Cricket Australia


  • 2012/13 Women's National Cricket League

    Alcohol. Think Again Fury vs Konica Minolta Queensland Fire - Match 09

    November 10, 2012, 1:00PM AET WACA Ground, Perth

    Match Status: Completed
    Queensland Fire won by 72 runs

  • Alcohol. Think Again Fury All Out 107 (39.5)
  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire 7/ 179 (50.0)
  • Konica Minolta Queensland Fire won the toss and elected to bat
  • Current Run Rate: 2.69
  • Required Run Rate: 7.18
Konica Minolta Queensland Fire RB46SR
MJ Bulowb: Shaw22562039.29
BL Mooneyc: Burns b: Chappell541152046.96
JL Jonassenc: Burns b: Fragomeni15331045.45
JM Fieldsc: King b: Chappell24382063.16
DM Kimmincec: King b: Chappell141430100.00
K Shortc: King b: Chappell5100050.00
JC Colemanst: Wallace b: Fragomeni181810100.00
JL Barsbynot out8120066.67
KE Pikenot out4400100.00
GM Harris
C Hill
Extras (5lb, 10w, 0nb, 0b ) 15
Total7 Wkts, 50.0 Overs 1793.58 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-49MJ Bulow
2-84JL Jonassen
3-115BL Mooney
4-134DM Kimmince
5-141JM Fields
FOW Player
6-151K Short
7-170JC Coleman


NJ Shaw10.022612.6060.0
GL Triscari6.021302.17
KAD Burns7.003004.29 (4w)
E Biss10.022702.70 (1w)
S Fragomeni6.003125.1718.0 (5w)
RK Chappell10.003943.9015.0
EL King1.00808.00

Alcohol. Think Again Fury RB46SR
JCL Wallacenot out511116045.95
NE Boltonc: Pike b: Ferling01000.00
SW Batesc: Fields b: Ferling03000.00
CC Hunterb: Coleman180012.50
NJ Shawc: Mooney b: Pike18392046.15
B Devchandc: Mooney b: Ferling5190026.32
RK Chappellc: Fields b: Barsby8190042.11
E Bissb: Kimmince010000.00
EL Kingc: Barsby b: Jonassen2180011.11
S Fragomenib: Barsby5300166.67
KAD Burnsb: Jonassen180012.50
Extras (3lb, 13w, 0nb, 0b ) 16
Total10 Wkts, 39.5 Overs 1072.69 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-0NE Bolton
2-1SW Bates
3-13CC Hunter
4-44NJ Shaw
5-62B Devchand
FOW Player
6-79RK Chappell
7-84E Biss
8-95EL King
9-102S Fragomeni
10-107KAD Burns


JC Coleman7.031111.5742.0
HL Ferling7.012032.8614.0 (6w)
C Hill4.001604.00 (5w)
KE Pike7.021412.0042.0
DM Kimmince6.001913.1736.0 (1w)
JL Barsby6.001722.8318.0 (1w)
JL Jonassen2.50722.478.5

12th men: Triscari, GL (WA),Ferling, HL (QLD)

Umpires: Barron, W (AUS), Hall, MP (AUS)

Third Umpire:

Match Refree: Easey, ST (AUS)

Alcohol. Think Again Fury: Jenny Wallace (wk), Nicole Bolton (c), Suzie Bates, Carla Hunter, Nicky Shaw, Bhavi Devchand, Renee Chappell, Emma Biss, Emma King, Sarah Fragomeni, Kate Burns, Gemma Triscari (12th)

Konica Minolta Queensland Fire: Melissa Bulow, Beth Mooney, Jess Jonassen, Jodie Fields (c/wk), Delissa Kimmince, Kirby Short, Jude Coleman, Jemma Barsby, Kirsten Pike, Grace Harris, Courtney Hill, Holly Ferling (12th)

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