Cricket Australia


  • 2012/13 Toyota Futures League

    Western Australia vs South Australia - Match 14

    March 4, 2013, 1:30PM AET WACA Ground, Perth

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    Western Australia won by 140 runs

  • South Australia All Out 262 (81.2) & 195 (57.2)
  • Western Australia All Out 300 (75.3) & 297 (86.5)
  • South Australia won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Current Run Rate: 3.22
Western Australia (1st Innings)RB46SR
CT Bancroftc: Davey b: Derham29752038.67
LJC Towersc: Davey b: Munting5160031.25
MJ Northc: Ross b: Munting03000.00
TM Beatonc: Smith b: George160016.67
TJ Armstrongb: George611388044.20
HWR Cartwrightc: Davey b: George51707172.86
TIF Triffittc: Christian b: George411013040.59
AJ Turnerlbw: Andrews76929282.61
NJ Rimmingtonb: Munting2140014.29
RM Duffieldnot out360050.00
MA Beerb: George8510160.00
Extras (11lb, 4w, 5nb, 0b ) 20
Total10 Wkts, 86.5 Overs 2973.42 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-14LJC Towers
2-14MJ North
3-16TM Beaton
4-74CT Bancroft
5-158HWR Cartwright
FOW Player
6-167TJ Armstrong
7-278AJ Turner
8-286TIF Triffitt
9-286NJ Rimmington
10-297MA Beer


PR George22.584852.1027.4 (1w , 1nb)
J Munting16.025933.6932.0 (1w , 1nb)
DT Christian16.035603.50 (2w , 2nb)
T Derham13.024313.3178.0 (1nb)
TJ Andrews15.014312.8790.0
CD Williams4.003709.25

South Australia (1st Innings)RB46SR
JD Smithc: Triffitt b: Duffield12143085.71
KR Smithc: Armstrong b: Duffield8331024.24
TLW Cooperc: Armstrong b: Rimmington9201045.00
DT Christianlbw: Rimmington3290010.34
AI Rosslbw: Beer9912716177.95
BL Dougallc: Triffitt b: Rimmington21553038.18
TJ Daveylbw: Duffield04000.00
TJ Andrewsc: Triffitt b: Duffield11232047.83
CD Williamslbw: Beer14363038.89
T Derhamc: Towers b: Parsons011000.00
J Muntingnot out4210200.00
Extras (2lb, 0w, 10nb, 2b ) 14
Total10 Wkts, 57.2 Overs 1953.40 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-15JD Smith
2-33KR Smith
3-33TLW Cooper
4-52DT Christian
5-120BL Dougall
FOW Player
6-125TJ Davey
7-143TJ Andrews
8-180CD Williams
9-191T Derham
10-195AI Ross


RM Duffield19.036943.6328.5 (10nb)
NJ Rimmington19.035833.0538.0
HE Parsons13.035113.9278.0
TJ Armstrong1.00404.00
MA Beer5.21921.6916.0

Western Australia (2nd Innings)RB46SR
CT Bancroftc: Ross b: Munting6814210047.89
LJC Towerslbw: Munting591055.56
MJ Northb: Derham30544055.56
TM Beatonc: Davey b: Derham02000.00
TJ Armstronglbw: Munting6120050.00
HWR Cartwrightb: Munting10142071.43
TIF Triffittlbw: Munting07000.00
RM Duffieldrun out (Smith)12392030.77
AJ Turnerc: Derham b: Haberfield51869059.30
NJ Rimmingtonc: Ross b: Munting9885143115.29
MA Beernot out04000.00
Extras (10lb, 3w, 1nb, 6b ) 20
Total10 Wkts, 75.3 Overs 3003.97 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-17LJC Towers
2-74MJ North
3-74TM Beaton
4-91TJ Armstrong
5-111HWR Cartwright
FOW Player
6-116TIF Triffitt
7-140RM Duffield
8-147CT Bancroft
9-282AJ Turner
10-300NJ Rimmington


J Munting26.3610263.8526.5 (1w)
DT Christian20.093501.75 (1nb)
T Derham11.015825.2733.0 (2w)
TJ Andrews1.00303.00
JA Haberfield16.026714.1996.0
CD Williams1.0019019.00

South Australia (2nd Innings)RB46SR
JD Smithc: Towers b: Parsons12820221063.37
KR Smithrun out (Bancroft)16271059.26
TLW Cooperc&b: Duffield32465169.57
DT Christianb: Rimmington17564030.36
AI Rossc: Triffitt b: Parsons5210023.81
BL Dougallc: North b: Beer28934030.11
TJ Daveyc: Towers b: Parsons280025.00
TJ Andrewsst: Triffitt b: Beer3110027.27
CD Williamsrun out (Cartwright)114007.14
JA Haberfieldc: Duffield b: Beer7161043.75
T Derhamnot out02000.00
Extras (2lb, 1w, 8nb, 12b ) 23
Total10 Wkts, 81.2 Overs 2623.22 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-39KR Smith
2-116TLW Cooper
3-164DT Christian
4-177AI Ross
5-229JD Smith
FOW Player
6-233TJ Davey
7-249TJ Andrews
8-250CD Williams
9-257BL Dougall
10-262JA Haberfield


RM Duffield20.067413.70120.0 (3nb)
NJ Rimmington20.045212.60120.0 (1w , 1nb)
HE Parsons14.004633.2928.0 (2nb)
MA Beer15.244532.9330.7
TJ Armstrong8.012603.25 (2nb)
AJ Turner4.00501.25

12th men: Parsons, HE (WA),George, PR (SA)

Umpires: Trigg, DC (AUS), Rann, TR (AUS)

Third Umpire:

Match Refree: Prue, TA (AUS)

Western Australia: Cameron Bancroft, Luke Towers, Marcus North (c), Tom Beaton, Tim Armstrong, Hilton Cartwright, Tom Triffitt (wk), Ashton Turner, Nathan Rimmington, Ryan Duffield, Michael Beer, Hayden Parsons (12th)

South Australia: James Smith, Kelvin Smith, Tom Cooper, Daniel Christian, Alexander Ross, Ben Dougall, Timothy Davey (c/wk), Thomas Andrews, Cameron Williams, Tom Derham, James Munting, Peter George (12th), Jake Haberfield

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