Cricket Australia


  • 2012/13 Toyota Futures League

    Victoria vs Western Australia - Match 11

    January 28, 2013, 10:30AM AET Junction Oval, St Kilda

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    Victoria won by 7 wickets

  • Victoria 3/ 158 (39.2) & 402 (108.3)
  • Western Australia All Out 344 (105.1) & 213 (64.1)
  • Western Australia won the toss and elected to bat
  • Current Run Rate: 4.02
Western Australia (1st Innings)RB46SR
CT Bancroftc: Carters b: Cameron15312048.39
TAM Leaverc: Carters b: Sidebottom24375064.86
SM Rakichc: Holland b: Sidebottom4261015.38
TM Beatonc: Carters b: Topp35777045.45
TJ Armstrongc: Stoinis b: Keath27484056.25
WG Bosistoc: Carters b: Keath5141035.71
TIF Triffittc: Alavi b: Sidebottom53825164.63
RM Duffieldb: Stoinis25493051.02
RS Jamesc: Carters b: Stoinis04000.00
MW Dixonst: Carters b: Alavi130033.33
S Mackinnot out11172064.71
Extras (2lb, 1w, 3nb, 7b ) 13
Total10 Wkts, 64.1 Overs 2133.32 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-37TAM Leaver
2-41CT Bancroft
3-51SM Rakich
4-108TM Beaton
5-112TJ Armstrong
FOW Player
6-115WG Bosisto
7-167RM Duffield
8-169RS James
9-170MW Dixon
10-213TIF Triffitt


LDB Cameron10.013713.7060.0
J Reed10.013603.60
RN Sidebottom13.144433.3426.3
MD Topp9.012212.4454.0
IG Holland3.011505.00
AR Keath8.041321.6324.0 (1w , 1nb)
E Alavi7.021912.7142.0
MP Stoinis4.001824.5012.0 (2nb)

Victoria (1st Innings)RB46SR
WM Robinsonc: Bancroft b: Duffield03000.00
TF Donnelllbw: Duffield43687063.24
RGL Cartersb: Parsons42688061.76
AR Keathc: Bancroft b: Parsons29684042.65
MP Stoinisb: Dixon11315721171.97
MJ Buchananc: Parsons b: Armstrong6913911049.64
IG Hollandc: Beaton b: Duffield9352025.71
E Alavinot out28603046.67
RN Sidebottomlbw: Duffield331009.68
LDB Cameronc: Triffitt b: Dixon4111036.36
MD Toppc: Triffitt b: Dixon13282046.43
Extras (16lb, 4w, 17nb, 12b ) 49
Total10 Wkts, 108.3 Overs 4023.71 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-0WM Robinson
2-97RGL Carters
3-120TF Donnell
4-171AR Keath
5-323MP Stoinis
FOW Player
6-342IG Holland
7-342MJ Buchanan
8-359RN Sidebottom
9-373LDB Cameron
10-402MD Topp


RM Duffield23.067743.3534.5 (3w , 7nb)
S Mackin15.036304.20 (1w , 4nb)
MW Dixon15.326934.4531.0 (6nb)
HE Parsons15.015923.9345.0
TJ Armstrong24.084311.79144.0
RS James16.026303.94

Western Australia (2nd Innings)RB46SR
CT Bancroftlbw: Topp24843028.57
TAM Leaverlbw: Sidebottom02000.00
SM Rakichc: Keath b: Topp25953026.32
TM Beatonc: Donnell b: Reed14153093.33
TJ Armstrongc: Stoinis b: Cameron10917414162.64
WG Bosistob: Topp751638146.01
TIF Triffittc: Robinson b: Alavi49609081.67
RM Duffieldb: Topp01000.00
RS Jamesb: Sidebottom10340029.41
S Mackinc: Alavi b: Sidebottom9720128.57
MW Dixonnot out3300100.00
Extras (11lb, 0w, 6nb, 9b ) 26
Total10 Wkts, 105.1 Overs 3443.27 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-0TAM Leaver
2-57CT Bancroft
3-58SM Rakich
4-74TM Beaton
5-255WG Bosisto
FOW Player
6-273TJ Armstrong
7-276RM Duffield
8-324RS James
9-340TIF Triffitt
10-344S Mackin


LDB Cameron23.074912.13138.0 (1nb)
RN Sidebottom13.153232.4326.3
E Alavi13.033512.6978.0 (1nb)
MD Topp26.066942.6539.0
AR Keath5.002905.80 (4nb)
J Reed16.018415.2596.0
MP Stoinis2.001105.50
IG Holland6.011302.17
MJ Buchanan1.00202.00

Victoria (2nd Innings)RB46SR
TF Donnellc: Beaton b: Armstrong32624051.61
WM Robinsonc: Triffitt b: Dixon05000.00
RGL Cartersc: Triffitt b: Armstrong27455060.00
AR Keathnot out51767167.11
MP Stoinisnot out34517066.67
MJ Buchanan
IG Holland
RN Sidebottom
J Reed
MD Topp
LDB Cameron
Extras (3lb, 1w, 7nb, 3b ) 14
Total3 Wkts, 39.2 Overs 1584.02 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-6WM Robinson
2-64RGL Carters
3-65TF Donnell


RM Duffield5.001002.00 (1nb)
MW Dixon7.032413.4342.0 (6nb)
S Mackin8.022603.25 (1w)
HE Parsons1.0015015.00
TJ Armstrong7.022423.4321.0
RS James11.235304.68

12th men: Alavi, E (VIC),James, RS (WA)

Umpires: Sammartino, AJ (AUS), Sciacca, SM (AUS)

Third Umpire:

Match Refree: Evans, RJ (AUS)

Victoria: Wes Robinson, Marcus Stoinis, Tom Donnell, Alex Keath (c), Meyrick Buchanan, Ryan Carters (wk), Ian Holland, Ryan Sidebottom, Jake Reed, Michael Topp, Louis Cameron, Ejaaz Alavi (12th)

Western Australia: Cameron Bancroft, Tom Leaver, Shane Rakich (c), Tom Beaton, Tim Armstrong, William Bosisto, Tom Triffitt (wk), Ryan Duffield, Simon Mackin, Hayden Parsons, Matt Dixon, Ryan James (12th)

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