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  • 2012/13 Women's Twenty20

    Lend Lease Breakers vs Cripps Tasmanian Roar - Match 28

    December 9, 2012, 10:00AM AET Blacktown International Sportspark No. 1, Sydney

    Match Status: Completed
    NSW won by 6 wickets

  • Lend Lease Breakers 4/ 71 (12.1)
  • Cripps Tasmanian Roar All Out 70 (19.4)
  • Cripps Tasmanian Roar won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 5.84
RL Haynes*271740158.82
LJ Poulton390033.33
This Partnership:19 Runs From 15 Balls (R/R: 7.60)

B Hepburn*0.104024.00
V Pyke2.001115.50

Last Wicket:Sthalekar, 14 (BWD:Pyke, Over: 9.4)
Last 5 overs:4 1 1 . 1 2 | . . 2 W . . | . 1 . . 1 4 | 1wd 1 2wd . . 1 2 1wd 1 | 4
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13th Over
Sharon Millanta is named Player of the Match for her fine bowling.
Another comfortable win for NSW, Tasmania bowled well but did not have enough runs to defend.
Over 12.1: Hepburn to Haynes, FOUR, bowling change, smacked past a diving point to win the game for NSW
12th Over
Over 11.6: Pyke to Haynes, one run, mistimes and loops behind point who puts a hard chance down. NSW 4/67 (Haynes 23, Poulton 3)
Over 11.5: Pyke to Haynes, wide, down leg
Over 11.5: Pyke to Haynes, two runs, smacked just over mid off
Over 11.4: Pyke to Poulton, one run, pushed by mid wicket
Over 11.3: Pyke to Poulton, no run, misses down leg
Over 11.2: Pyke to Poulton, no run, pushes the ball firmly straight to the fielder at mid on
Over 11.1: Pyke to Haynes, two wides, down leg
Over 11.1: Pyke to Poulton, one run, drives on the ground to long on
Over 11.1: Pyke to Poulton, wide, strays down leg
11th Over
Over 10.6: Da Costa to Haynes, FOUR, peach of a shot to the rope at long off. NSW 4/58 (Haynes 20, Poulton 1)
Over 10.5: Da Costa to Poulton, one run, taps to leg and runs
Over 10.4: Da Costa to Poulton, no run, hard caught and bowled put down
Over 10.3: Da Costa to Poulton, no run, gets forward and defends to leg
Over 10.2: Da Costa to Haynes, one run, full toss lofted to leg
Over 10.1: Da Costa to Haynes, no run, bowling change, drives this back

Lend Lease Breakers: Alex Blackwell (c), Claire Koski, Alyssa Healy (wk), Lisa Sthalekar, Rachel Haynes, Leah Poulton, Erin Osborne, Nicola Carey, Sarah Aley, Sharon Millanta, Kara Sutherland, Angela Reakes (12th)

Cripps Tasmanian Roar: Emma Thompson, Carly Ryan, Erin Burns, Corinne Hall, Belinda Page, Sasha Maloney, Veronica Pyke (c), Linsey Da Costa, Tayla Kafoa (wk), Anita Silva, Katelyn Fryett, Brooke Hepburn (12th)

Umpires: Hamilton, A (AUS), Taylor, D (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Reed, GE (AUS)

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