Cricket Australia


  • England vs Australia - 4th Test

    Headingley, Leeds

    Match Status: Completed
    Match drawn

  • England 6/ 229 (135.5) & 200 (105.4)
  • Australia All Out 584 (183.5)
  • England won the toss and elected to bat
  • Current Run Rate: 1.69
England (1st Innings)RB46SR
CF Waltersc&b: Chipperfield44000
WW Keetonc: Oldfield b: O'Reilly25000
WR Hammondb: Wall37000
EH Hendrenb: Chipperfield29000
RES Wyattst: Oldfield b: Grimmett19000
M Leylandb: O'Reilly16000
LEG Amesc: Oldfield b: Grimmett9000
JL Hopwoodlbw: O'Reilly8000
H Veritynot out2000
TB Mitchellst: Oldfield b: Grimmett9000
WE Bowesc: Ponsford b: Grimmett0000
Extras (2lb, 0w, 0nb, 0b ) 2
Total10 Wkts, 105.4 Overs 2001.89 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket


TW Wall18.015713.17108.0
SJ McCabe4.02300.75
CV Grimmett30.4115741.8646.0
WJ O'Reilly35.0164631.3170.0
AG Chipperfield18.063521.9454.0

Australia (1st Innings)RB46SR
WA Brownb: Bowes15000
WH PonsfordHit Wicket b: Verity181000
WAS Oldfieldc: Ames b: Bowes0000
WM Woodfullb: Bowes0000
DG Bradmanb: Bowes304000
SJ McCabeb: Bowes27000
LS Darlingb: Bowes12000
AG Chipperfieldc: Wyatt b: Verity1000
CV Grimmettrun out ()15000
WJ O'Reillynot out11000
TW Walllbw: Verity1000
Extras (9lb, 0w, 0nb, 8b ) 17
Total10 Wkts, 183.5 Overs 5843.18 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket


WE Bowes50.01314262.8450.0
WR Hammond29.058202.83
TB Mitchell23.0111705.09
H Verity46.51511332.4193.7
JL Hopwood30.079303.10
M Leyland5.002004.00

England (2nd Innings)RB46SR
CF Waltersb: O'Reilly45000
WW Keetonb: Grimmett12000
WR Hammondrun out ()20000
EH Hendrenlbw: O'Reilly42000
RES Wyattb: Grimmett44000
M Leylandnot out49000
LEG Amesc: Brown b: Grimmett8000
JL Hopwoodnot out2000
Extras (6lb, 0w, 0nb, 1b ) 7
Total6 Wkts, 135.5 Overs 2291.69 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket


TW Wall14.053602.57
SJ McCabe5.04501.00
CV Grimmett56.5247231.27113.7
WJ O'Reilly51.0258821.73153.0
AG Chipperfield9.022102.33

Umpires: Dolphin, A (ENG), Hardstaff sr, J (ENG)

Third Umpire:

Match Refree:

England: Cyril Walters, William Keeton, Walter Hammond, Patsy Hendren, Robert Wyatt, Morris Leyland, Leslie Ames, John Hopwood, Hedley Verity, Thomas Mitchell, William Bowes

Australia: William Brown, Bill Ponsford, William Oldfield, Bill Woodfull, Donald Bradman, Stanley McCabe, Leonard Darling, Arthur Chipperfield, Clarence Grimmett, William O'Reilly, Thomas Wall

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