Cricket Australia


  • Australia 1/ 178 (21.2)
  • New Zealand All Out 177 (45.4)
  • Australia won the toss and elected to bowl
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  • Current Run Rate: 8.34
AJ Healy*62698189.86
LJ Poulton791077.78
This Partnership:32 Runs From 24 Balls (R/R: 8.00)

RH Candy*4.202205.08
EM Bermingham2.001507.50

Last Wicket:Lanning, 103 (c:Satterthwaite b:Browne, Over: 17.2)
Last 5 overs:2 W 1 1wd 1 . . | . . 4 1 . 1 | 4 2 1 1lb 4 . | 1 1wd . 6 . . 1 | . 2
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22nd Over
Australia have won the match by 9 wickets, crushing New Zealand by reaching their total of 177 in just 21.2 overs. The star was Meg Lanning with 103 runs! Australia now lead the series 2-1.
Over 21.2: Candy to Healy, two runs, flicked off the toes and they run two! That wins the game for Australia.
Over 21.1: Candy to Healy, no run, driven straight to mid off
21st Over
Over 20.6: Bermingham to Healy, one run, driven into the covers, they take on the fielder and get home safely. AUS 1/176 (Healy 60, Poulton 7)
Over 20.5: Bermingham to Healy, no run, hit firmly but stopped at mid off
Over 20.4: Bermingham to Healy, no run, driven into the covers
Over 20.3: Bermingham to Healy, SIX, Healy smashes the ball to cow corner into the crowd!
Over 20.2: Bermingham to Healy, no run, cuts straight into the covers
Over 20.1: Bermingham to Healy, wide
Over 20.1: Bermingham to Poulton, one run, cuts the ball hard off the back foot
20th Over
Over 19.6: Browne to Healy, no run, defends off the pads. AUS 1/167 (Healy 53, Poulton 6)
Over 19.5: Browne to Healy, FOUR, short ball outside off stump and glides the ball past third man for a boundary to bring up the 50 in 61 balls!
Over 19.4: Browne to Poulton, leg bye, one leg bye down to fine leg
Over 19.3: Browne to Healy, one run, cut off the back foot, settles for one
Over 19.2: Browne to Healy, two runs, flicked down to fine leg for another two runs
Over 19.1: Browne to Healy, FOUR, flicked off the pads, good balance, head over the ball and worked to the square leg boundary

Australia: Meg Lanning, Alyssa Healy, Leah Poulton, Lisa Sthalekar, Alex Blackwell, Jodie Fields (c/wk), Sarah Coyte, Erin Osborne, Ellyse Perry, Jess Jonassen, Megan Schutt, Jess Cameron (12th)

New Zealand: Suzie Bates (c), Frances Mackay, Amy Satterthwaite, Sara McGlashan, Nicola Browne, Katie Perkins, Katey Martin (wk), Erin Bermingham, Morna Nielsen, Rachel Candy, Sian Ruck, Lucy Doolan (12th)

Umpires: Johnstone, NR (AUS), Oxenford, BNJ (AUS)
Third Umpire: Patterson, RG (AUS)
Match Refree: Harper, DJ (AUS)

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