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  • 2012/13 Ryobi One-Day Cup

    Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers vs XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls - Final

    February 27, 2013, 2:15PM AET Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

    Match Status: Completed
    Queensland won by 2 runs

  • Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers All Out 144 (31.4)
  • XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls 9/ 146 (32.0)
  • Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Current Run Rate: 4.55
  • Required Run Rate: 9.00
  • Graph
F Ahmed*01000.00
DJ Pattinson120050.00
This Partnership:0 Runs From 1 Balls (R/R: 0.00)

RJ Harris*7.412643.39
AC McDermott8.004936.13

Last Wicket:Ahmed, 0 (c:Forrest b:Harris, Over: 31.4)
Last 5 overs:W . 1lb 1 . 1 | . 1 1lb 1 1 6 | 1 1 1lb 6 1 1 | . 4 . . W . | 1 1 W W
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32nd Over
Ryan Harris is the deserved man of the match, claiming 4/26 from 7.4 overs and the final two wickets of the match to get the Bulls up. Congratulations to the XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls. 2012/13 Ryobi Cup champions. So long from the MCG!
However, McDermott snuck one through Sheridan's defences and McKay was well caught by Hartley looking to run one to third man. Fawad Ahmed fell first ball, caught at first slip and the Bulls claimed 3/2 in 5 balls to snatch the win!
Handscomb threw away a match winning innnigs by holing out in the deep and Hastings went cheaply and the Bulls were favourites again. But Clint McKay got them back on track for the win with some lusty blows including one massive six over mid wicket!
They then looked on target for the win with White and Handscomb batting well and combining for a 63 run 5th-wicket stand. But White edged one down leg side and that triggered a collapse.
They'll rue the runs scored by Jason Floros in the Bulls' innings, those runs proved costly in the finish. And they didn't look like it early, slumping to 4/42 in the 13th over and falling behind the par score.
A sensational finish here at the MCG. The XXXX Godl Queensland Bulls have snatched the victory and the Ryobi One Day cup at the death, winn by two runs with two balls to spare. Heartbreak again for the Commonwealth Bank Victorian Bushrangers.
Over 31.4: Harris to Ahmed, no run, OUT, pitched up in the channel outside off, chases it, gets a thick edge to Forrest at first slip, straight in to his guts, the Bulls snatch victory!
McKay c Hartley b Harris 18 (21m 13x 0x4 2x6). Partnership of 2. FOW 9/144. Fawad Ahmed in.
Over 31.3: Harris to McKay, no run, OUT, gone! short ball at the stumps, opens the face and attempts to run it to third man, a thin edge and Hatley climbs high to pluck it out of the sky!
Over 31.2: Harris to Pattinson, one run, short ball, opens the face and works it to third man, just two needed for the title now!
Over 31.1: Harris to McKay, one run, straight ball, he makes room and wotks it to mid wicket, quick single taken, 3 needed for the tie and the title
31st Over
Five needed for victory. Four for a tie and the title. Ryan Harris will bowl the final over.
Over 30.6: McDermott to Pattinson, no run, short of a good length ball, on the back foot and defends to backward point. VIC 8/142 (McKay 17, Pattinson 0)
Sheridan bwd McDermott 8 (19m 11b 1x4 0x6). Partnership of 28. FOW 8/142. Darren Pattinson in.
Over 30.5: McDermott to Sheridan, no run, OUT, got him! length ball, nips back in, through the gap and crashes in to the stumps, a fist pump from McDermott!
Over 30.4: McDermott to Sheridan, no run, fired in full and he digs it out to Hopes at short cover
Over 30.3: McDermott to Sheridan, no run, pitched up and driven straight to short cover, light rain falling again, 5 needed!
Over 30.2: McDermott to Sheridan, FOUR, short ball, too straight, flicks it off his hip, over short fine leg and to the rope!
Over 30.1: McDermott to Sheridan, no run, pitched up outside off, hammers it in to the pitch, straight to Hopes at short cover
30th Over
9 required off the last two overs. Bushrangers favourites now!
Over 29.6: Gannon to Sheridan, one run, short of a good length, backs away and pushes it gently towards short cover, good running. VIC 7/138 (Sheridan 4, McKay 17)
Over 29.5: Gannon to McKay, one run, pitched up straight, makes room, bunts it down to point for a quick single
Over 29.4: Gannon to McKay, SIX, wow! clears the front leg, in the slot and he has gotten every bit of that one, way back over the fence at deep mid wicket, 20 rows back!
Over 29.3: Gannon to Sheridan, leg bye, short of a good length ball, back and it strikes the body, falls away on the leg side, through for the leg bye
Over 29.2: Gannon to McKay, one run, slower ball, waits for it and hits it up and over cover to the sweeper
Over 29.1: Gannon to Sheridan, one run, back oto a short ball, defends it to point for a quick single

Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers: Rob Quiney, Aaron Finch, Michael Hill, David Hussey, Cameron White (c), Peter Handscomb (wk), John Hastings, William Sheridan, Clint McKay, Darren Pattinson, Fawad Ahmed, Christopher Rogers (12th)

XXXX Gold Queensland Bulls: Greg Moller, Chris Hartley (wk), Luke Pomersbach, Joe Burns, Peter Forrest, Nathan Reardon, James Hopes (c), Jason Floros, Ryan Harris, Cameron Gannon, Alister McDermott, Michael Neser (12th)

Umpires: Fry, SD (AUS), Ward, JD (AUS)
Third Umpire: Martell, MD (AUS)
Match Refree: Stratford, RW (AUS)

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