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  • 2012/13 Women's Twenty20

    SA Scorpions vs The Tradies Meteors - Match 11

    October 28, 2012, 10:30AM AET Park 25 No. 1, Adelaide

    Match Status: Completed
    ACT won by 28 runs

  • SA Scorpions 9/ 101 (20.0)
  • The Tradies Meteors 6/ 129 (20.0)
  • The Tradies Meteors won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 5.05
TJ McPharlin*4400100.00
JL Hill180012.50
This Partnership:4 Runs From 10 Balls (R/R: 2.40)

SEA Ruck*4.002015.00
CA Anneveld4.012145.25

Last Wicket:Price, 0 (ST Wright, Over: 18.2)
Last 5 overs: . 1wd 2 1wd . 1wd 2 W 1 | . 1 2 . W 1 | 1 . . 1wd 2 . 1 | W W . . . . | 1 . . 1wd . 1 1
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20th Over
Thanks for your company today, catchya next time
A 28 run victory for the ACT Meteors who are undefeated this weekend and simply outplayed SA in all areas
Over 19.6: Ruck to McPharlin, one run, driven to short cover for a quick single and it's all over folks. Another big win for the ACT Meteors. SA 9/101 (McPharlin 4, Hill 1)
Over 19.5: Ruck to Hill, one run, driven out through the covers to bring up the 100
Over 19.4: Ruck to Hill, no run, beaten outside off trying to drive
Over 19.3: Ruck to Hill, wide, too far outside off, only 31 more of them needed
Over 19.3: Ruck to Hill, no run, cut straight to point
Over 19.2: Ruck to Hill, no run, pushed away onto the off side
Over 19.1: Ruck to McPharlin, one run, driven out to deep cover
19th Over
Over 18.6: Anneveld to Hill, no run, left alone outside the off stump, a double wicket maiden there. 33 runs required off the last over for victory. SA 9/97 (McPharlin 2, Hill 0)
Over 18.5: Anneveld to Hill, no run, defended back down the pitch
Over 18.4: Anneveld to Hill, no run, pushed out to cover
Over 18.3: Anneveld to Hill, no run, APPEAL, hit in front trying to pull but the umpire says no, almost a hat-trick
Over 18.2: Anneveld to Price, no run, OUT, big swing and miss and falls forward. Wright whips off the bails and thats two wickets in a row
Over 18.1: Anneveld to McGrath, no run, OUT, whipped off the pads in the air and straight down the throat of Hungerford at mid wicket

SA Scorpions: Lauren Ebsary (c), Alicia Dean, Tegan McPharlin (wk), Beth Morgan, Tahlia McGrath, Alex Price, Bridget Patterson, Jakarra Hill, Rhianna Peate, Stephanie Morrison, Megan Schutt, Kylie Rattray (12th)

The Tradies Meteors: Laura Wright (wk), Asha Smith, Kris Britt (c), Sara Hungerford, Kate Owen, Rhiannon Dick, Charlotte Anneveld, Sian Ruck, Sally Moylan, Aimee Harris, Alison Parkin, Zoe Cooke (12th)

Umpires: Thomas, C (AUS), Donisthorpe, LG (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Woods, RB (AUS)

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