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  • 2011/12 Futures League Twenty20

    New South Wales vs Western Australia - Match 12

    November 30, 2011, 2:00PM AET Bill Lawry Oval, Northcote, Melbourne

    Match Status: Completed
    No result - match abandoned due to rain

  • Western Australia 2/ 37 (5.0)
  • Western Australia won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 7.40
WG Bosisto*2200100.00
P Adams3200150.00
This Partnership:5 Runs From 4 Balls (R/R: 7.50)

A McLean*1.00525.00
LA Doran1.0011011.00

Last 5 overs:
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5th Over
The match has been abandoned due to the weather.
Here comes another shower. The covers are back on - it's one of those days today.
The covers are off but there is no word yet about a restart time, it is quite wet underfoot so it may be a while yet.
It has stopped raining for the time being and the umpires are out and inspecting the ground, it looks quite damp underfoot however.
Still raining steadily here. According to the radar we are in the middle of a large band of rain. We will keep you posted of any change in weather.
The rain is coming down now and the players are off.
Over 4.6: McLean to Bosisto, one run, edges to third man for a single
Over 4.5: McLean to Adams, one run, cut to point, they take off and make a single
Over 4.4: McLean to Adams, two runs, turns that one to mid wicket, a slight hesitation coming back for the second but they make it
Over 4.3: McLean to Bosisto, one run, plays a shortish one on the leg side and he is off the mark straight away
Over 4.2: McLean to Simmons, no run, OUT, plays one in the air straight to mid off, the bowler has 2 wickets with his first 2 balls
Over 4.1: McLean to Rakich, no run, OUT, on the back foot and pulling that one high to deep mid wicket, the fielder Zampa takes a well judged catch in the deep
4th Over
Over 3.6: Doran to Rakich, one run, turning that one to fine leg
Over 3.5: Doran to Rakich, FOUR, back and cutting that one nicely through the offside field to the rope
Over 3.4: Doran to Rakich, no run, plays another full pitched ball to mid on, well fielded
Over 3.3: Doran to Simmons, one run, full pitched and played to mid on
Over 3.2: Doran to Rakich, one run, drops that one on the leg side and they run a quick single
Over 3.1: Doran to Rakich, FOUR, clipped around the corner again past the diving square leg to the rope
3rd Over
Over 2.6: Molinari to Simmons, two runs, clipped around the corner, in the air again but safe to deep backward square leg
Over 2.5: Molinari to Simmons, two runs, back and pulling in the air, the fielder from deep square leg rushes in and dives but it drops short, and they take a couple
Over 2.4: Molinari to Simmons, no run, cross batted crack straight back down the pitch, well stopped by the bowler
Over 2.3: Molinari to Simmons, FOUR, stands and delivers again, this time in the air to the extra cover boundary
Over 2.2: Molinari to Simmons, SIX, steps down the wicket and smashes it high back over the bowler's head and over he rope
Over 2.1: Molinari to Rakich, one run, cuts to third man for an easy single
2nd Over
Over 1.6: Sandhu to Simmons, no run, play and a miss
Over 1.5: Sandhu to Rakich, one run
Over 1.4: Sandhu to Rakich, no run
Over 1.3: Sandhu to Rakich, no run
Over 1.2: Sandhu to Rakich, no run
Over 1.1: Sandhu to Simmons, three runs
1st Over
Over 0.6: Molinari to Simmons, one run
Over 0.5: Molinari to Simmons, no run
Over 0.4: Molinari to Rakich, one run
Over 0.3: Molinari to Rakich, no run
Over 0.2: Molinari to Rakich, no run
Over 0.1: Molinari to Rakich, no run
13:51 This match is on schedule to start at 2pm, the weather radar does not look great however and we may get some rain during the match.
13:38 Welcome to coverage of this Futures League Twenty20 match, between New South Wales and Western Australia.
11:41 Word has come through, this match has been relocated to Bill Lawry Oval and will follow the Queensland v South Australia match being played there at the moment. Start time of 14:00 AET. Join us then for live coverage.
10:43 Match officials have just informed us that this match will be relocated, it's just a question of which venue it's relocated to, either Bill Lawry Oval or the Junction Oval. We will let you know when a decision has been made.
10:36 We'll keep you updated when we get word of a decision from the match officials. For now though, there'll be no cricket here at Mervyn G. Hughes Oval.
10:35 Moving it to the Junction Oval poses a problem in itself. The ground staff will need to prepare the venue with no matches scheduled there today. One would reckon Northcote would be the more likely venue of the two.
10:30 At this stage, the word is they'll either relocate it to Bill Lawry Oval in Northcote, where Queensland are taking on South Australia, or to the Junction Oval.
10:25 News has just come to hand. The match here at Mervyn G. Hughes Oval has been called off, however, officials are attempting to have the match relocated to another venue.
10:14 We've still got some light drizzle, the rader is showing some more showers on the way, but they don't look too threatening and may miss us altogether.
10:09 Water had already gotten onto the pitch and Western Australian captain Brad Hogg had told officials he wasn't going to risk his bowlers if the pitch was damp. Of particular concern was a wet patch on the Eastern end of the pitch, where the footmarks are.
10:04 Spoke too soon. We've just had a heavy shower pass by. The covers were off at the time and the ground staff were caught by surprise. Water has gotten onto the pitch, which will cause some problems.
09:51 The ground looks to be in pretty good condition, a bit of surface water which the ground staff should be able to clear. The officials are confident of getting underway before the cut off time of 12:00 AET.
09:48 Unfortunately, there's been some overnight and morning rain, so we've got a delayed start to this match. The covers have just been removed and the weather is starting to clear, which means we should be able to get in a reduced overs match.
09:45 Good morning and welcome to live coverage of the 2011/12 Futures League Twenty20 tournament. Today we're at Mervyn G. Hughes Oval in Melbourne as New South Wales take on Western Australia.

New South Wales: David Dawson (c/wk), Stephen Cush, Andrew McLean, Tim Armstrong, Nathan Price, Sean Abbott, Adam Zampa, Nic Bills, Luke Doran, Gurinder Sandhu, Patrick Molinari

Western Australia: Craig Simmons, Shane Rakich, Phil Adams, William Bosisto, Tim Monteleone, Sam Whiteman (wk), Brad Hogg (c), Matt Dixon, Hayden Parsons, Martin Paskal, Hayden Krieg, Luke Towers (12th)

Umpires: Davidson, GJ (AUS), Lightbody, SA (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Cary, SR (AUS)

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