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  • 2012/13 Ryobi One-Day Cup

    West End Redbacks vs Tasmania Tigers - Match 04

    October 14, 2012, 2:15PM AET Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

    Match Status: Completed
    Tasmania won by 3 runs

  • West End Redbacks All Out 218 (49.5)
  • Tasmania Tigers 9/ 221 (50.0)
  • West End Redbacks won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Current Run Rate: 4.37
  • Required Run Rate: 24.00
  • Graph
DT Christian*81986182.65
JA Haberfield00000.00
This Partnership:8 Runs From 6 Balls (R/R: 8.00)

B Laughlin*9.504624.68
XJ Doherty13.035023.85

Last Wicket:Haberfield, 0 (RO Blizzard, Over: 49.5)
Last 5 overs:1 1 . 2 4 . | 1 . 2 1 . 4 | 1 W . 1 . . | 6 1 . . W 1 | . 2 2 2 W
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50th Over
Thanks for your company tonight, bye for now
Another thrilling game at the Adelaide Oval between these two sides with Dan Christian for the West End Redbacks almost getting them across the line with a sensational knock of 81no. In the end they lost wickets too regularly and Christian had no partners
Tasmanian Tigers have won this match by 3 runs with Jason Krejza that star with the ball taking 4/35 off 10 overs. He takes home the Man of the Match award in front of 2122 fans
Over 49.5: Laughlin to Christian, one run, OUT, driven to long on and they come back for the second which wasnt on. They had to go for it but Haberfield is short and thats the game folks
Over 49.4: Laughlin to Christian, two runs, smashed out to deep mid wicket this time and two more to the score. 5 to win off 2
Over 49.3: Laughlin to Christian, two runs, swatted away to backward square and they get another couple. 7 to win off 3 balls
Over 49.2: Laughlin to Christian, two runs, driven down to long on and they get two with excellent running
Over 49.1: Laughlin to Christian, no run, driven out to deep point and Christian sends Haberfield back, he's gong to win it with sixes
49th Over
Last over coming up with Laughlin to bowl. 11 runs to win so stay tuned we are going down to the wire
Over 48.6: Doherty to Christian, one run, driven down to long on. SA 9/211 (Christian 74, Haberfield 0)
Over 48.5: Doherty to Worrall, no run, OUT, lofted high in the air to mid on where Bailey runs back from mid wicket to take a well judged catch
Over 48.4: Doherty to Worrall, no run, driven straaight to mid on
Over 48.3: Doherty to Worrall, no run, big swing and a miss outside off
Over 48.2: Doherty to Christian, one run, whipped out to deep mid wicket
Over 48.1: Doherty to Christian, SIX, down the track and smashes this over mid on for a maximum. Big shot that from Christian
48th Over
Doherty onto bowl the 49th over with 19 required off 12 deliveries
Over 47.6: Krejza to Worrall, no run, cuts from the crease out to point. SA 8/203 (Christian 66, Worrall 0)
Over 47.5: Krejza to Worrall, no run, attempts a late cut and finds the edge to first slip on the bounce
Over 47.4: Krejza to Christian, one run, punched down to long off
Over 47.3: Krejza to Christian, no run, beaten outside off attemptng to cut
Over 47.2: Krejza to Lyon, no run, OUT, lofted high out to long on where Blizzard at long on completes the simple catch. West Redbacks have just 2 wickets left and need 20 off 16
Over 47.1: Krejza to Christian, one run, cuts hard to point for a quick single

West End Redbacks: Michael Klinger, Phillip Hughes, Callum Ferguson, Tom Cooper, Daniel Christian, Alexander Ross, Botha Johan (c), Tim Ludeman (wk), Nathan Lyon, Daniel Worrall, Jake Haberfield, Kane Richardson (12th)

Tasmania Tigers: Mark Cosgrove, Tim Paine (wk), Edward Cowan, George Bailey (c), Ricky Ponting, Aiden Blizzard, James Faulkner, Jason Krejza, Xavier Doherty, Ben Laughlin, Jackson Bird, Luke Butterworth (12th)

Umpires: Joshua, GC (AUS), Wilson, P (AUS)
Third Umpire: Fry, SD (AUS)
Match Refree: Marshall, PL (AUS)

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