Cricket Australia


  • 2012/13 Toyota Futures League

    Victoria vs ACT Comets - Match 08

    November 19, 2012, 10:30AM AET Junction Oval, St Kilda

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    ACT won by 196 runs

  • Victoria All Out 335 (106.4) & 209 (65.1)
  • ACT Comets 5/ 323 (69.0) (dec) & 417 (118.2)
  • ACT Comets won the toss and elected to bat
  • Current Run Rate: 3.14
ACT Comets (1st Innings)RB46SR
JR Deanb: Smith02000.00
M Gawthropc: Muirhead b: Rose7614211053.52
A Ayrec: Kight b: Stoinis33855038.82
DJ Solwayc: Holland b: Stoinis8414912056.38
M Spaseskic: Donnell b: Muirhead1001627361.73
MA Higgsc: Hancock b: Stoinis12151180.00
BS Deanc: Hancock b: Smith19463041.30
BJ McClintockb: Holland33516064.71
JJ Connollyc: Hill b: Rose42517082.35
NP Winternot out02000.00
AM Maherb: Rose150020.00
Extras (10lb, 3w, 0nb, 4b ) 17
Total10 Wkts, 118.2 Overs 4173.52 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-0JR Dean
2-74A Ayre
3-166M Gawthrop
4-225DJ Solway
5-243MA Higgs
FOW Player
6-291BS Dean
7-358BJ McClintock
8-416JJ Connolly
9-416M Spaseski
10-417AM Maher


PJ Smith25.009723.8875.0 (2w)
SJ Reid18.007804.33 (1w)
IG Holland22.057213.27132.0
JW Taylor10.014404.40
MP Stoinis12.022231.8324.0
JM Muirhead22.037613.45132.0
CA Rose9.251431.5018.7

Victoria (1st Innings)RB46SR
TF Donnelllbw: Maher36725050.00
JC Hancockst: McClintock b: Higgs13461028.26
MW Hillb: Maher05000.00
MJ Buchananc: Spaseski b: Maher19323059.38
MP Stoinisc: McClintock b: Higgs17283060.71
DG Kightc: Connolly b: Maher490044.44
IG Hollandlbw: Higgs18412043.90
CA Roselbw: Oakley112008.33
JW Taylorst: McClintock b: Connolly55858164.71
JM Muirheadc: McClintock b: Spaseski27345079.41
SJ Reidnot out11270040.74
Extras (3lb, 0w, 0nb, 5b ) 8
Total10 Wkts, 65.1 Overs 2093.21 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-34JC Hancock
2-35MW Hill
3-72TF Donnell
4-77MJ Buchanan
5-89DG Kight
FOW Player
6-95MP Stoinis
7-102CA Rose
8-116IG Holland
9-171JM Muirhead
10-209JW Taylor


BS Oakley17.005613.29102.0
AM Maher16.034742.9424.0
NP Winter2.01201.00
MA Higgs21.056633.1442.0
JJ Connolly6.122013.2437.0
M Spaseski3.001013.3318.0

ACT Comets (2nd Innings)RB46SR
JR Deanc: Stoinis b: Muirhead76779398.70
M Gawthropc: Muirhead b: Smith3140021.43
A Ayrerun out (Muirhead)811259064.80
DJ Solwayrun out (Holland)551183046.61
M Spaseskinot out726144118.03
MA Higgsb: Muirhead240050.00
BS Deannot out251621156.25
BJ McClintock
JJ Connolly
NP Winter
BS Oakley
Extras (6lb, 2w, 1nb, 0b ) 9
Total5 Wkts, 69.0 Overs 3234.68 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-22M Gawthrop
2-111JR Dean
3-205A Ayre
4-243DJ Solway
5-255MA Higgs


PJ Smith8.015116.3848.0
MP Stoinis8.012703.38 (1nb)
IG Holland4.003208.00
CA Rose21.006002.86
JM Muirhead20.019824.9060.0
MJ Buchanan2.0020010.00
JW Taylor6.002904.83 (2w)

Victoria (2nd Innings)RB46SR
TF Donnelllbw: Oakley23831027.71
JC Hancockc: McClintock b: Oakley18583031.03
MW Hilllbw: Oakley33395084.62
MJ Buchananc: Higgs b: Dean5121041.67
CA Rosenot out8821615040.74
MP Stoinisb: Oakley01000.00
DG Kightlbw: Spaseski44748059.46
IG Hollandb: Connolly691129061.61
JW Taylorc: Higgs b: Dean16253064.00
JM Muirheadlbw: Dean13163081.25
SJ Reidlbw: Dean04000.00
Extras (11lb, 0w, 0nb, 15b ) 26
Total10 Wkts, 106.4 Overs 3353.14 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-35JC Hancock
2-66TF Donnell
3-78MJ Buchanan
4-87MW Hill
5-87MP Stoinis
FOW Player
6-171DG Kight
7-286IG Holland
8-309JW Taylor
9-331JM Muirhead
10-335SJ Reid


AM Maher15.053802.53
NP Winter15.064402.93
MA Higgs24.058103.38
BS Oakley22.084241.9133.0
JJ Connolly12.015614.6772.0
BS Dean14.454042.7322.0
M Spaseski3.01411.3318.0
M Gawthrop1.00404.00

12th men: Taylor, JW (VIC),Maher, AM (ACT)

Umpires: Gillespie, PJ (AUS), Patterson, RG (AUS)

Third Umpire:

Match Refree: Cox, D (AUS)

Victoria: Michael Hill (c), Meyrick Buchanan, Tom Donnell, Jake Hancock, Ian Holland, Dylan Kight (wk), James Muirhead, Steven Reid, Clive Rose, Pat Smith, Marcus Stoinis, Jack Taylor (12th)

ACT Comets: Jono Dean (c), Matthew Gawthrop, Aaron Ayre, Dean Solway, Michael Spaseski, Mark Higgs, Blake Dean, Beau McClintock (wk), Josh Connolly, Nick Winter, Ben Oakley, Andrew Maher (12th)

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