Cricket Australia


  • 2012/13 Bupa Sheffield Shield

    Tasmania Tigers vs Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers - Match 28

    March 14, 2013, 11:00AM AET Blundstone Arena, Hobart

    Match Status: Day 4 - Completed
    Tasmania won by 111 runs

  • Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers All Out 225 (63.0) & 358 (108.4)
  • Tasmania Tigers 7/ 325 (75.2) (dec) & 369 (95.4) (dec)
  • Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Current Run Rate: 3.57
Tasmania Tigers (1st Innings)RB46SR
MJ Cosgrovelbw: Sidebottom8113311060.90
JC Silklbw: Ahmed521209043.33
AJ Doolanb: Herrick17531032.08
RT Pontingc: Quiney b: Hastings10413115079.39
GJ Baileyc: Handscomb b: Stoinis154020.00
JW Wellsnot out711216158.68
JP Faulknerc: Quiney b: Ahmed301551200.00
TD Painenot out0000
LR Butterworth
EP Gulbis
BW Hilfenhaus
Extras (6lb, 2w, 4nb, 1b ) 13
Total6 Wkts, 95.4 Overs 3693.86 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-120JC Silk
2-151MJ Cosgrove
3-192AJ Doolan
4-193GJ Bailey
5-332RT Ponting
FOW Player
6-369JP Faulkner


RN Sidebottom18.036813.78108.0
JM Herrick24.049013.75144.0 (1w)
JW Hastings13.017215.5478.0 (1w , 1nb)
F Ahmed23.458623.6371.0
MP Stoinis17.034612.71102.0 (3nb)

Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers (1st Innings)RB46SR
RJ Quineylbw: Butterworth601098055.05
CJL Rogersc: Paine b: Faulkner731339154.89
MP Stoinislbw: Cosgrove36505072.00
MW Hilllbw: Faulkner490044.44
CL Whitec: Gulbis b: Cosgrove36833043.37
DJ Husseyc: Paine b: Gulbis11215212273.68
PSP Handscombc: Cosgrove b: Gulbis380037.50
JW Hastingsb: Gulbis08000.00
JM Herrickc: Ponting b: Gulbis8721011.11
F Ahmedc: Silk b: Gulbis14282050.00
RN Sidebottomnot out01000.00
Extras (9lb, 1w, 1nb, 1b ) 12
Total10 Wkts, 108.4 Overs 3583.29 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-137RJ Quiney
2-137CJL Rogers
3-157MW Hill
4-189MP Stoinis
5-240CL White
FOW Player
6-247PSP Handscomb
7-255JW Hastings
8-321JM Herrick
9-343F Ahmed
10-358DJ Hussey


BW Hilfenhaus23.056702.91 (1w , 1nb)
LR Butterworth26.076612.54156.0
EP Gulbis24.4210454.2229.6 (1w)
JP Faulkner23.067723.3569.0
MJ Cosgrove12.023422.8336.0 (1w)

Tasmania Tigers (2nd Innings)RB46SR
JC Silkc: Handscomb b: Herrick1272107260.48
MJ Cosgroveb: Ahmed50715070.42
AJ Doolanc: Handscomb b: Ahmed31464067.39
RT Pontingb: Herrick861058181.90
GJ Baileyb: Ahmed120050.00
JW Wellsc: White b: Herrick9710128.57
JP Faulknerb: Ahmed13811162.50
TD Painenot out130033.33
LR Butterworth
EP Gulbis
BW Hilfenhaus
Extras (3lb, 0w, 0nb, 4b ) 7
Total7 Wkts, 75.2 Overs 3254.31 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-98MJ Cosgrove
2-152AJ Doolan
3-294JC Silk
4-298GJ Bailey
5-302RT Ponting
FOW Player
6-323JW Wells
7-325JP Faulkner


JM Herrick21.009734.6242.0
RN Sidebottom7.012503.57
JW Hastings5.011803.60
F Ahmed30.2012244.0245.5
MP Stoinis12.015604.67

Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers (2nd Innings)RB46SR
CJL Rogerslbw: Faulkner25523048.08
RJ Quineyb: Faulkner55868063.95
MP Stoinisb: Gulbis25295086.21
MW Hillc: Paine b: Gulbis5120041.67
CL Whiterun out (Bailey)1166000.60
DJ Husseyb: Faulkner48845057.14
PSP Handscombb: Faulkner33624053.23
JW Hastingsc: Ponting b: Hilfenhaus19792024.05
JM Herricklbw: Faulkner2110018.18
F Ahmednot out04000.00
RN Sidebottomc: Silk b: Hilfenhaus04000.00
Extras (7lb, 0w, 1nb, 4b ) 12
Total10 Wkts, 63.0 Overs 2253.57 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket

FOW Player
1-62CJL Rogers
2-112MP Stoinis
3-116RJ Quiney
4-118MW Hill
5-122CL White
FOW Player
6-202PSP Handscomb
7-205DJ Hussey
8-225JM Herrick
9-225JW Hastings
10-225RN Sidebottom


LR Butterworth16.014102.56
EP Gulbis16.026223.8848.0
BW Hilfenhaus16.025523.4448.0 (1nb)
JP Faulkner15.015653.7318.0

12th men: Allanby, HJ (TAS),Sheridan, WD (VIC)

Umpires: Smith, DJ (SAF), Abood, GA (AUS)

Third Umpire:

Match Refree: Marshall, PL (AUS)

Tasmania Tigers: Mark Cosgrove, Jordan Silk, Alex Doolan, Ricky Ponting, George Bailey (c), Jonathan Wells, Tim Paine (wk), James Faulkner, Luke Butterworth, Evan Gulbis, Ben Hilfenhaus, Harry Allanby (12th)

Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers: Chris Rogers, Rob Quiney, Marcus Stoinis, Michael Hill, Cameron White (c), David Hussey, Peter Handscomb (wk), John Hastings, Jayde Herrick, Fawad Ahmed, Ryan Sidebottom, William Sheridan (12th)

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