and carrying her bat through the run chase to see the Spirit home comfortably.
A comprehensive win for the Vic Spirit girls, reaching the target of 115 with 21 balls to spare and 8 wickets still in the shed. The total was never enough and a few dropped catches didn't help the Meteors.
Over 16.3: Pulford to Villani, leg bye, APPEAL, full and strikes the pad, rolls out on the leg side, an appeal is turned down and they get a leg bye to win the game for the Spirit!
Over 16.2: Pulford to Inglis, one run, full and down leg side, glances it towards fine leg, just the single
Over 16.1: Pulford to Inglis, wide, pitched up, bit down leg side and wide is called, two needed to win now
Over 16.1: Pulford to Inglis, FOUR, overpitched and she hammers this one through the covers, beats the desperate dive on the rope
Over 16.1: Pulford to Villani, (no ball) one run, above waist height as she pulls this one to long leg for a single, two to the total
16th Over
Nine to get. Kate Pulford on at the South End.
Over 15.6: Waetford to Villani, one run, DROPPED, pitched up and she gets a top edge, Waetford across to her right puts down a dolly, oh dear. VIC 2/106 (Villani 43, Inglis 18)
Over 15.5: Waetford to Inglis, one run, angling to leg, a glance behind square for a single
Over 15.4: Waetford to Inglis, no run, short ball, gets back and pulls it straight to square leg
Over 15.3: Waetford to Inglis, wide, full and wide, down leg side, that's a wide delivery
Over 15.3: Waetford to Inglis, FOUR, short and wide and cracks it through the covers to the vacant boundary on the off side, 100 up (94b)
Over 15.2: Waetford to Inglis, no run, slower ball, forward and pushes to cover, they both take off but make the right decision in the end
Over 15.1: Waetford to Inglis, two runs, full outside off, on the front foot and drives out to deep cover, confusion running the two but safe in the end
15th Over
18 needed now from 30 deliveries with Kate Waetford on at the North End.
Over 14.6: Farrell to Inglis, bye, pitched up outside off, it passes the outside edge, bounces in front of the keeper who can't stop it, gives away a bye. VIC 2/97 (Villani 42, Inglis 11)
Over 14.5: Farrell to Villani, one run, pitched up straight, forward to drive towards long on for a single
Over 14.4: Farrell to Inglis, one run, short ball, back and dead bats it square on the off side, cheeky single
Over 14.3: Farrell to Villani, one run, overpitched and she gets forward, drives to cover for a single
Over 14.2: Farrell to Villani, two runs, MISSED RUN OUT, full and dug out towards extra cover, Moylan gathers but misses the stumps at the bowlers end, no backing up and an overthrow
Over 14.1: Farrell to Villani, no run, fires this one in and she digs it out to the off side

Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit: Meg Lanning, Elyse Villani, Jess Cameron, Emma Inglis (c/wk), Sarah Elliott, Kelly Applebee, Kristen Beams, Briana Binch, Julie Hunter, Emily McIntyre, Kathleen Hempenstall, Molly Strano (12th)

The Tradies Meteors: Laura Wright (wk), Kate Waetford, Sara Hungerford, Katie Mack, Kate Owen, Rhiannon Dick, Rene Farrell (c), Sally Moylan, Kira Churchland, Katherine Pulford, Samantha Bates, Helen Baxendale (12th)

Umpires: Sammartino, AJ (AUS), Shepard, D (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Cox, D (AUS)

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