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  • 2012/13 Bupa Sheffield Shield

    XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls vs West End Redbacks - Match 04

    October 1, 2012, 10:00AM AET Brisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    Queensland won by 191 runs

  • West End Redbacks All Out 271 (77.4) & 184 (66.1)
  • XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls 8/ 248 (58.1) (dec) & 398 (113.4)
  • West End Redbacks won the toss and elected to bowl
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  • Current Run Rate: 3.49
GD Putland*3260011.54
JM Mennie797483106.76
This Partnership:41 Runs From 53 Balls (R/R: 4.64)

LW Feldman*18.435042.68
CJ Boyce14.007015.00

Last Wicket:Putland, 3 (c:Burns b:Feldman, Over: 77.4)
Last 5 overs: . . 1 . . . | 1 . 4 2 . 6 | . . . . . . | 1 . . . . . | 4 . 3 W
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78th Over
The XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls defeated the South Australia West End Redbacks by 191 runs. Thanks everyone for reading and we'll have more for you in the next few days. Goodbye from the Gabba.
Queensland 398 (Cutting 109, Khawaja 88, Putland 5/100) & 8d/248 (Hartley 103*, Sayers 3/66, Mennie 3/74) def. South Australia 184 (Hughes 95, Hopes 5/27) & 271 (Hughes 83, Mennie 79*, Feldman 4/50, Cutting 3/51). Points - QLD 6, SA 0. MOTM - Cutting.
Phil Hughes and Usman Khawaja also batted very well while Chris Hartley was outstanding for his century yesterday with his side in a bit of trouble when he arrived. James Hopes had a very strong all-round game while Sayers and Putland bowled well for SA.
Ben Cutting was named man of the match as much for his batting than his bowling. His maiden century on Day 2, the majority scored in a session, gave the Bulls all the momentum in bowler-friendly conditions. He then scored key runs in setting the target.
The Redbacks resisted for an hour this morning but the introduction of Cutting sparked a 5/18 collapse that ended up seeing the game wrapped up in an extended pre-Lunch session. Joe Mennie batted very well to reduce the margin.
The XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls have made the perfect start to their 2012/13 Bupa Sheffield Shield campaign as they look to go back-to-back. They were clearly the better side at the Gabba this week and the 191 run margin reflects that.
G.Putland - c:Burns b:Feldman 3 (26 balls, 31 minutes). FOW 10/271 (77.4), 10th wicket partnership (Mennie/Putland) of 41 runs. J.Mennie - 79* (74 balls, 93 minutes).
Over 77.4: Feldman to Putland, no run, OUT, slices a drive straight to Burns at backward point and it's all over! Queensland win impressively by 191 runs!
Over 77.3: Feldman to Mennie, three runs, knocks the ball down through the point region with a drive for a few more.
Over 77.2: Feldman to Mennie, no run, gets forward and defends to the off-side.
Over 77.1: Feldman to Mennie, FOUR, just two slips in now as Mennie is slashing the ball high over the 2nd one for a boundary.
77th Over
Over 76.6: Boyce to Putland, no run, leaves a quicker ball angling in close to off stump. SA 9/264 (Mennie 72, Putland 3)
Over 76.5: Boyce to Putland, no run, down the pitch and smothers the ball to the off-side.
Over 76.4: Boyce to Putland, no run, left alone again outside off stump and spinning away.
Over 76.3: Boyce to Putland, no run, leaves another drifting ball outside off stump.
Over 76.2: Boyce to Putland, no run, on the crease and defends a flighted ball to the off-side.
Over 76.1: Boyce to Mennie, one run, around the wicket with a slip and short leg as Mennie is cutting through the gully for a single.
76th Over
Over 75.6: Feldman to Putland, no run, prods forward and ignores another one to end a maiden over. SA 9/263 (Mennie 71, Putland 3)
Over 75.5: Feldman to Putland, no run, on the crease and ignores the ball outside off stump.
Over 75.4: Feldman to Putland, no run, slashes and misses a cut shot outside off stump.
Over 75.3: Feldman to Putland, no run, tries to smash the ball down the ground into Stanley St and he's missed it by a fair way.
Over 75.2: Feldman to Putland, no run, drives and misses outside the off stump.
Over 75.1: Feldman to Putland, no run, sways back to avoid a short ball.

XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls: Andrew Robinson, Wade Townsend, Usman Khawaja, Peter Forrest, Joe Burns, James Hopes (c), Chris Hartley (wk), Ben Cutting, Cameron Boyce, Alister McDermott, Luke Feldman, Nathan Hauritz (12th)

West End Redbacks: Michael Klinger, Phillip Hughes, Travis Head, Tom Cooper, Callum Ferguson, Samuel Miller, Tim Ludeman (wk), Nathan Lyon (c), Joe Mennie, Chadd Sayers, Gary Putland, Daniel Worrall (12th)

Umpires: Barrow, AJ (AUS), Lock, IH (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Levens, D (AUS)

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