Cricket Australia


  • New Zealand Under 19 All Out 206 (49.2)
  • Australia Under 19 6/ 225 (50.0)
  • New Zealand Under 19 won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Current Run Rate: 4.18
  • Required Run Rate: 30.00
  • Graph
JS Hunter*03000.00
DL Watson4200200.00
This Partnership:4 Runs From 4 Balls (R/R: 6.00)

M Fotia*9.213854.07
C Valente9.013023.33

Last Wicket:Hunter, 0 (BWD:Fotia, Over: 49.2)
Last 5 overs:2 2 . . 2 W | 1 . W . . . | 4 . . W 1 1wd . | . . . W 2 2 | . W
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50th Over
Thanks for joining us. We'll be back on Tuesday when Australia take on India.
Jake Doran is named Man of the Match for his fine batting and important wicket.
What a great match to start this series. Australia win a fine contest thanks to some fabulous bowling at the death.
Over 49.2: Fotia to Hunter, no run, OUT, Skittled, Full and fast. Great bowling to end the innings and win the match.
Over 49.1: Fotia to Hunter, no run, 20 needed! clipped to short fine leg
49th Over
Over 48.6: Valente to Watson, two runs, chipped back and a misfield helps. NZL 9/206 (Hunter 0, Watson 4)
Over 48.5: Valente to Watson, two runs, cracks this through cover, not over yet
Over 48.4: Valente to Blundell, no run, OUT, swings across this, 'you miss I hit' as the stumps go down
Over 48.3: Valente to Blundell, no run, big swing at this but can't time it and goes nowhere
Over 48.2: Valente to Blundell, no run, full and fast, can't hit that
Over 48.1: Valente to Blundell, no run, 24 off 12 balls to win, nothing here as hacks this back
48th Over
Over 47.6: Fotia to Hunter, no run, full, fast and well blocked. NZL 8/202 (Blundell 1, Hunter 0)
Over 47.5: Fotia to Hunter, wide, short, slow and well down leg!
Over 47.5: Fotia to Blundell, one run, works this down to third man
Over 47.4: Fotia to Tryon, no run, OUT, short, tennis shot loops up to mid on who takes an easy catch
Over 47.3: Fotia to Tryon, no run, waves at this, beaten for pace
Over 47.2: Fotia to Tryon, no run, big swing and a miss
Over 47.1: Fotia to Tryon, FOUR, slaps this hard to the legside boundary, great placement

Australia Under 19: Matthew Short, Tom Leaver, Damien Mortimer (c), Ben McDermott (wk), Jake Doran, Sean Willis, Alex Gregory, Cameron Valente, Riley Ayre, Matthew Fotia, Jeremy Maher, Matthew Kelly (12th)

New Zealand Under 19: Henry Collier, Raki Weerasundara, Shawn Hicks, Tim Seifert (c/wk), Ken McClure, Leo Carter, Graeme Tryon, KA Jamieson, Nick Blundell, Jack Hunter, Dane Watson, Alec Hodgson (12th)

Umpires: Wilds, T (AUS), Davidson, GL (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Marshall, PL (AUS)

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