Cricket Australia


  • 2013/14 Ryobi One-Day Cup

    XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls vs Alcohol. Think Again Warriors - Match 06

    October 11, 2013, 10:00AM AET Bankstown Oval, Sydney

    Match Status: Completed
    Queensland won by 84 runs

  • Alcohol. Think Again Warriors All Out 118 (42.5)
  • XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls 4/ 202 (50.0)
  • XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls won the toss and elected to bat
  • Current Run Rate: 2.75
  • Required Run Rate: 11.86
  • Graph
MA Beer*290022.22
JP Behrendorff24501048.00
This Partnership:9 Runs From 17 Balls (R/R: 3.18)

CA Lynn*1.50311.64
JS Floros8.013734.63

Last Wicket:Beer, 2 (c&b:Lynn, Over: 42.5)
Last 5 overs: . . 2 . . . | 1 . 1 1 3 W | . 1 . 1 1 . | 4 . 1 1 . . | . . . . W
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43rd Over
Prior to that we're back tomorrow for the re-match between SA and Tasmania. Let's hope for a repeat of Wednesday's classic. Bye for now, thanks for joining us.
Both teams play again on Sunday. Queensland will take on Victoria in a repeat of last year's final whereas WA will look to bounce back against NSW.
The WA batting stuttered badly against some fine bowling. The spinners all took wickets and Ben Cutting was outstanding returning 2/8 from 7 overs in the middle of the innings.
Queensland hit the ground running here then with a comfortable bonus point victory. Nathan Reardon is named Man of the Match for his fine batting.
Over 42.5: Lynn to Beer, no run, OUT, hacks this straight back to the bowler who holds it well to snag a wicket and end the match.
Over 42.4: Lynn to Beer, no run, blocks this to cover
Over 42.3: Lynn to Beer, no run, gets forward and defends to leg
Over 42.2: Lynn to Beer, no run, cuts to short third man
Over 42.1: Lynn to Beer, no run, blocked to mid off
42nd Over
Over 41.6: Floros to Behrendorff, no run, misses sweep shot ending the over. WA 9/118 (Behrendorff 24, Beer 2)
Over 41.5: Floros to Behrendorff, no run, pushes the ball firmly to mid off
Over 41.4: Floros to Beer, one run, eased to vacant square leg
Over 41.3: Floros to Behrendorff, one run, flicks off the pads square
Over 41.2: Floros to Behrendorff, no run, goes back and defends to leg
Over 41.1: Floros to Behrendorff, FOUR, back foot punch, timed to the offside boundary
41st Over
Over 40.6: Lynn to Beer, no run, gets forward and defends to leg ending the over. WA 9/112 (Behrendorff 19, Beer 1)
Over 40.5: Lynn to Behrendorff, one run, eases this fine
Over 40.4: Lynn to Beer, one run, chopped through cover
Over 40.3: Lynn to Beer, no run, goes back and defends to off
Over 40.2: Lynn to Behrendorff, one run, full toss carved through cover
Over 40.1: Lynn to Behrendorff, no run, new bowler, punched to leg

XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls: Chris Hartley (wk), Usman Khawaja, Joe Burns, Chris Lynn, Nathan Reardon, James Hopes (c), Jason Floros, Michael Neser, Ben Cutting, Nathan Hauritz, Luke Feldman, Greg Moller (12th)

Alcohol. Think Again Warriors: Cameron Bancroft, Marcus Harris, Sam Whiteman (wk), Marcus North, John Rogers, Hilton Cartwright, Ashton Agar, Nathan Rimmington, Jason Behrendorff, Andrew Tye, Michael Beer (c), Burt Cockley (12th)

Umpires: Ward, JD (AUS), Nogajski, SJ (AUS)
Third Umpire: Patterson, RG (AUS)
Match Refree: Bernard, SR (AUS)

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