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  • 2013/14 India v Australia [ODI]

    India vs Australia - 4th ODI

    October 23, 2013, 7:00PM AET JSCA International Stadium Complex, Ranchi

    Match Status: Completed
    No Result

  • India 0/ 27 (4.1)
  • Australia 8/ 295 (50.0)
  • India won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Current Run Rate: 6.48
  • Required Run Rate: 5.87
  • Graph
S Dhawan*141230116.67
RG Sharma9131069.23
This Partnership:27 Runs From 25 Balls (R/R: 6.48)

MG Johnson*2.101004.62
CJ McKay2.001306.50

Last 5 overs:
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5th Over
Sadly the match has been abandoned. Not great news, but what can you do about the rain? So the series is still 2-1 in Australia's favour. Make sure you join us for the 5th ODI on Saturday.
The inspection is underway, news on it shortly
Some further news, an inspection due for about 10 minutes time, 8.35pm Indian time
So we are getting closer and closer to crunch time. If play hasn't re-started by around 2.45 am AEST then we won't be able to get the overs in.
The latest news is there is a slight improvement, the rain is not so heavy and it is only drizzling. No word on a restart as we now approach a delay of 2 hours.
So the rain continues, no good news from the ground at this stage. Play has been off for 75 minutes.
Stats man Mohandas Menon tweets @mohanstatsman "It's raining steadily at the JSCA Stadium, Ranchi. Need to start by around 9.15 pm for India to play atleast 20 overs."
Commentator Alan Wilkins has been good enough to tweet - @alanwilkins22 "Not looking good here at Ranchi. Raining heavily"
So we're up to a 30 minute delay now........still no word at this stage about a re-start
No word from the ground, but we have lost 20 minutes of play so far, which suggest we may start losing a few overs from here on if the delay continues
So that's darn disappointing, hopefully it is only a passing shower. More news shortly.....
Some light rain starts to fall which is rather annoying. Off come the players
Over 4.1: Johnson to Dhawan, FOUR, short, aims to pull, takes the glove and races away fine
4th Over
Over 3.6: McKay to Sharma, FOUR, comes forward and edges away fine, his first boundary. IND 0/23 (Sharma 9, Dhawan 10)
Over 3.5: McKay to Sharma, no run, comes forward and defends to mid off, Faulkner throws it and it nearly collets the batsman
Over 3.4: McKay to Sharma, no run, worked off the pads to mid wicket
Over 3.3: McKay to Sharma, no run, leaves one pass just outside off
Over 3.2: McKay to Dhawan, one run, advances again, worked to long leg
Over 3.1: McKay to Dhawan, FOUR, advances and slaps a drive away past cover
3rd Over
Over 2.6: Johnson to Sharma, two runs, short, pulled in the air behind square leg - falls safely. IND 0/14 (Sharma 5, Dhawan 5)
Over 2.5: Johnson to Sharma, no run, short and quite sharp, he fends it off into the leg side
Over 2.4: Johnson to Sharma, no run, short outside off, aims a cut and misses, close to a wide
Over 2.3: Johnson to Sharma, no run, goes back and pushes to square leg
Over 2.2: Johnson to Sharma, no run, comes forward and defends to cover
Over 2.1: Johnson to Sharma, no run, full and a little wide, drives to cover
2nd Over
OK so Johnson is cranking it up here, will probably only bowl a three over spell, so can he get the breakthrough?
Over 1.6: McKay to Dhawan, no run, leg side, advances and tries to glance, just clipping the pad on the way to Haddin. IND 0/12 (Sharma 3, Dhawan 5)
Over 1.5: McKay to Dhawan, no run, leaves one pass just outside off
Over 1.4: McKay to Dhawan, no run, advances and drives off a thick inside edge to the bowler
Over 1.3: McKay to Dhawan, FOUR, advances and slams a drive away past point
Over 1.2: McKay to Dhawan, no run, just outside off, left alone
Over 1.1: McKay to Dhawan, no run, full, drives out to cover
1st Over
Over 0.6: Johnson to Sharma, no run, ducks another short one outside off. IND 0/8 (Sharma 3, Dhawan 1)
Over 0.5: Johnson to Dhawan, one run, cuts off the back foot to 3rd man
Over 0.4: Johnson to Dhawan, no run, full and wide, a hint of outswing there as Dhawan leaves it
Over 0.3: Johnson to Dhawan, four byes, bouncer, flies hard and fast over the head of Dhawan and Haddin, gee that was quick!
Over 0.2: Johnson to Sharma, one run, goes back and works one off the hip to long leg
Over 0.1: Johnson to Sharma, two runs, full and wide to start, he leans on a drive wide of mid off

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (c/wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Vinay Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Jaydev Unadkat

Australia: Phillip Hughes, Aaron Finch, Shane Watson, George Bailey (c), Adam Voges, Glenn Maxwell, Brad Haddin (wk), James Faulkner, Mitchell Johnson, Clint McKay, Xavier Doherty, Nathan Coulter-Nile (12th)

Umpires: Kettleborough, RA (ENG), Kulkarni, VA (IND)
Third Umpire: Chaudhary, AK (IND)
Match Refree: Mahanama, RS (SLA)

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