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  • 2011/12 Women's Twenty20

    SA Scorpions vs Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit - Match 35

    December 18, 2011, 2:00PM AET Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

    Match Status: Completed
    Victoria won by 26 runs

  • SA Scorpions 7/ 30 (6.0)
  • Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit 3/ 56 (6.0) (dec)
  • Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit won the toss and elected to bat
  • Graph
  • Current Run Rate: 5.00
TL Clapton*450080.00
AC Moritz340075.00
This Partnership:6 Runs From 7 Balls (R/R: 5.14)

SJ Elliott*1.00606.00
KM Hempenstall1.00414.00

Last 5 overs:
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5th Over
Over 4.6: Smith to Clapton, one run, hard hit drive straight back to bowler and she drops a waist high catch and the batsmen steal a single
Over 4.5: Smith to Moritz, one run, slower ball and she plays a sweep shot to square leg
Over 4.4: Smith to Clapton, one run, cuts to deep backward point
Over 4.3: Smith to Moritz, one run, full toss and miss hits a single to mid on
Over 4.2: Smith to Clapton, one run, drives to cover and they run fast
Over 4.1: Smith to Clapton, no run, swing and a miss
4th Over
Over 3.6: Hempenstall to Clapton, one run, drives to point
Over 3.5: Hempenstall to Oakenfold, no run, OUT, big swing and misses
Over 3.4: Hempenstall to Moritz, leg bye
Over 3.3: Hempenstall to Oakenfold, one run, skyed over point
Over 3.2: Hempenstall to Moritz, one run, driven to cover
Over 3.1: Hempenstall to Iles, one run, OUT, hits to deep mid on and cant make it back for the second
3rd Over
Over 2.6: Smith to Iles, one run, driven to long off
Over 2.5: Smith to Oakenfold, one run
Over 2.4: Smith to Dean, no run, OUT, big swing and a miss
Over 2.3: Smith to Iles, one run, hit to mid off
Over 2.2: Smith to Iles, two runs, skyed over point
Over 2.1: Smith to Iles, no run, swing and a miss
2nd Over
Over 1.6: Elliott to Dean, two runs, hits to cover
Over 1.5: Elliott to Dean, no run, swing and a miss
Over 1.4: Elliott to Iles, one run
Over 1.3: Elliott to Doolan, one run, OUT, driven to mid wicket and doesnt make the 2nd run
Over 1.2: Elliott to Dean, one run, driven to mid on
Over 1.1: Elliott to Doolan, one run
1st Over
Over 0.6: Wyatt to Doolan, three runs, sweep shot over square leg
Over 0.5: Wyatt to Doolan, wide, down leg side and a missed stumping opportunity
Over 0.5: Wyatt to Woerner, leg bye, swings and misses
Over 0.4: Elliott to Nitschke, no run, OUT, near same as last delivery with Nitschke top edging a ball and it is skyed to mid on
Over 0.3: Elliott to Ebsary, no run, OUT, skyed to mid wicket and Strano takes an easy catch
Over 0.2: Elliott to Ebsary, two runs, cut shot to backward point
Over 0.1: Elliott to Ebsary, no run, beaten outside off stump
Over 0.1: Elliott to Ebsary, wide, wide outside off stump to start the innings

SA Scorpions: Shelley Nitschke (c), Lucy Doolan, Julie Woerner, Lauren Ebsary, Alicia Dean (wk), Neisha Iles, Tamara Clapton, Megan Schutt, Stephanie Morrison, Kate Oakenfold, Angela Moritz, Jakarra Hill (12th)

Commonwealth Bank Vic Spirit: Danielle Wyatt, Meg Lanning, Jess Cameron, Sarah Elliott, Cassie Brock, Emma Inglis (c/wk), Julie Hunter, Clea Smith, Briana Binch, Kristen Beams, Molly Strano, Kathleen Hempenstall (12th)

Umpires: Biddiss, JP (AUS), Uthenwoldt, L (AUS)
Third Umpire:
Match Refree: Stratford, RW (AUS)

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