Cricket Australia


  • 2011/12 Futures League Twenty20

    Queensland vs South Australia - Match 10

    November 30, 2011, 10:00AM AET Bill Lawry Oval, Northcote, Melbourne

    Match Status: Completed
    Queensland won by 1 run (D/L method)

  • South Australia 5/ 55 (6.0)
  • Queensland 6/ 54 (6.0)
  • Queensland won the toss and elected to bat
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  • Current Run Rate: 9.17
TP Ludeman*4110400.00
LA Carseldine6410150.00
This Partnership:9 Runs From 3 Balls (R/R: 18.00)

ND Buchanan*1.00828.00
B Stanlake1.00929.00

Last 5 overs:
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6th Over
Over 5.6: Buchanan to Ludeman, FOUR, clips it over the keepers head and to the boundary, good shot but not the six they needed
big discussion in the middle now, the bowler takes his mark
they need a six off this final ball to win
Over 5.5: Buchanan to Carseldine, bye, swings and misses
Over 5.4: Buchanan to Carseldine, FOUR, hooks a short one to fine leg for a boundary
Over 5.3: Buchanan to Ross, no run, OUT, helps that one on its way high over the keeper but straight to the fielder who catches it inside the boundary
Over 5.2: Buchanan to Carseldine, leg bye, big swing takes him on the helmet and it flies to third man
Over 5.1: Buchanan to Smith, no run, OUT, tries a fancy tickle around the corner but it comes off the edge and is caught easily
5th Over
12 needed off the final over
Over 4.6: Stanlake to Carseldine, two runs, cross bats a short delivery back down the ground and they take a well run couple
14 more required now off 7 balls
Over 4.5: Stanlake to Borgas, no run, OUT, smashes that one high down the ground but now far enough as the fielder takes it just inside the boundary
Over 4.4: Stanlake to Borgas, two runs, back and pulling away, they are off in a flash and get a well run two
Over 4.3: Stanlake to Blizzard, no run, OUT, down the wicket he cross bats it, drops a hand and it flies up off the edge, mid off takes an easy catch
Over 4.2: Stanlake to Blizzard, FOUR, back foot and cutting in the air, no fielders out there and it goes for four
Over 4.1: Stanlake to Borgas, one run, slashes at one and it races ot long off
4th Over
21 needed off the last 2 overs
Over 3.6: Ipson to Blizzard, two runs, turns that one to deep backward square leg for a couple
Over 3.5: Ipson to Borgas, one run, front foot drive to long on for a comfortable single
Over 3.4: Ipson to Borgas, two runs, he does it again but this time the fielder is on to it and stops it inside the rope
Over 3.3: Ipson to Borgas, FOUR, beautiful looking sweep shot very fine to the boundary
Over 3.2: Ipson to Blizzard, one run, down on one knee hits it to mid wicket
Over 3.1: Ipson to Blizzard, SIX, dances down and smashes it low and hard all the way for six
3rd Over
Over 2.6: Exelby to Borgas, no run, swing and a miss
Over 2.5: Exelby to Blizzard, one run, back and attempting to pull but it goes to long off for a single
Over 2.4: Exelby to Borgas, one run, turns that one around the corner for a single, ping at the stumps misses
Over 2.3: Exelby to Blizzard, one run, cross batted swipe at a short one hoes to long off
Over 2.2: Exelby to Blizzard, no run, attempted cut shot misses through to the keeper
Over 2.1: Exelby to Doropoulos, no run, OUT, back and pulling he gets a top edge, the keeper and a fielder both run back and almost collide, but Michael takes the catch
2nd Over
Over 1.6: Ipson to Doropoulos, one run, forward and drving to deep mid on
Over 1.5: Ipson to Doropoulos, FOUR, back and pulling around the corner, the ball lands just inside the boundary
Over 1.4: Ipson to Blizzard, one run, full toss hit down the ground again for a single
Over 1.3: Ipson to Blizzard, FOUR, down the wicket and smashed down the ground for a boundary
Over 1.2: Ipson to Doropoulos, one run, guides that one to gully and they run a quick single
Over 1.1: Ipson to Doropoulos, no run, another swing and a miss, that one just down the leg side
1st Over
Over 0.6: Gannon to Blizzard, no run, slower ball again, great bowling he swings and misses
Over 0.5: Gannon to Blizzard, no run, slower ball deceives him as he plays way too early and misses
Over 0.4: Gannon to Blizzard, two runs, cross batted swipe over the infield
Over 0.3: Gannon to Blizzard, no run, another cross batted swing and a miss
Over 0.2: Gannon to Blizzard, no run, steps away, swing and a miss
Over 0.1: Gannon to Blizzard, FOUR, top edged hook shot over the keeper's head to the boundary

Queensland: Steve Paulsen, James Peirson (wk), Dom Michael, Marty Raadschelders, Bradley Ipson (c), Nick Buchanan, Graeme Skennar, Nick Stevens, Cameron Gannon, Steven Exelby, Billy Stanlake, Andrew Gode (12th)

South Australia: Aiden Blizzard, Theo Doropoulos, Cameron Borgas (c), Lee Carseldine, James Smith, Alexander Ross, Tim Ludeman (wk), Ben Dougall, Kane Richardson, Joe Mennie, Bryce McGain, Cameron Williams (12th)

Umpires: Mitchell, J (AUS), Patterson, RG (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Levens, D (AUS)

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