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  • 2012/13 Bupa Sheffield Shield

    Alcohol. Think Again Warriors vs Tasmania Tigers - Match 24

    February 21, 2013, 1:30PM AET WACA Ground, Perth

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    Western Australia won by 2 wickets

  • Alcohol. Think Again Warriors 8/ 358 (112.2) & 97 (41.5)
  • Tasmania Tigers All Out 242 (67.2) & 211 (67.4)
  • Alcohol. Think Again Warriors won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Graph
  • Current Run Rate: 3.19
BT Cockley*11191057.89
AC Agar7113711051.82
This Partnership:14 Runs From 23 Balls (R/R: 3.65)

JP Faulkner*26.2106942.62
BW Hilfenhaus29.0126232.14

Last Wicket:Duffield, 12 (c&b:Faulkner, Over: 108.3)
Last 5 overs: . . W . . . | 1 . . 1 . 1 | 1 . 2 . . 1 | 2 . . . . 1 | . 4
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113th Over
Western Australia won by 2 wickets early on day four. Match Points: WA 6, TAS 2. Thanks for reading throughout and join us again next time. Goodbye!
There were some fine contributions throughout the match with potential game winners for both teams. Sam Whiteman though has taken the player of the match award helping the Warriors over the line with the gloves and bat.
It was also the third highest successful run chase in Sheffield Shield history here in Perth as well.
It was first time the Warriors have been bowled out for less than 100 in the first innings and then claimed an outright victory here in Perth.
Over 112.2: Faulkner to Cockley, FOUR, forward with a drive along the ground to the deep extra cover rope.
Over 112.1: Faulkner to Cockley, no run, leaves on the widish length outside off for the keeper.
112th Over
Faulkner from the Members end. Western Australia need 3 more runs, Tasmania 2 wickets.
Over 111.6: Hilfenhaus to Cockley, one run, pulled the short ball up top edge style to mid wicket. WA 8/354 (Agar 71, Cockley 7)
Over 111.5: Hilfenhaus to Cockley, no run, played down towards mid on.
Over 111.4: Hilfenhaus to Cockley, no run, played back to the bowler again, solid defending there.
Over 111.3: Hilfenhaus to Cockley, no run, played back to the bowler.
Over 111.2: Hilfenhaus to Cockley, no run, APPEAL, forward, hit on the pad to a confident shout for lbw. Looked just outside the line.
Over 111.1: Hilfenhaus to Cockley, two runs, turned away to mid wicket for a couple.
111th Over
Hilfenhaus to open from the Prindiville Stand end, Cockley on strike.
A few records poised to be broken or equalled, umpires make their way out to the middle.
Greeted with the news play will start on time in clear conditions, not a cloud to be seen at the moment.
Feb 24 - 10:20am local: Good morning and welcome to day four coverage from the WACA Ground.
Play resumes at 10:30am local time, 1:30pm AEDT. Join us again then to see which side claims the outright win.
Sam Whiteman with 83 and Ashton Agar (71 not out) have their team on the brink of an outright victory which this time last night didn't look like happening.
Stumps have been called. Western Australia needing 6 runs, Tasmania 2 wickets. Within the rules and playing conditions though may seem to be unpopular.
Over 110.6: Faulkner to Cockley, one run, turned away through square leg. WA 8/351 (Agar 71, Cockley 4)
Over 110.5: Faulkner to Cockley, no run, raised the bat to the short length ball, missed through to the keeper.
Over 110.4: Faulkner to Cockley, no run, outside off through to the keeper.
Western Australia 350 in 425 mins off 110.3 overs (last 50: 89 balls)
Over 110.3: Faulkner to Cockley, two runs, in the shadows of the setting sun, driven through cover on the western side of the ground.
Over 110.2: Faulkner to Cockley, no run, shaped to play then withdrew the bat outside off.
Over 110.1: Faulkner to Agar, one run, worked away behind point.

Alcohol. Think Again Warriors: Liam Davis, Marcus Harris, Luke Towers, Michael Hussey (c), John Rogers, Mitch Marsh, Sam Whiteman (wk), Ashton Agar, Ryan Duffield, Michael Hogan, Burt Cockley, Tim Armstrong (12th)

Tasmania Tigers: Ben Dunk (wk), Mark Cosgrove, Alex Doolan, Ricky Ponting, George Bailey (c), Jonathan Wells, James Faulkner, Luke Butterworth, Jason Krejza, Ben Hilfenhaus, Adam Maher, Evan Gulbis (12th)

Umpires: Lock, IH (AUS), Nogajski, SJ (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Marshall, PL (AUS)

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