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  • 2012/13 Women's Twenty20

    Alcohol. Think Again Fury vs Cripps Tasmanian Roar - Match 04

    October 14, 2012, 1:00PM AET WACA Ground, Perth

    Match Status: Completed
    Western Fury won by 7 wickets

  • Alcohol. Think Again Fury 3/ 126 (20.0)
  • Cripps Tasmanian Roar 5/ 125 (20.0)
  • Cripps Tasmanian Roar won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 6.30
NJ Shaw*230066.67
C Piparo490044.44
This Partnership:5 Runs From 5 Balls (R/R: 6.00)

AJ Silva*3.001505.00
EA Burns4.001513.75

Last Wicket:Bates, 27 (RO Burns, Over: 19.1)
Last 5 overs: . . . 1 1 4 | . 2 1 . W . | 4 2 2 1 . 1 | . . . 1 . 1 | W 1 1 1 1 1lb
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20th Over
Thanks for reading throughout the series of matches here in Perth. Join us again next time for more from the Women's Cricket Leagues'. Goodbye!
Jenny Wallace named player of the match, scoring 55 in helping the Western Fury achieve the win today.
A thrilling finish to the Women's Twenty20 game here today, the home side Western Fury getting the points by 7 wickets on the last ball of the match.
Over 19.6: Silva to Shaw, leg bye, turned away off the pad towards backward square leg. WA 3/126 (Piparo 4, Shaw 2)
Over 19.5: Silva to Piparo, one run, driven to mid on, Thompson misfield allowed one. Scores Level, 1 run off the last ball to win!
Over 19.4: Silva to Shaw, one run, chipped in the air but safe in the gap at mid wicket. 2 runs off 2 balls.
Over 19.3: Silva to Piparo, one run, played through mid off. 3 runs off 3 balls.
Over 19.2: Silva to Shaw, one run, full toss outside off pulled to deep mid wicket. 4 runs off 4 balls to win.
Over 19.1: Silva to Bates, one run, OUT, turned away through mid wicket, took on the fielder Burns but Bates was short at the keepers' end.
19th Over
Western Fury need 6 off the last over.
Over 18.6: EA Burns to Bates, one run, turned away to mid wicket. WA 2/121 (Bates 27, Piparo 2)
Over 18.5: EA Burns to Bates, no run, cut away on the bounce to point.
Over 18.4: EA Burns to Piparo, one run, played away to cover, took on the fielder with a single.
Over 18.3: EA Burns to Piparo, no run, advanced back to the bowler at short mid off.
Over 18.2: EA Burns to Piparo, no run, outside off through to the keeper.
Over 18.1: EA Burns to Piparo, no run, turned away to mid wicket.

Alcohol. Think Again Fury: Jenny Wallace (wk), Nicole Bolton (c), Suzie Bates, Chloe Piparo, Nicky Shaw, Carla Hunter, Renee Chappell, Sarah Fragomeni, Mel Holmes, Bhavi Devchand, Kate Burns, Beth Dawson (12th)

Cripps Tasmanian Roar: Emma Thompson, Belinda Page, Erin Burns, Corinne Hall, Linsey Da Costa, Tayla Kafoa (wk), Lauren Hepburn, Veronica Pyke (c), Anita Silva, Katelyn Fryett, Brooke Hepburn, Meg Phillips (12th)

Umpires: Barron, W (AUS), Hall, MP (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Prue, TA (AUS)

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