Cricket Australia


  • Victorian XI 6/ 336 (49.4)
  • England Lions 4/ 335 (50.0)
  • Victorian XI won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Current Run Rate: 6.77
England Lions RB46SR
V Choprac: Stoinis b: Cameron11512311393.50
JM Vincec: Carters b: Sidebottom16173094.12
JWA Taylorretired10211411189.47
BT Foakesc: Grant b: Sidebottom533162170.97
BA Stokesnot out411552273.33
R Clarkenot out0000
SG Borthwick
C Overton
MT Coles
CJC Wright
TS Roland-Jones
Extras (3lb, 5w, 0nb, 0b ) 8
Total4 Wkts, 50.0 Overs 3356.70 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-26JM Vince
2-207V Chopra
4-325BT Foakes


LDB Cameron7.004416.2942.0 (2w)
RN Sidebottom7.005327.5721.0
CA Rose7.002904.14
IG Holland7.003004.29 (1w)
AR Keath6.002904.83 (1w)
JM Muirhead4.003107.75
J Grant4.0048012.00
MP Stoinis5.0053010.60 (1w)
DA King3.001505.00

Victorian XI RB46SR
MP Stoinisc: Coles b: Borthwick57742277.03
DJ Russrun out (Chopra)34376091.89
RGL Cartersc: Taylor b: Stokes127102142124.51
AR Keathc: Stokes b: Coles605571109.09
DA Kingc: Coles b: Clarke191711111.76
CA Rosec: Chopra b: Coles151420107.14
IG Hollandnot out340075.00
DG Kightnot out2200100.00
J Grant
JM Muirhead
RN Sidebottom
Extras (3lb, 8w, 7nb, 1b ) 19
Total6 Wkts, 49.4 Overs 3366.77 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-91DJ Russ
2-119MP Stoinis
3-250AR Keath
4-285DA King
5-320CA Rose
FOW Player
6-333RGL Carters


TS Roland-Jones5.003006.00 (1w , 2nb)
CJC Wright10.007807.80 (2w , 1nb)
MT Coles10.005825.8030.0 (2w)
SG Borthwick5.003416.8030.0 (2nb)
R Clarke8.005717.1348.0 (1nb)
C Overton5.003106.20 (2w)
BA Stokes6.404416.6040.0 (1w , 1nb)

12th men: Cameron, LDB (VIC),Kerrigan, SC (ENL)

Umpires: Sammartino, AJ (AUS), Sciacca, SM (AUS)

Third Umpire:

Match Refree:

Victorian XI: Dean Russ, Marcus Stoinis, Ryan Carters (wk), Alex Keath, David King, Clive Rose, Ian Holland (c), Dylan Kight, Justin Grant, James Muirhead, Ryan Sidebottom, Louis Cameron (12th)

England Lions: Varun Chopra, James Vince, James Taylor (c), Ben Foakes (wk), Benjamin Stokes, Rikki Clarke, Scott Borthwick, Craig Overton, Matt Coles, Christopher Wright, Tobias Roland-Jones, Simon Kerrigan (12th)

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