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  • 2012/13 Bupa Sheffield Shield

    Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers vs Tasmania Tigers - Match 07

    October 23, 2012, 11:00AM AET Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    Match Drawn

  • Tasmania Tigers 2/ 165 (51.4) & 439 (132.0) (dec)
  • Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers All Out 320 (107.2)
  • Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Graph
  • Current Run Rate: 3.19
RT Ponting*601218149.59
AJ Doolan601187050.85
This Partnership:123 Runs From 231 Balls (R/R: 3.19)

CJ McKay*9.413103.21
JW Hastings7.021902.71

Last Wicket:Cowan, 16 (c:McDonald b:Pattinson, Over: 13.1)
Last 5 overs:1 . 1 . 1 . | 2 4 1 . 4 . | . . . 1 . 1 | 2lb . . 2 . . | 1 . . .
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52nd Over
MATCH RESULT: Tasmanian Tigers 5/439 (Ponting 162*, Hastings 2/58) & 2/165 (Ponting 60*, Pattinson 2/24) dw. Commonwealth Bank Victorian Bushrangers 320 (McDonald 64, Bird 4/73). Points: TAS 2, VIC 0. MOM: Ricky Ponting (TAS).
And that'll do it for us here at the MCG. Thanks for tuning in. Don't forget to check out all the domestic and international cricket action that's going on as we speak. Cheers!
He finished the match unbeaten on 222*, a superb 162 in the first innings secured the first innings points for Tasmania and man of the match honours.
The former Australian captain looked on top of his game, particularly on day two and again in his second innings, playing all the shots and in particular, latching on to anything short or on his pads. He's primed for the Test series against South Africa.
A total of 48.5 overs bowled today, with Pattinson and Siddle looking menacing when they took the new ball in the morning. Doolan once again looked impressive with the bat but the story of the match is Ricky Ponting.
And that is it. Play was called off at 17:17 AET when the players came off for the last shower. Sadly, the rain gets maximum points in this match.
17:30 AET: The rain has stopped again and the sun has come out once more. We might see the players again, we might not.
And now it's getting heavier. The heaviest it's been. It's unlikely the players will be able to get out there before the last hour at 18:00 AET so that could be it for this match, but we'll wait and see as usual.
Coming down quite steadily now. Getting gloomy as well with dark clouds overhead but as we've seen before, once the clouds move away and the rain stops, the sun comes out.
17:17 AET: Rain stops play. The players are off again with more rain falling. We bowled just the 2.3 overs after the resumption at 17:05.
Over 51.4: McKay to Ponting, no run, APPEAL, big appeal as Ponting pads up to a ball decking in from outside off, it strikes him on the thigh pad though he was lunging forward, given not out, plenty of doubt with that decision
More rain.
Over 51.3: McKay to Ponting, no run, pitched up again, just outside off, not looking to be all that aggressive, no need, goes with the stroke up to mid off
Over 51.2: McKay to Ponting, no run, walking forward now as he defends a ball on off stump up towards mid on
Over 51.1: McKay to Doolan, one run, pitched up and too straight, clips it off his toes through mid wicket
51st Over
Over 50.6: Hastings to Ponting, no run, pitched up in the corridor outside off and it's left alone. TAS 2/164 (Doolan 59, Ponting 60)
Over 50.5: Hastings to Ponting, no run, back of a length now and he gets back, defends it to the leg side
Over 50.4: Hastings to Ponting, two runs, pitched up on leg stump and he gets a tickle on it, to fine leg for a couple
Over 50.3: Hastings to Ponting, no run, length ball now, that's a good line on off stump, defends it from the crease back to the bowler
Over 50.2: Hastings to Ponting, no run, pitched up straight, on the front foot to drive back to the bowler who collects it low down
Over 50.1: Hastings to Ponting, two leg byes, overpitched on the pads, no bat from Ponting but off the pad and two leg byes to fine leg
50th Over
John Hastings is on now at the Members End. He'll be flying up to Sydney for the Australia 'A' match. But first....
Over 49.6: McKay to Ponting, one run, forward as this one is pitched up outside off, eased in front of point for a single. TAS 2/160 (Doolan 59, Ponting 58)
Over 49.5: McKay to Ponting, no run, fullish length, bowling on off stump, well forward and displays the makers name
Over 49.4: McKay to Doolan, one run, straying on to his pads and that's money for anyone with a willow in their hands, glances to long leg
Over 49.3: McKay to Doolan, no run, now pitched up wide of off and he lets it go
Over 49.2: McKay to Doolan, no run, pitched up and decks in a touch outside off, comes forward and drives it up to mid on, didn't middle that one
Just waiting for the correct ball now. The wrong one was brought out to the middle so Umpire Ward has to scurry back to the rooms and grab the right one. Now we're all set to resume.
17:03 AET: Just about set for a resumption with 31 overs maximum to be bowled. Clint McKay to finish is ninth over from the Southern End, bowling to Doolan.
16:50 AET: The word has come through. A 17:05 AET resumption with 31 overs to be bowled. 15 overs to be bowled before the captains can agree to call it a day.
16:40 AET: The sun is back out and shining brightly. The umpires had a stroll out to the centre and requested that the covers be removed. So we'll resume soon. But there's more rain coming.
16:30 AET: We were supposed to resume, but it's still raining, so we'll have to wait some more.
16:15 AET: Look what's come back. More rain. This will be the pattern for the remainder of the day. Rain will come and then it will go again. Covers going back on.
TEA DAY FOUR: Tasmanian Tigers 5/439 (Ponting 162*, Hastings 2/58) & 2/158 (Doolan 58*, Pattinson 2/24) vs Commonwealth Bank Victorian Bushrangers 320 (McDonald 64, Bird 4/73). A lead of 277 runs in their first innings.
16:05 AET: Players are currently taking tea with some positive signs for now. The sun is shining, well doing it's best anyway, and play is scheduled to resume at 16:30 AET. There's another 40 overs to be bowled after the current over is completed.
15:40 AET: Still raining here. It was coming down quite hard 5-10 minutes ago but has eased a bit now. There are gaps in the radar but plenty of rain still on the way, sweeping up from Geelong.
15:20 AET: The umpires had ordered the covers off with rain stopping but it started to come down again, covers back on unfortunately.
15:05: Rain stops play. More delays I'm afraid. Not looking all that promising.
Over 49.1: McKay to Doolan, no run, length ball, back and defends it to the bowler as the rain returns, players off

Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers: Christopher Rogers, Rob Quiney, Cameron White (c), David Hussey, Andrew McDonald, Matthew Wade (wk), Glenn Maxwell, John Hastings, Peter Siddle, James Pattinson, Clint McKay, Peter Handscomb (12th)

Tasmania Tigers: Edward Cowan, Mark Cosgrove, Alex Doolan, Ricky Ponting, George Bailey (c), Tim Paine (wk), James Faulkner, Luke Butterworth, Xavier Doherty, Jackson Bird, Adam Maher, Jason Krejza (12th)

Umpires: Reiffel, PR (AUS), Ward, JD (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Burns, DJ (AUS)

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