Cricket Australia


  • Victorian XI 6/ 336 (49.4)
  • England Lions 4/ 335 (50.0)
  • Victorian XI won the toss and elected to bowl
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  • Current Run Rate: 6.77
DG Kight*2200100.00
IG Holland340075.00
This Partnership:3 Runs From 3 Balls (R/R: 6.00)

BA Stokes*6.404416.60
CJC Wright10.007807.80

Last Wicket:Carters, 127 (c:Taylor b:Stokes, Over: 49.1)
Last 5 overs: . 4 1 . 4 1 | 4 . . 1 4 2 | . 1 1 1 1 W | 1 1wd 1 1 . 1 6nb 1 | W 1 1 1
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50th Over
One more game to be played between these two sides, they will meet at the MCG on Wednesday, where the Victorian XI will likely field a stronger side and look for a clean sweep of these warm up matches. See you next time.
Wickets fell regularly enough after Keath was dismissed but Carters powered on to a century and despite his dismissal, he'd done enough to all but secure victory. It was left to the captain Holland to see the Victorian XI side home.
The run chase started off well as it needed to, Stoinis and Russ scoring at a run a ball. Russ and Stoinis fell 7 overs apart, then Carters and Keath proceeded to up the run rate, scoring at more than run a ball.
A fabulous finish to this match, the Victorian XI side have chased down the England Lions total of 4/335 to win by 4 wickets with 2 deliveries to spare, a thrilling match here at the Junction Oval. They claim their second win over the England Lions.
Over 49.4: Stokes to Kight, one run, full and works it through mid wicket, in to the gap and the winning run is scored!
Over 49.3: Stokes to Holland, one run, full and smashes it in to the pitch, out to mid off who has to leap, flicks at the stumps, a tight single but they made it, 1 required now
Over 49.2: Stokes to Kight, one run, full and whips it off his pads to deep backward square, just the single - 2 needed from 4
Carters c Taylor b Stokes 127 (172m 102b 14x4 2x6). Partnership of 13 (9m). FOW 6/333. Dylan Kight in.
Over 49.1: Stokes to Carters, no run, OUT, full toss, cramps him for room, off the top half of the bat to Taylor at short extra cover, takes the catch, fabulous innings comes to an end
49th Over
3 required off the last over. Ben Stokes will bowl it from the City End.
Over 48.6: Wright to Carters, one run, short ball, pulls it around the corner to deep square. VIC 5/333 (Carters 127, Holland 2)
Over 48.5: Wright to Carters, (no ball) SIX, just about game, a low full toss, too straight and he clips it off his pads over the deep backward square fence, a no ball as well - 4 required from 7 deliveries.
Over 48.5: Wright to Holland, one run, another attempted yorker, gets underneath this and blasts it straight to long on, one bounce to the fielder - 11 needed from 7
Over 48.4: Wright to Holland, no run, fires in a good yorker, digs it out to the leg side of the pitch
Over 48.3: Wright to Carters, one run, fired in full, digs it out up to mid off, they sneak a single - 12 off 9 required
Over 48.2: Wright to Holland, one run, fires it in full, inside edges it on to his pad, out behind point for a quick single - 13 needed from 10
Over 48.1: Wright to Holland, wide, short and down leg side, tries to pull, doesn't connect but he's bowled it wide - 14 from 11 requied
Over 48.1: Wright to Carters, one run, slower ball, back and pulls it to mid wicket, single taken - 15 from 11 required
48th Over
16 runs required off the last two overs. Chris Wright will bowl one of those overs from the Fitzroy Street End.
Rose c Chopra b Coles 15 (25m 14b 2x4 0x6). Partnership of 35 (25m). FOW 5/320. Ian Holland in.
Over 47.6: Coles to Rose, no run, OUT, slower ball bouncer, chases after it, hits it straight to Chopra at cover!. VIC 5/320 (Carters 118, Rose 15)
Over 47.5: Coles to Carters, one run, another short and straight ball and he pulls it out to deep mid wicket, another single, getting them in ones
Over 47.4: Coles to Rose, one run, drops in short and he pulls it out to deep square for another run
Over 47.3: Coles to Carters, one run, short ball, rocks back and pulls it through square leg, out to the sweeper, another single
Over 47.2: Coles to Rose, one run, low full toss, whips it off his toes through square leg, out to the sweeper
Over 47.1: Coles to Rose, no run, fired in full and can only manage to dig it out to short mid wicket

Victorian XI: Dean Russ, Marcus Stoinis, Ryan Carters (wk), Alex Keath, David King, Clive Rose, Ian Holland (c), Dylan Kight, Justin Grant, James Muirhead, Ryan Sidebottom, Louis Cameron (12th)

England Lions: Varun Chopra, James Vince, James Taylor (c), Ben Foakes (wk), Benjamin Stokes, Rikki Clarke, Scott Borthwick, Craig Overton, Matt Coles, Christopher Wright, Tobias Roland-Jones, Simon Kerrigan (12th)

Umpires: Sammartino, AJ (AUS), Sciacca, SM (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree:

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