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  • 2012 Afghanistan v Australia [ODI]

    Afghanistan vs Australia - Only ODI

    August 26, 2012, 12:00AM AET Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah

    Match Status: Completed
    Australia won by 66 runs

  • Afghanistan All Out 206 (43.5)
  • Australia 8/ 272 (50.0)
  • Australia won the toss and elected to bat
  • Current Run Rate: 4.70
  • Required Run Rate: 10.86
  • Graph
Dawlat Zadran*8182044.44
Shapoor Zadran140025.00
This Partnership:7 Runs From 8 Balls (R/R: 5.25)

XJ Doherty*7.513414.34
JL Pattinson9.014635.11

Last Wicket:Zadran, 8 (c:Hussey b:Doherty, Over: 43.5)
Last 5 overs: . . . . . 4 | . . 6 . 6 1wd . | . . . . . . | . . 1wd W . 1wd . 1lb | 1 . . 4 W
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44th Over
Australia have defeated Afghanistan by 66 runs in Sharjah to win the only ODI match. Pakistan will now step in to play Australia in three ODI matches. The first of those begins at midnight Wednesday night Australian time, and we'll have it all for you.
Australia 8/272 - Clarke 75(94), Wade 75(108), M.Hussey 49(58), Karim Sadiq 2/22 (6) defeated Afghanistan 206 - Asghar Stanikzai 66 (106), Mohammad Nabi 46 (60), Starc 4/47 (9), Pattinson 3/46 (Pattinson). MOTM - Starc
The Australian fast bowling trio were just a class above the batsmen today and the target was never in any real danger. The spinners did their job as the Afghani batsmen went down swinging. An enthralling series against Pakistan now awaits the Aussies.
Australia got through the match without any major worries. There's plenty to work on though particularly with the conditions. It's approaching 2am local time and the heat and humidity is still very difficult. The bowlers struggled a bit to grip the ball.
Afghanistan should be very proud of their efforts today. They fought to the very end and didn't back down from the Australians. They smashed a number of boundaries but their inability to turn over the singles was a major factor. Plenty of potential though
Dawlat Zadran - c:M.Hussey b:Doherty 8 (18 balls, 31 minutes). FOW 10/206 (43.5). 10th wicket partnership (D.Zadran/S.Zadran) of 7 runs. Shapoor Zadran - 1* (4 balls, 6 minutes).
Over 43.5: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, no run, OUT, flighted ball drops on the batsman as he attempts another slog sweep. It's gone very high but Mike Hussey makes no mistake at deep midwicket.
Over 43.4: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, FOUR, swung away hard with the sweep shot along the ground to the deep backward square leg boundary. Just missed Umpire Bowden too.
Over 43.3: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, no run, gets across and defends back to the bowler.
Over 43.2: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, no run, down the pitch and swings a single away to fine leg. In fact he doesn't because they don't take the run.
Over 43.1: Doherty to Shapoor Zadran, one run, slog sweeps flat away to Starc at deep midwicket.
43rd Over
Over 42.6: Pattinson to Shapoor Zadran, leg bye, worked squarer this time but again off the pads. They take a leg bye to end the over. AFG 9/201 (Dawlat Zadran 4, Shapoor Zadran 0)
Over 42.5: Pattinson to Shapoor Zadran, no run, deflected fine off the legs but Wade gets across to cut it off.
Over 42.4: Pattinson to Shapoor Zadran, wide, around the wicket and leaves a short ball down the leg side. A wide called and that brings up 200 runs for Afghanistan.
Over 42.4: Pattinson to Shapoor Zadran, no run, pushes at a ball angled across him, a left-handed batsman, and misses.
Gulbodin Naib - c:Wade b:Pattinson 22 (17 balls, 28 minutes). FOW 9/199 (42.2), 9th wicket partnership (Naib/D.Zadran) of 28 runs. The last batsman is Shapoor Zadran.
Over 42.3: Pattinson to Gulbodin Naib, no run, OUT, tries to force a cut shot close to his body and gets an edge. Some extra bounce as Wade has to come forward but gets his gloves under the ball. Third umpire confirms and Naib's single-less innings ends
Over 42.2: Pattinson to Gulbodin Naib, wide, ignores a full ball outside the guideline on the off-side.
Over 42.2: Pattinson to Gulbodin Naib, no run, beaten by a slower ball outside the off stump. It's currently 1:30am local time.
Over 42.1: Pattinson to Gulbodin Naib, no run, gives himself room and can't reach a full ball outside off stump.
42nd Over
Over 41.6: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, no run, gets forward and defends to midwicket for a maiden over. AFG 8/198 (Gulbodin Naib 22, Dawlat Zadran 4)
Over 41.5: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, no run, walks forward and nudges the ball to the off-side.
Over 41.4: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, no run, stretches forward and defends to the off-side.
Over 41.3: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, no run, waits on the crease and taps the ball to the off-side.
Over 41.2: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, no run, gets forward and defends to the leg-side.
Over 41.1: Doherty to Dawlat Zadran, no run, deflected away off the pads towards short third man.

Afghanistan: Karim Sadiq, Javed Ahmadi, Mohammad Shahzad (wk), Nawroz Mangal (c), Najibullah Zadran, Mohammad Nabi, Asghar Stanikzai, Samiullah Shenwari, Gulbodin Naib, Dawlat Zadran, Shapoor Zadran

Australia: David Warner, Matthew Wade (wk), Michael Clarke (c), Michael Hussey, David Hussey, George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, James Pattinson, Xavier Doherty

Umpires: Bowden, BF (NZL), Shozab Raza (PAK)
Third Umpire: Zameer Haider (PAK)
Match Refree: Srinath, J (IND)

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