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  • 2012/13 Women's National Cricket League

    The Tradies Meteors vs Alcohol. Think Again Fury - Match 19

    January 5, 2013, 10:00AM AET Freebody Oval, Queanbeyan

    Match Status: Completed
    ACT won by 6 wickets

  • The Tradies Meteors 4/ 163 (42.4)
  • Alcohol. Think Again Fury All Out 159 (45.0)
  • Alcohol. Think Again Fury won the toss and elected to bat
  • Graph
  • Current Run Rate: 3.82
K Owen*11142078.57
RS Dick48757064.00
This Partnership:13 Runs From 21 Balls (R/R: 3.71)

EL King*3.401704.64
GL Triscari8.012212.75

Last Wicket:Britt, 51 (c:King b:Triscari, Over: 39.1)
Last 5 overs:1 . . . . . | W . . . . . | . 2 . . . . | . . . . 3 . | . 4 . 4
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43rd Over
Please join us tomorrow for the final WT20 where both sides still stand a chance of making the final, 'bye for now!
ACT 4/163 (42.4 overs) defeated WA 159 by 6 wickets with 44 balls to spare - Dick 48 (75 balls/96 minutes, 7x4), Owen 11 914 balls/12 minutes, 2x4); partnership 13 (21 balls/12 minutes)
Over 42.4: King to Owen, FOUR, swung over midwicket to win the game with 6 wickets and 44 balls to spare
Over 42.3: King to Owen, no run, advances, moves back, leaves outside off
Over 42.2: King to Owen, FOUR, drives through extra cover to level the scores
Over 42.1: King to Owen, no run, played back to King
42nd Over
Over 41.6: Triscari to Dick, no run, bottom edges pull square. ACT 4/155 (Dick 48, Owen 3)
Over 41.5: Triscari to Owen, three runs, edged to third man, well run by Dick
Over 41.4: Triscari to Owen, no run, drives to Burns at mid off
Over 41.3: Triscari to Owen, no run, dabbed to point
Over 41.2: Triscari to Owen, no run, good length, worked forward of square
Over 41.1: Triscari to Owen, no run, forward, turned square
41st Over
Over 40.6: King to Dick, no run, drives back to King. ACT 4/152 (Dick 48, Owen 0)
Over 40.5: King to Dick, no run, played to leg
Over 40.4: King to Dick, no run, pushed back on the offside, good dive from King
Over 40.3: King to Dick, no run, forward, left outside off
Over 40.2: King to Dick, two runs, forced through cover
Over 40.1: King to Dick, no run, played to point

The Tradies Meteors: Asha Smith, Laura Wright (wk), Kris Britt (c), Sara Hungerford, Rhiannon Dick, Kate Owen, Aimee Harris, Sally Moylan, Alison Parkin, Rene Farrell, Zoe Cooke, Samantha Bates (12th)

Alcohol. Think Again Fury: Nicole Bolton (c), Jenny Wallace (wk), Suzie Bates, Nicky Shaw, Heather Graham, Chloe Piparo, Gemma Triscari, Renee Chappell, Sarah Fragomeni, Emma King, Emma Biss, Kate Burns (12th)

Umpires: Ramasundara, Y (AUS), Shelley, AI (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Turner, A (AUS)

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