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  • 2013/14 Toyota Futures League

    Tasmania vs ACT Comets - Match 04

    November 4, 2013, 10:30AM AET Lindisfarne Oval, Hobart

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    Match Drawn

  • Tasmania 0/ 69 (23.0) & 268 (102.2)
  • ACT Comets All Out 225 (70.5) & 301 (87.4)
  • Tasmania won the toss and elected to bowl
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  • Current Run Rate: 3.00
SJ Cazzulino*18562032.14
HJ Terry51827062.20
This Partnership:69 Runs From 138 Balls (R/R: 3.00)

M Spaseski*1.00202.00
ST Devoy7.021402.00

Last 5 overs: . . . . . . | . . . . . . | . 1 . . . . | . . . . . . | 1 . . . . 1
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23rd Over
2 points for the ACT for leading on the first innings, Tasmania receive no points.
A disappointing end to what had promised so much, but not the first time the weather has intervened in Tasmania, and surely won't be the last.
3:00 pm - That's it, the rain has returned, the covers are back on and play has been abandoned for the day, so the match ends in a draw.
2:10 pm - and just in time the rain has ceased. The groundsman is now working on removing surface water before he can get to the pitch itself. It will take him at least 1 1/2 hours to get the ground ready, provided we have no more rain. So we sit and wait
1:30 pm - and a further update, the umpires and groundsman have just had an informative meeting, and, with the amount of time it will take to ready the ground after this considerable soaking it has received, it will need to stop raining by 2 pm.
1:10 pm - and still the rain falls, the groundsman has indicated some confidence that it will stop raining and when it does, the ground can be ready for play relatively quickly (he is suggesting 4 o'clock as a possible start time), it still looks unlikely
11:50 am - Lunch will be taken early at midday to maximise any remote possibility of play, but I think it's reasonable to assume already that any hope for a result today is being gently washed away.
11:50 am - Well, the rain has eased off, still just spitting but it does look a lot brighter, although the cloud cover is still very heavy. The covers are still on and covered in puddles, the ground is very damp underfoot and there is little breeze ...
11:00 am - Just a quick update, nought to report really, the rain still falls, the ute still circles the ground, super sopper barrel in tow, the cloud cover is low and heavy, and the start of play is no closer.
The covers are across the square and the super soaker is being towed around the oval at the back of a ute trying to remove the surface water. The forecast itself is quite bleak, and any chance of play within an hour of the scheduled start is unlikely.
But ........ we are at the mercy of Tasmania's notoriously fickle weather, and following 3 days of sunshine, culminating in yesterday's nigh on perfect cricket conditions, today it is raining, not just drizzle, but steady soaking rain.
We've had 3 good days of cricket so far which has set up today as a good finish with Tasmania requiring another 190 runs to win, with all their second innings wickets in hand.
Good morning and welcome to ANZAC Park, Lindisfarne for the final day's play in this Toyota Futures League clash between Tasmanian and the ACT.
Join us at 10:30 am local time tomorrow for the final day's play.
First and third sessions today were all Tasmania, although the ACT did fight back well between lunch and tea. But Tasmania are in the box seat with 1 day to play. There is rain forecast for tomorrow though which may come into play.
At stumps Tasmania are 0 for 69 with Cazzulino 18 no and Terry 51 no. Tasmania require another 190 runs to win
Over 22.6: Spaseski to Cazzulino, one run, worked around the corner to fine leg for a single. TAS 0/69 (Cazzulino 18, Terry 51)
Over 22.5: Spaseski to Cazzulino, no run, takes the thigh, rolls out on the legside
Over 22.4: Spaseski to Cazzulino, no run, short of a length, pushes to point
Over 22.3: Spaseski to Cazzulino, no run, pushes defensively to the off side
Over 22.2: Spaseski to Cazzulino, no run, takes a leading edge looking to turn to the leg side,rolls to mid off
Over 22.1: Spaseski to Terry, one run, punches through point
22nd Over
Over 21.6: Devoy to Cazzulino, no run, full, defends. TAS 0/67 (Cazzulino 17, Terry 50)
Over 21.5: Devoy to Cazzulino, no run
Over 21.4: Devoy to Cazzulino, no run, turned into the short leg fieldsman
Over 21.3: Devoy to Cazzulino, no run, drives to mid off
Over 21.2: Devoy to Cazzulino, no run, turned to short fine leg
Over 21.1: Devoy to Cazzulino, no run, pushes forward, defending

Tasmania: Wade Townsend, Steve Cazzulino, Beau Webster, Aiden Blizzard (c), Sean Willis, Henry Terry, Harry Allanby, Alex King (wk), Timm van der Gugten, Hamish Kingston, Matthew Wilkie, Ryan Lees (12th)

ACT Comets: Jono Dean (c), Matthew Gawthrop, Dean Solway, Michael Spaseski, Matthew Condon, Blake Dean, Vele Dukoski, Beau McClintock (wk), Shane Devoy, Ben Oakley, Greg West, Joshua Bennett (12th)

Umpires: Mitchell, J (AUS), Jones, B (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Widows, R (AUS)

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