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  • 2012/13 Bupa Sheffield Shield

    Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers vs West End Redbacks - Match 15

    November 23, 2012, 11:00AM AET Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    South Australia won by 9 wickets

  • West End Redbacks 1/ 36 (7.0) & 443 (119.2)
  • Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers All Out 132 (61.0) & 346 (121.0)
  • West End Redbacks won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Graph
  • Current Run Rate: 5.14
M Klinger*18193094.74
SJ Raphael10150066.67
This Partnership:26 Runs From 31 Balls (R/R: 5.03)

LDB Cameron*1.00909.00
JM Herrick3.001013.33

Last Wicket:Hughes, 8 (c:Handscomb b:Herrick, Over: 1.5)
Last 5 overs: . . . 3 . . | . . . . 2 . | . 1 . . . 4 | 3 1 . . . 3 | . 1 4 . . 4
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7th Over
That's all from the MCG for this match - we hope you've enjoyed the coverage.
The West End Redbacks take all 6 points from this game and move to 3rd on the table with a total of 12 points. The Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers will remain 2nd on the table with 20 points.
Putland took 12/92 for the match in a man of the match performance, while Hughes batted well in the 1st innings for his century.
So the West End Redbacks have won easily in the end here at the MCG, by 9 wickets just before lunch on the final day.
Over 6.6: Cameron to Klinger, FOUR, gets low and cuts through the gully region, along the ground to the rope - that's the winning runs! SA 1/36 (Klinger 18, Raphael 10)
Over 6.5: Cameron to Klinger, no run, forward in defence
Over 6.4: Cameron to Klinger, no run, driven to mid off
Over 6.3: Cameron to Klinger, FOUR, full toss and driven straight down to the long off rope
Over 6.2: Cameron to Raphael, one run, played to point
Over 6.1: Cameron to Raphael, no run
6th Over
Cameron taking the ball now from the Member's End.
Over 5.6: Herrick to Raphael, three runs, shorter ball and hooked away to fine leg, another nice stop on the rope saves a run. SA 1/27 (Klinger 10, Raphael 9)
Over 5.5: Herrick to Raphael, no run, defending to point
Over 5.4: Herrick to Raphael, no run, slashing outside off stump and missing
Over 5.3: Herrick to Raphael, no run, back in his crease and defending
Over 5.2: Herrick to Klinger, one run, defended on the off side and they scamper a single
Over 5.1: Herrick to Raphael, three runs, helped on its way to fine leg, well stopped on the rope saves a run

Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers: Cameron White (c), Scott Boland, Louis Cameron, Ryan Carters, Aaron Finch, Peter Handscomb (wk), John Hastings, Jayde Herrick, David Hussey, Glenn Maxwell, Christopher Rogers, Alex Keath (12th)

West End Redbacks: Botha Johan (c), Callum Ferguson, Travis Head, Phillip Hughes, Michael Klinger, Tim Ludeman (wk), Joe Mennie, Gary Putland, Sam Raphael, Kane Richardson, Chadd Sayers, Alexander Ross (12th)

Umpires: Martell, MD (AUS), Mealey, DB (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Burns, DJ (AUS)

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