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  • 2012/13 Bupa Sheffield Shield

    Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers vs myFootDr Queensland Bulls - Match 22

    February 18, 2013, 11:00AM AET Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    Victoria won by 8 wickets

  • Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers 2/ 36 (4.5) & 536 (169.3) (dec)
  • myFootDr Queensland Bulls All Out 249 (93.3) & 322 (93.1)
  • myFootDr Queensland Bulls won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 7.45
CL White*19921211.11
WD Sheridan10120083.33
This Partnership:27 Runs From 16 Balls (R/R: 10.13)

CJ Gannon*2.501916.71
RH McDonald2.001417.00

Last 5 overs:
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5th Over
Two games remain for each team in the series before the final. That ends coverage here from the MCG - we hope you've enjoyed the match.
Victoria go to the top of the BUPA Sheffield Shield table with 28 points in total, scoring a maximum 6 points from this game. Queensland move back to 3rd position now remaining on 22 points.
So Victoria run out winners here over Queensland by 8 wickets. White got the home side over the line before the rain could stop play with a quick fire 19 - that effort coupled with his 1st innings knock of 144 earned him man of the match.
Over 4.5: Gannon to White, FOUR, short ball pulled way to the deep square rope for the winning runs
Over 4.4: Gannon to White, FOUR, getting a lucky inside edge down to the fine leg rope
Over 4.3: Gannon to Sheridan, three runs, short and pulled backward of square - great running once again
Over 4.2: Gannon to White, one run, playing to gully
Over 4.1: Gannon to Sheridan, one run, reaching and cutting away to deep cover
4th Over
Over 3.6: McDonald to White, no run, mistimed pull shot back to the bowler. VIC 2/23 (White 10, Sheridan 6)
Over 3.5: McDonald to White, no run, driven hard back to the bowler
Over 3.4: McDonald to Sheridan, one run, pulled away to deepish mid wicket
Over 3.3: McDonald to White, one run, pushing to mid off
Over 3.2: McDonald to White, two runs, turned to backward square and they run well to get a couple
Over 3.1: McDonald to White, SIX, short ball pulled away in the air and over the deep backward square rope
3rd Over
Over 2.6: Gannon to Sheridan, no run, big swing and a miss. VIC 2/13 (White 1, Sheridan 5)
Over 2.5: Gannon to Sheridan, no run, swing and a miss
Over 2.4: Gannon to Sheridan, two runs, turned to mid wicket and that's well run for a couple
Over 2.3: Gannon to White, one run, pulled away off the top edge but it falls safely to fine leg
Over 2.2: Gannon to Sheridan, one run, pulled away t deep square
pulled away to deep square
White the new batsman for Victoria
Over 2.1: Gannon to Hussey, no run, OUT, short ball pulled away in the air to deep square where the catch is taken by Reardon
2nd Over
Over 1.6: McDonald to Hussey, one run, backing away and hitting to backward point. VIC 1/9 (Hussey 1, Sheridan 2)
Over 1.5: McDonald to Sheridan, one run, turned to mid wicket
Hussey coming in to bat now for Victoria
Over 1.4: McDonald to Quiney, no run, OUT, standing and smashing it in the air to long on, Moller waits under it for an eternity and takes an easy catch
Over 1.3: McDonald to Quiney, no run, swing and a miss outside off stump
Over 1.2: McDonald to Sheridan, one run, turned to fine leg
Over 1.1: McDonald to Quiney, one run, widish ball and cut to deepish point
1st Over
McDonald to take the ball from the Southern End
Over 0.6: Gannon to Quiney, one run, turned to square leg. VIC 0/5 (Quiney 2, Sheridan 0)
Over 0.5: Gannon to Sheridan, bye, short ball left alone and they scamper a bye - looks like they'll run for everything
Over 0.4: Gannon to Sheridan, two byes, missed down the leg side
Over 0.3: Gannon to Sheridan, no run, playing to point
Over 0.2: Gannon to Quiney, one run, clipped off his pads to fine leg
Over 0.1: Gannon to Quiney, no run, hit to mid on
17:02 Players and umpires are out on the ground. Gannon will take the ball from the Members End bowling to Quiney. Sheridan is at the non-striker's end.

Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers: Chris Rogers, Rob Quiney, Michael Hill, David Hussey, Cameron White (c), Peter Handscomb (wk), William Sheridan, Clive Rose, Clint McKay, Scott Boland, Fawad Ahmed, Marcus Stoinis (12th)

myFootDr Queensland Bulls: Greg Moller, Luke Pomersbach, Dom Michael, Peter Forrest, Chris Hartley (wk), Nathan Reardon, James Hopes (c), Nathan Hauritz, Matthew Gale, Cameron Gannon, Ronan McDonald, Ryan Harris (12th)

Umpires: Joshua, GC (AUS), Ward, AP (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Stratford, RW (AUS)

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