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  • 2012/13 Women's National Cricket League

    Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit vs Alcohol. Think Again Fury - 3rd/4th Place Play-Off

    January 12, 2013, 10:00AM AET Blacktown International Sportspark No. 1, Sydney

    Match Status: Completed
    Victoria won by 5 wickets

  • Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit 5/ 208 (40.2)
  • Alcohol. Think Again Fury 9/ 207 (50.0)
  • Alcohol. Think Again Fury won the toss and elected to bat
  • Graph
  • Current Run Rate: 5.16
SJ Elliott*6220027.27
E McIntyre130033.33
This Partnership:3 Runs From 10 Balls (R/R: 1.80)

E Biss*8.202823.36
GL Triscari7.012914.14

Last Wicket:Applebee, 44 (c:King b:Biss, Over: 38.4)
Last 5 overs: . . . 1 . . | . 1 . 1lb . . | . 4 . W . . | . . . . . . | 1 2
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41st Over
A comfortable win then thanks some fine batting from Player of the Match Meg Lanning, The Spirit take 3rd place in this seasons WNCL. Join us tomorrow to see who takes the title.
Over 40.2: Biss to Elliott, two runs, lofts this over mid wicket for the winning runs
Over 40.1: Biss to McIntyre, one run, guides this through gully
40th Over
Over 39.6: Triscari to Elliott, no run, hacked to extra cover, maiden over. VIC 5/205 (Elliott 4, McIntyre 0)
Over 39.5: Triscari to Elliott, no run, swing and a miss
Over 39.4: Triscari to Elliott, no run, pushed back to the stumps at the bowlers end
Over 39.3: Triscari to Elliott, no run, nudged to leg
Over 39.2: Triscari to Elliott, no run, misses this down off
Over 39.1: Triscari to Elliott, no run, mistimed drive to extra cover
39th Over
Over 38.6: Biss to McIntyre, no run, misses flick down leg ending the over with just 3 needed. VIC 5/205 (Elliott 4, McIntyre 0)
Over 38.5: Biss to McIntyre, no run, driven back
Over 38.4: Biss to Applebee, no run, OUT, looking to finish in style but miscues to square leg and a sharp catch taken
Over 38.3: Biss to Applebee, no run, mistimes cut
Over 38.2: Biss to Applebee, FOUR, full on leg and swept away high to the legside boundary
Over 38.1: Biss to Applebee, no run, big swing and a miss

Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit: Meg Lanning, Elyse Villani, Jess Cameron, Emma Inglis (wk), Kelly Applebee (c), Sarah Elliott, Julie Hunter, Emily McIntyre, Briana Binch, Molly Strano, Kristen Beams, Kathleen Hempenstall (12th)

Alcohol. Think Again Fury: Jenny Wallace (wk), Nicole Bolton (c), Chloe Piparo, Suzie Bates, Heather Graham, Carla Hunter, Nicky Shaw, Renee Chappell, Gemma Triscari, Emma King, Emma Biss, Kate Burns (12th)

Umpires: Hamilton, A (AUS), Taylor, D (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Reed, GE (AUS)

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