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  • 2011/12 Futures League Twenty20

    ACT Comets vs Western Australia - Match 15

    December 1, 2011, 10:00AM AET Toorak Park, Melbourne

    Match Status: Completed
    ACT won by 8 runs (D/L Method)

  • ACT Comets 3/ 43 (5.1)
  • Western Australia 9/ 119 (20.0)
  • ACT Comets won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Current Run Rate: 8.32
  • Required Run Rate: 5.79
  • Graph
M Spaseski*01000.00
SP Miller221422157.14
This Partnership:0 Runs From 3 Balls (R/R: 0.00)

TJ Monteleone*0.10000.00
M Paskal1.00101.00

Last 5 overs:
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6th Over
MATCH RESULT: ACT 3/43 (Miller 22*, Higgs 8, J. Dean 8, Dixon 1/14, Parsons 1/25) df. Western Australia 9/119 (Simmons 48, Hogg 22, Rakick 17, Higgs 4/23, Oakley 2/17, Anderson 1/14) by 8 runs under Duckworth/Lewis (par score 35). Points: ACT 2, WA 0.
Thanks for your company. Please join us shortly for the second match of our double header here at Toorak Park as New South Wales take on South Australia.
Their run chase didn't start well, but some big hitting from Sam Miller ensured they were ahead of the par score when rain stopped play initially and after the fifth over was bowled to constitute a match.
They set up their win with a fine bowling and fielding display, restricting Western Australia to 9/119 from their 20 overs, taking 6/17 in 3.5 overs.
12:49 AET: And that is that. The captains and umpires shake hands, the match is over. ACT were ahead of the par score of 35 by 8 runs and have won under the Duckworth/Lewis system.
12:44 AET: Rain stops play. The rain got heavier and the umpires were quick to call for the covers, we've got another delay here at Toorak Park. 5.1 overs have been bowled so we'll have a result, At this stage, ACT are ahead of the par score of 34.
Over 5.1: Monteleone to Spaseski, no run, back and guides it straight to backward point for no run
5th Over
Just a sprinkling of rain blowing in. Tim Monteleone replaces Matt Dixon at the Southern End.
Over 4.6: Paskal to Miller, no run, another full length ball, can't do much with it, digs it back to the bowler, excellent over, 1 off - 3/43 require 28 runs from 30 deliveries
Over 4.5: Paskal to Miller, no run, full and fired in, can only dig it out back to the bowler
Over 4.4: Paskal to Higgs, no run, OUT, gone! slower ball, full in length, drives it straight to Hogg at short mid on, takes him on, direct hit, Higgs sent packing! out for 8 (20m 9b 2x4 0x6). 3/43 with Spaseski in
Over 4.3: Paskal to Miller, one run, short outside off, plays it late, down to Done at third man, just the single
Over 4.2: Paskal to Miller, no run, full outside off, he's made room, swings and misses
Over 4.1: Paskal to Miller, no run, good length ball, wide of off, plays and misses
4th Over
Martin Paskal replaces Hayden Parsons at the Northern End. Two overs per bowler.
Over 3.6: Dixon to Higgs, FOUR, short of a length, outside off, makes room, opens the face, guides it fine of third man for a boundary - 2/42 require 29 runs to win from 36 deliveries
Over 3.5: Dixon to Higgs, no run, full outside off and drives it straight to Rakich at extra cover
12:35 AET: Players and umpires back out there. ACT need 71 runs to win from 10 overs, so another 6.4 overs to be bowled. Matt Dixon to finish off his second over. Higgs on strike.
12:23 AET: Just been informed we've got 10 overs to be bowled, so another 6.4 overs for ACT to face. We'll let you know when a new target has been calculated. Radar shows only very light showers about but shouldn't affect us.
12:17 AET: Covers are being removed so it looks like we'll get some more play in, and more importantly, a result in this match.
12:10 AET: The captains are out on the field now to inspect things. Still no decision made but we are hopeful of getting in some play before the cut off time, which at a guess would be about 12:55 AET.
12:06 AET: Umpires are now having a discussion with the two captains. We need to bowl another 1.2 more overs to constitute a match.
12:00 AET: It has stopped raining here. Covers are still on and the umpires are out inspecting things. We will let you know if we hear anything from them.
RAIN STOPS PLAY at 11:47 AET: The rain hit us all of a sudden, the clouds had rolled in but we certainly didn't see this coming. Players are off the field with ACT needing 82 runs to win from 16.2 overs.
Over 3.4: Dixon to Higgs, no run, full and wide of off, plays and misses this time
Over 3.3: Dixon to Higgs, FOUR, full and wide and he square drives it in the air, over point and to the rope for four more!
Over 3.2: Dixon to Higgs, no run, full outside off, defends it to cover point
Over 3.1: Dixon to Higgs, no run, full outside off and he plays and misses
3rd Over
Over 2.6: Parsons to Miller, SIX, in the slot and he swings through the line, dispatches it over the fence at wide long on for another maximum! - 2/34 require 86 runs to win
Over 2.5: Parsons to Miller, no run, slower ball, forward to defend towards cover, wants the single but the fielders converged quickly
Over 2.4: Parsons to Miller, SIX, drops short and he is punished! slaps it over the rope at deep mid wicket for maximum!
Over 2.3: Parsons to Miller, no run, APPEAL, good length, outside off, plays and misses, appeal for caught behind, they thought it was out, that man that matters didn't!
Over 2.2: Parsons to Miller, no run, full outside off and he swings and misses
Over 2.1: Parsons to Miller, wide, full and down leg side and a wide is signalled, and rightly so!
Over 2.1: Parsons to Miller, FOUR, pitched up straight and he drives it in the air, back past the bowler and beats the chasing fielders to the rope!
2nd Over
Over 1.6: Dixon to Miller, one run, full and fired in, he digs it out to third man for a single - 2/17 require 103 runs to win
Over 1.5: Dixon to Miller, FOUR, short and wide and cuts it just over backward point, races to the rope!
Over 1.4: Dixon to Miller, wide, full length but well down leg side, swings and misses, wide signalled
Over 1.4: Dixon to Miller, no run
Over 1.3: Dixon to B Dean, no run, OUT, another one down, full length, he was looking to turn it through mid wicket, got a leading edge, Hogg running back holds onto it! out for 0 (3m 1b 0x4 0x6). 2/11 with Miller in
Over 1.2: Dixon to Higgs, leg bye, back to a short ball, comes off the thigh pad and flies down to third man for another leg bye
Over 1.1: Dixon to Higgs, no run, good length ball, wide of off, doesn't offer a stroke, no signal from the umpire
1st Over
Matthew Dixon to start from the Southern End.
Over 0.6: Parsons to B Dean, no run, full length, on the front foot and defends into the covers for no run - 1/10 require 110 runs to win
Over 0.5: Parsons to JR Dean, no run, OUT, first one down!, short ball, looking to pull, on him too quick, leading edge to Bosisto at cover, simple catch - out for 8 (2m 5b 2x4 0x6). 1/10 with Blake Dean in
Over 0.4: Parsons to JR Dean, two leg byes, good length, strikes the pad outside off and runs to fine third man, back for a couple of legs
Over 0.3: Parsons to JR Dean, FOUR, great start to the run chase, poor bowling, drops short and in the zone, pulls it to deep square for consecutive boundaries!
Over 0.2: Parsons to JR Dean, FOUR, full and on the pads, a gift as he flicks it in the air, backward of square, one bounce four!
Over 0.1: Parsons to JR Dean, no run, good length ball, on the corridor, plays and misses
11:29 The target is 120. Jono Dean on strike. Mark Higgs the non-striker. Hayden Parsons at the Northern End.

ACT Comets: Mark Higgs (c), Jono Dean, Blake Dean, Samuel Miller, Aaron Ayre (wk), Michael Wescombe, Michael Spaseski, Adam Hewitt, Josh Anderson, Ben Oakley, Daniel Rootes, Shane Devoy (12th)

Western Australia: Craig Simmons, Shane Rakich, Brad Hogg (c), Sam Whiteman (wk), Martin Paskal, Tim Monteleone, Ryan Done, Phil Adams, Hayden Parsons, Matt Dixon, William Bosisto, Luke Towers (12th)

Umpires: Graham-Smith, MW (AUS), Lightbody, SA (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Burns, DJ (AUS)

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