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  • New South Wales vs Invitational XI - Grand Final

    February 23, 2013, 3:35PM AET Traeger Park, Alice Springs

    Match Status: Completed
    New South Wales Indigenous X1 won by 46 runs

  • Invitational XI 6/ 88 (20.0)
  • New South Wales 3/ 134 (20.0)
  • New South Wales won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 4.40
T Hansen*201620125.00
A Silva23350065.71
This Partnership:33 Runs From 24 Balls (R/R: 8.25)

R Lotter*3.001705.67
RL Bell-Sloan2.001306.50

Last Wicket:Stanford, 3 (LBW:Astley, Over: 15.6)
Last 5 overs: . 2 . 1 . W | . . . 1 3nb 1 1 | 3 4 1wd . . . 1 | . . 3 1wd 1 . 2 | 3 . 1 1 4 2
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20th Over
Over 19.6: Lotter to Hansen, two runs, guides the ball to 3rd man to bring an end to the match.. INV 6/88 (A Silva 23, Hansen 20)
Over 19.5: Lotter to Hansen, FOUR, leans back and pulls the ball so sweetly over the ropes on the bounce. The crowd loved that shot.
Over 19.4: Lotter to A Silva, one run, good yorker dug out and they steal a single.
Over 19.3: Lotter to Hansen, one run, pulled nicely to deep mid wicket.
Over 19.2: Lotter to Hansen, no run, cracks the ball to short mid off.
Over 19.1: Lotter to A Silva, three runs, cuts past cover. Might be 55 to win off this over but they are still trying.
19th Over
Over 18.6: Bell-Sloan to Hansen, two runs, belts this ball long over mid offs head.. INV 6/77 (A Silva 19, Hansen 13)
Over 18.5: Bell-Sloan to Hansen, no run, hits the ball high and the bowler runs back to take the one handed catch and misses it completely.
Over 18.4: Bell-Sloan to A Silva, one run, turned to fine leg.
Over 18.3: Bell-Sloan to A Silva, wide, down leg.
Over 18.3: Bell-Sloan to Hansen, three runs, smashes this ball over mid offs head.
Over 18.2: Bell-Sloan to Hansen, no run, defends down wicket.
Over 18.1: Bell-Sloan to Hansen, no run, big swing as she advances. She completely misses and gets her glove behind the crease just in time.

New South Wales: Ashley Gardner, Samantha Hinton, Roxsanne Van-Veen, Nicole Honeysett, Rheanna Lotter, Veronica Gordon, Julie Muir (c), Jemma Astley, Ricki Lee Bell-Sloan, Madison McCooey (wk), Renae Melville, Rhiannon McCooey (12th)

Invitational XI: Anita Silva, Sally Moylan (c), Kareena Jacobson-Logan, Jordana Sleeman, Amanda Silva, Tamika Hansen, Courtney Hagen (wk), Treahna Hamm, Jacinta Goodger-Chandler, Ebony Cuskelly, Kirra Cuskelly, Lindsay Stanford (12th)

Umpires: Principe, J (WA), Branch, M (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree:

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