Cricket Australia


  • New Zealand vs Australia - 1st Test

    AMI Stadium, Christchurch

    Match Status: Completed
    Match drawn

  • New Zealand 8/ 293 (84.0) & 357 (95.2)
  • Australia 4/ 154 (43.0) (dec) & 552 (110.5)
  • New Zealand won the toss and elected to bowl
  • Current Run Rate: 3.49
Australia (1st Innings)RB46SR
A Turnerb: Chatfield3000
IC Davisc: Howarth b: Hadlee34000
RB McCoskerc: Parker b: Hadlee37000
GS Chappellc: Turner b: Hadlee44000
GJ Cosierb: Hadlee23000
KD Waltersc: Howarth b: Hadlee250000
RW Marshc: Parker b: Howarth2000
GJ Gilmourb: Chatfield101000
KJ O'Keefferun out ()8000
DK Lilleec: Hadlee b: Chatfield19000
MHN Walkernot out10000
Extras (10lb, 0w, 4nb, 7b ) 21
Total10 Wkts, 110.5 Overs 5524.99 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket


RJ Hadlee29.0115535.3477.3
EJ Chatfield31.0412534.0382.7
DR Hadlee24.5113025.2898.5
BE Congdon7.002703.86
HJ Howarth19.029414.95152.0

New Zealand (1st Innings)RB46SR
GM Turnerc: Turner b: O'Keeffe15000
GP Howarthc: Marsh b: O'Keeffe42000
BE Congdonc: Gilmour b: Walker23000
JM Parkerc: Marsh b: O'Keeffe34000
MG Burgessc: Marsh b: Walker66000
GN Edwardsc: Gilmour b: O'Keeffe34000
WK Leesc: Marsh b: Lillee14000
RJ Hadleec: Marsh b: O'Keeffe3000
HJ Howarthb: Walker61000
DR Hadleenot out37000
EJ Chatfieldb: Lillee5000
Extras (9lb, 2w, 12nb, 0b ) 23
Total10 Wkts, 95.2 Overs 3573.75 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket


DK Lillee31.2611923.81125.0
GJ Gilmour10.004804.80
MHN Walker26.076632.5469.3
KJ O'Keeffe28.0510153.6144.8

Australia (2nd Innings)RB46SR
A Turnerlbw: Hadlee20000
IC Davisc: Lees b: Hadlee22000
RB McCoskernot out77000
GS Chappellc: Parker b: Howarth0000
GJ Cosierrun out ()2000
KD Waltersnot out20000
Extras (10lb, 0w, 3nb, 0b ) 13
Total4 Wkts, 43.0 Overs 1543.58 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket


RJ Hadlee13.044113.15104.0
EJ Chatfield11.013403.09
DR Hadlee8.002813.5064.0
HJ Howarth10.003713.7080.0
BE Congdon1.00101.00

New Zealand (2nd Innings)RB46SR
GM Turnerc&b: O'Keeffe36000
GP Howarthc: Marsh b: Gilmour28000
BE Congdonnot out107000
JM Parkerc: McCosker b: Walker21000
MG Burgessc: McCosker b: Walker39000
GN Edwardsc: Marsh b: Walker15000
WK Leesc: Marsh b: Lillee3000
HJ Howarthb: Lillee0000
RJ Hadleec: Cosier b: Walker15000
DR Hadleenot out8000
Extras (12lb, 1w, 8nb, 0b ) 21
Total8 Wkts, 84.0 Overs 2933.49 Runs/Over

Fall of wicket


DK Lillee18.017023.8972.0
MHN Walker25.046542.6050.0
GJ Gilmour10.004814.8080.0
KJ O'Keeffe20.045612.80160.0
GS Chappell11.003303.00

Umpires: Copps, DEA (NZL), Goodall, FR (NZL)

Third Umpire:

Match Refree:

New Zealand: Glenn Turner, Geoffrey Howarth, Bevan Congdon, John Parker, Mark Burgess, Graham Edwards, Warren Lees, Richard Hadlee, Hedley Howarth, Dayle Hadlee, Ewen Chatfield

Australia: Alan Turner, Ian Davis, Richard McCosker, Greg Chappell, Gary Cosier, Dougie Walters, Rod Marsh, Gary Gilmour, Kerry O'Keeffe, Dennis Lillee, Max Walker

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