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  • 2012/13 Women's Twenty20

    The Tradies Meteors vs Konica Minolta Queensland Fire - Match 34

    December 23, 2012, 10:00AM AET Freebody Oval, Queanbeyan

    Match Status: Completed
    Queensland Fire won by 4 runs

  • The Tradies Meteors 8/ 133 (20.0)
  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire 5/ 137 (20.0)
  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 6.65
K Owen*191500126.67
S Moylan1100100.00
This Partnership:10 Runs From 7 Balls (R/R: 8.57)

JC Coleman*4.002917.25
JL Barsby4.002817.00

Last Wicket:Moylan, 1 (RO Short, Over: 19.6)
Last 5 overs:1 1 2 1 W 1 | W 1 1 1 . 1 | 1 1 2 2 1 . | 1 1 1 2 W 2 | 1 . 2 2 2 W
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20th Over
Thanks for joining us, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 'bye for now!
Player of the Match for each game has been announced - Friday's WT20: Kris Britt, yesterday's WNCL: Jodie Fields and today's WT20: Delissa Kimmince
Over 19.6: Coleman to Owen, one run, OUT, dragged to long on, Short's throw to Coleman is good as they push for an unlikely second, QLD win by 4! ACT 8/133 (Owen 19, Moylan 1)
Over 19.5: Coleman to Owen, two runs, lofted over extra cover, 6 required!
Over 19.4: Coleman to Owen, two runs, pulled behind square as her bat goes flying, 8 required from 2
Over 19.3: Coleman to Owen, two runs, DROPPED, played in the air to midwicket, Barsby makes a good effort but can't hold on, they push for the second, 10 required
Over 19.2: Coleman to Owen, no run, wild swing and miss outside off
Over 19.1: Coleman to Moylan, one run, played to extra cover, 12 required
19th Over
Over 18.6: Barsby to Owen, two runs, lofted over wide mid off, good push, the throw was wild as Moylan dives, 13 required from 6. ACT 7/125 (Owen 12, Moylan 0)
Over 18.5: Barsby to Farrell, no run, OUT, pushes to cover, had to run, Pike fields and throws to Barsby! ACT 7/123 (18.5 overs), 15 required
Over 18.4: Barsby to Farrell, two runs, hammered to wide long on, well run, 15 required
Over 18.3: Barsby to Owen, one run, hammered to long off, 17 required
Over 18.2: Barsby to Farrell, one run, moves across to off, paddled fine, 18 required
Over 18.1: Barsby to Owen, one run, chipped over midwicket, 19 required

The Tradies Meteors: Laura Wright (wk), Asha Smith, Kris Britt (c), Sara Hungerford, Rhiannon Dick, Kate Waetford, Kate Owen, Sally Moylan, Rene Farrell, Sian Ruck, Zoe Cooke, Samantha Bates (12th)

Konica Minolta Queensland Fire: Melissa Bulow, Jess Jonassen, Jodie Fields (c), Beth Mooney (wk), Grace Harris, Delissa Kimmince, Kirby Short, Jude Coleman, Jemma Barsby, Selena Tainton, Kirsten Pike, Holly Ferling (12th)

Umpires: Ramasundara, Y (AUS), Shelley, AI (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Turner, A (AUS)

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