Cricket Australia


  • 2012 ICC World Twenty20

    Australia vs West Indies - Match 8

    September 23, 2012, 12:00AM AET R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo

    Match Status: Completed
    Australia won by 17 runs (D/L Method)

  • Australia 1/ 100 (9.1)
  • West Indies 8/ 191 (20.0)
  • West Indies won the toss and elected to bat
  • Graph
  • Current Run Rate: 10.91
SR Watson*412423170.83
MEK Hussey281931147.37
This Partnership:70 Runs From 42 Balls (R/R: 10.00)

R Rampaul*1.1023019.71
DJ Bravo1.00808.00

Last 5 overs:
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10th Over
MATCH RESULT: Australia 1/100 (Watson 41*, Hussey 28*, Warner 28, Edwards 1/16) df. West Indies 8/191 (Gayle 54, Samuels 50, Bravo 27, Starc 3/35, Watson 2/29, Christian 1/29) by 17 runs (D/L Method). Points: AUS 2, WIN 0. MOM: Shane Watson (AUS).
Shane Watson has been named man of the match for his quick fire 41 runs and figures of 2/29 from 4 overs. A superb all around match from the talented all-rounder. Thanks for your company, see you tomorrow for continuing live coverage from Sri Lanka!
One suspects had rain not intervened the Aussies would have reached the target of 192 given the rate they were going at. It would have been nice to get a full game in but the weather ruined things for all fans.
The run chase got off to a fast start with David Warner on fire before he was dismissed. Mike Hussey came to the crease and both he and Watson continued to keep the runs flowing, getting well ahead of the par score with rain stopping play.
And so the Aussles make it two from two in this tournament, winning under Duckworth/Lewis with a downpour calling an end to the game after 9.1 overs.
03:17 AET (22:43 local): The match has been called off, as expected. Australia have won by 17 runs under the Duckworth/Lewis Method.
02:55 AET (22:25 local): Still no play in Colombo, remember that Australia are 17 runs ahead of the par score so would win if there was no more play, which is looking more and more likely.
03:00 AET (22:30 local): Still coming down hard at the R.Premadasa Stadium. The entire ground is under cover. Really, there's next to no chance of any more play in this match. We're just waiting for an official word from the umpires.
02:40 AET (22:10 local): Rain coming down harder now. Hopefully it passes quickly and we can get some more cricket in. It's shaping up to be an exciting match and it would be a shame if rain ruined it. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.
02:33 AET (22:03 local): Rain stops play. The par score is 83 so Australia are ahead if there is no more play in this match.
And it's gotten heavier so the players are off the field. The covers quickly come on. A halt to the Aussie momentum.
Over 9.1: Rampaul to Watson, one run, slower ball on off, doesn't hit through the line, checks his shot, lands safely in front of long on, 100 up (57b)
9th Over
An acceleration from this pair and the Aussies are on target for victory. They need 93 from 11 overs as Ravi Rampaul replaces Marlon Samuels at the Khettarama End. Light rain falling.
Over 8.6: Bravo to Watson, one run, slower ball hit back hard to Bravo who can't grasp it, a single is taken off the deflection. AUS 1/99 (Watson 40, Hussey 28)
Over 8.5: Bravo to Hussey, one run, attempted yorker, low full toss punched up to long off for another run to the total
Over 8.4: Bravo to Hussey, no run, advances, Bravo takes the pace off it and follows him, he can only defend to Gayle at extra cover
Over 8.3: Bravo to Hussey, FOUR, sits up just outside off, the slower ball and he picks his spot, pulls it behind square, huge gap and that's four more!
Over 8.2: Bravo to Watson, one run, slower ball, full length, adjusts and drives it out to deep mid wicket for another run
Over 8.1: Bravo to Hussey, one run, pitched up just outside off, leans forward to drive up to long off for a single
8th Over
Costly drop from Smith, should have held that, hit hard but straight to him! It has cost him 10 runs already! Dwayne Bravo replaces Darren Sammy at the Maligawatte End.
Over 7.6: Samuels to Watson, FOUR, another short ball, turns to leg, he hits with the turn, powerful sweep to the deep square rope. AUS 1/91 (Watson 38, Hussey 22)
Over 7.5: Samuels to Watson, SIX, DROPPED, oh no! short ball, pulls it flat, straight to Smith on the rope at deep mid wicket, straight through his hands and over the rope!!
Over 7.4: Samuels to Watson, SIX, tossed up just outside off, plays through the line, not out of the middle but it kept going, clears long off for maximum return!
Over 7.3: Samuels to Watson, FOUR, drops short and he gets down on one knee, slaps it over mid wicket, flies to the rope!
Over 7.2: Samuels to Hussey, one run, well outside off as he premeditates the sweep shot to short fine leg for a quick single
Over 7.1: Samuels to Watson, one run, sliding to leg, chips it up to long on for a single
7th Over
Marlon Samuels on now. He replaces Sunil Narine at the Khettarama End.
Over 6.6: Sammy to Hussey, FOUR, shuffles to leg and flicks a full length ball behind square, excellent placement for a boundary. AUS 1/69 (Watson 17, Hussey 21)
Over 6.5: Sammy to Watson, one run, angled to leg, slightly overpitched, whipped away to the sweeper on the rope leg side
Over 6.4: Sammy to Watson, no run, back to a good length ball, drives it straight to the bowler
Over 6.3: Sammy to Watson, no run, extra bounce deceives him, adjusts late, plays it with soft hands, leading edge to point
Over 6.2: Sammy to Hussey, one run, slower ball on middle and off, punches it from the crease up to long off for an easy single
Over 6.1: Sammy to Watson, one run, good length ball just outside off, waits for it and runs it off the face to third man
6th Over
The powerplay has ended. Great start for the Aussies. 130 needed from 14 overs as Darren Sammy continues.
Over 5.6: Narine to Watson, one run, variations in turn, follows him as he makes room and drives up to long on, single ends the over. AUS 1/62 (Watson 15, Hussey 16)
Over 5.5: Narine to Hussey, one run, sharp turn again away from the left hander, toe ends it to short third man for another run
Over 5.4: Narine to Watson, one run, excellent running, back and works the straight one to cover, Hussey through in a flash!
Over 5.3: Narine to Watson, SIX, FREE HIT, tossed up wide of off, has to reach for it but picks it up and smacks it over the deep mid wicket rope, costly no ball!
Over 5.2: Narine to Watson, no ball, forward and has to adjust, defends back to the bowler, he oversteps, oh no!
Over 5.2: Narine to Watson, no run, APPEAL, slides on, keeps low as he attempts a pull shot, misses, only Ramdin appeals, not out
Over 5.1: Narine to Watson, two runs, drops short and he rocks bat, pulls it over mid wicket, bounces just in front of Smith, they get a second on the misfield
5th Over
Over 4.6: Sammy to Hussey, no run, slower short ball from around the wicket, backs away, mis-times a drive to extra cover, dot to end the over. AUS 1/50 (Watson 5, Hussey 15)
Over 4.5: Sammy to Hussey, no run, slightly back of a length, angled across outside off, guides it straight to backward point
Over 4.4: Sammy to Hussey, SIX, drops short, it sits up on off, he pulls it well, over wide long on and over the rope for a sixer!
Over 4.3: Sammy to Hussey, no run, short of a good length, angling down leg, off the thigh pad and up into the grill
Over 4.2: Sammy to Watson, one run, length ball just outside off, keeper up so he stands and pulls through mid wicket, out to the sweeper
Over 4.1: Sammy to Hussey, one run, short ball, on him quicker than he anticipated, fortunate to land safely at wide mid on
4th Over
The captain is on. Darren Sammy replaces Fidel Edwards at the Maligawatte End.
Over 3.6: Narine to Hussey, one run, opens up and drives a full delivery up to long off, four off the over. AUS 1/42 (Watson 4, Hussey 8)
Over 3.5: Narine to Hussey, no run, another turner, whips it to forward square, Hussey takes off, Watson doesn't move, has to scramble back
Over 3.4: Narine to Watson, one run, more sharp turn to leg, makes room and works it through mid wicket, just the single
Over 3.3: Narine to Watson, no run, sharp turn now, tries the pull shot, strikes him high on the leg
Over 3.2: Narine to Hussey, one run, gentle turn to off, back and works it behind point, another quick single
Over 3.1: Narine to Watson, one run, goes straight on, goes back and turns it to short fine leg, quick single taken
3rd Over
Great start for the Aussies despite the loss of Warner. 154 needed from 17 overs as Sunil Narine replaces Ravi Rampaul at the Khettarama End. Time for the deceptive spin of Narine.
Over 2.6: Edwards to Watson, one run, good length, just outside off, stands in the crease, opens the face, runs it down to third man for another single. AUS 1/38 (Watson 2, Hussey 6)
Over 2.5: Edwards to Hussey, one run, good line and length this time, on off, plays away from his body, through gully to third man for a single
Over 2.4: Edwards to Hussey, FOUR, short and wide of off, just stands there and throws the bat at it, up and over backward point, finds the rope with ease!
Over 2.3: Edwards to Watson, one run, angled to leg, back and he works it through square leg for a single, that was Watson's first ball faced!
Over 2.2: Edwards to Hussey, one run, angled across on a good length, waits for it, opens the face and guides it to third man for a single
Warner c Ramdin b Edwards 28 (14b 3x4 2x6). FOW 1/30 with Mike Hussey in. Quick fire innings from Warner is over!
Over 2.1: Edwards to Warner, no run, OUT, pitched up outside off, swings through the line, they are all up, Umpire Asad Rauf gives him out, a faint outside edge according to the man in white, Warner not too impressed!
2nd Over
Over 1.6: Rampaul to Warner, one run, decent length ball, wide of off, angled across, punches it through the covers for a single. AUS 0/30 (Warner 28, Watson 0)
Over 1.5: Rampaul to Warner, FOUR, FREE HIT, thrashes the bat at this and gets a thick inside edge, past the leg stump and down to the rope for four more!
Over 1.4: Rampaul to Warner, no ball, excellent delivery, pitched up and angled across just outside off, beats the edge but Rampaul oversteps, free hit!
Over 1.4: Rampaul to Warner, SIX, short of a length ball, too straight and he pulls it over the deep backward square rope, maximum!
Over 1.3: Rampaul to Warner, FOUR, pitched up outside off, plays through the line, over mid off, once bunce four!
Over 1.2: Rampaul to Warner, no run, short of a length, back in his crease and defends it out to cover
Over 1.1: Rampaul to Warner, SIX, short ball bouncer, wide of off, uppercuts it over the rope at third man for maximum!
1st Over
Solid start for the Aussies. Ravi Rampaul to start from the Khettarama End.
Over 0.6: Edwards to Warner, one run, short of a length wide of off, plays it straight, bottom edge past the bowler, calls Watson through for the single. AUS 0/8 (Warner 7, Watson 0)
Over 0.5: Edwards to Warner, no run, pitched up just outside off, onto the front foot and drives it into the pitch, Edwards knocks it on, they can't get a run
Over 0.4: Edwards to Warner, two runs, decent length ball, wide of off, stands there and punches it behind point, slide from Rampaul on the rope cuts it off, a couple of runs
Over 0.3: Edwards to Warner, no run, pitched up, hint of inswing as he plays it back to the bowler
Over 0.2: Edwards to Warner, FOUR, overpitched outside off, looking for the swing, there wasn't much, slapped wide of mid off for a boundary
Over 0.1: Edwards to Warner, wide, now a wide ball, just wide enough for Umpire Asad Rauf to extend the arms
Over 0.1: Edwards to Warner, no run, full length inswinger just outside off, beats the bat and almost cleans him up!
01:49 Time for a tough run chase. David Warner the striker. Shane Watson the non-striker. Fidel Edwards to start from the Maligawatte End.

Australia: David Warner, Shane Watson, Michael Hussey, George Bailey (c), Cameron White, Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade (wk), Daniel Christian, Brad Hogg, Patrick Cummins, Mitchell Starc

West Indies: Chris Gayle, Dwayne Smith, Johnson Charles, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Darren Sammy (c), Denesh Ramdin (wk), Sunil Narine, Ravindranath Rampaul, Fidel Edwards

Umpires: Aleem Dar (PAK), Asad Rauf (PAK)
Third Umpire: Dharmasena, HDPK (SLA)
Match Refree: Madugalle, RS (SLA)

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